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Help office 2003 through wpi


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Alternatively, you could SFX archive all the Office 2003 files with WinRAR and hopefully it will fit on your Windows XP CD. (I managed to get Office 2003 CD1 compressed to 259 MB using WinRAR SFX with Solid Archive selected)

I know this is out of the topic but im just wondering which files are to be compress? and is it compatible with WPI? :rolleyes:

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If I use SFX to compress it the output file is Office.exe now my problem is how can I add this command to the WPI?

%wpipath%\install\office\setup.exe TRANSFORMS=UnattendedOffice.mst /qn

Can this command possible?

%wpipath%\install\office\Office2003.exe TRANSFORMS=UnattendedOffice.mst /qn

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You zip the mst and add the TRANSFORMS command to Setup= in your SFX and you wont need to do that

Setup=setup.exe TRANSFORMS=UnattendedOffice.mst /qn

And you call office.exe from WPI with no switches (because the unattended switches are already in your sfx)


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Install Winrar!

Select all of the office files including your .mst answer file then right click and choose add to archive....

Select your compression level and to create an sfx archive.

Then push ok.

After the archive is complete right click on it and choose open with winrar and on the toolbar select comment and add that code in there (Make sure your mst file name matches what it says there.)

Push ok.


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