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Integrating SP3 5.1.2600.3205


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i did nlite sp3 no prob, although it did 1/2 of my drivers and my audio wont install.

You prolly dont have a real sp3 3205.

On my laptop Sound Card (SigmaTel High Definition Audio) isn't recognized too dunno why.

BTW. In order to get your original CD-Key work after you slipstream SP3, just replace PIDGEN.DLL on the i386 folder with the original file from your XP CD, also delete the pid.inf file (ignore the error when your installation ask for that file).

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booogy, it didn't work.

I copied the pidgen.dll from my XPSP2 CD and replaced after the integration and customization with nLite. When I first run XP, it gives me the same warning that can't verify the license. I used the serial number from SP2, the same one I always use.

Any tips?


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it is something normal what happened with serials...microsoft is blacklisting serials with every service pack.....

and there is a workaround....replace pidgen.dll with the one from sp2.

In another thread someone told me to replace the pidgen.dll on the slipstreamed disk sp3 to the one from an sp2 disk. It worked like a charm.

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not m$ is not actually blacklisting any pid's

Since it is abeta build it is intedded only for few tester (look it is not an even public beta or rc)

so minimize the possiblility of installing it by un-intended ppl

they did the same in all previous beta and rc sps (AFAIK in xp sp2, xp x64, 2k3 sp1)

look at the pid.inf file it has entries only for 000 & OEM (retail and OEM editions of XP)

i think the testers having retail msdn or oem discs and no vlk discs

once it comes out rtm at that time m$ will ACTUALLY do the blacklisting

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