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FLAC Support for WMP11


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Hello, I was wondering if there will ever be official FLAC support for WMP11? I really love WMP11 for it's library and beauty. But I can't get it to work with FLAC. I've tried using many versions of the Illiminable Ogg Directshow Filter, but WMP11 crashes immediately after trying to play any FLAC files:

Problem signature:

Problem Event Name: APPCRASH

Application Name: wmplayer.exe

Application Version: 11.0.6000.6344

Application Timestamp: 46e5f12e

Fault Module Name: StackHash_f8da

Fault Module Version: 6.0.6000.16386

Fault Module Timestamp: 4549bdc9

Exception Code: c0000374

Exception Offset: 000af1c9

OS Version: 6.0.6000.

Locale ID: 1033

Additional Information 1: f8da

Additional Information 2: 8e83b878fe2f67c2a44ec31f529c6201

Additional Information 3: 26c7

Additional Information 4: b5c387162bdf4f0ba40f5f483ddab65b

I'm afraid I don't know how to interpret that. By the way is this an official Microsoft site or should I be making the request somewhere else? :D

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Right, but that's only for tag support. :no: You can't play a FLAC file with it. That part of the trick seems to be working though.

I kinda figured it out that this is a user-run site...does anyone know where the forums are that I can make a feature request with MS? I remember asking for a OneCare feature in an MS forum, and someone actually working on OneCare responded to me. I can't remember what the forum was though.

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The Illiminable ogg filter work perfect for me. It's better then the core flac filter. The first time you load a flac file you can't double click it. Drag/drop it to WMP11 and it will prompt you if you want to load it. Say yes. It should play fine. Right click the flac file go to settings and click open with. Chose WMP11.

The only thing I don't like is the library does not recognize flac.

I'll have to give madFlac a go. It's nice to see something new. The ogg filter is pretty old.


madFlac did NOT work for me it gave an error installing. Back to Illiminable for me.

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