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  1. Anyone please help me.I want to know how can i install office 2003 full setup through wpi.I seach all the forum but can't get the answer.
  2. Hi i have a acer laptop and i want to intergrate my drivers into the unattended cd.I read all the methods and search the forum but i confuse which method to choose.please help me
  3. And how can i made custom installer if there is no method of doing thhis.Where are the experts?Nobody know this answer or don't want to tell?
  4. I want a switch for NSIS installer through which i can made installer silent install with progress bar shown.For completely silent install it is /S but i want it for silent install with progress bar shown.Do anyone know this?
  5. I want to know the switch through which i can make silent install of 7-zip with progress bar shown.completely silent switch is \S but i want progress bar.
  6. What is the switch for 7-zip through which i can install 7-zip silently but with progress bar shown.
  7. I want a exactly same Vista sidebar for xp.My problem with other sidebar is i can't add official gadgets to them.also i am unable to place it on top of other windows.Hope you understand my problem.That why i want the exactly same sidebar as of vista.If anyone knows that please tell me. Thanks for your time to read this.
  8. They are in compressed exe format
  9. BUt when i select my driver package in nlite then it doesn't show anything there.
  10. Hi i have a HP laptop and HP drivers to integrate in my unattended cd.I read all the methods given here to integrate drivers.please suggest the right way to integrate drives. Thanks in advance
  11. Ya exactly same i want to say
  12. Nlite is just a perfect solution for creating the unattended cds.So i start this thread. Please suggest the changes in the files in the source cd when we do something with nlite.Means tell the names of the files added, names of the files that are replacing when we integrate(service packs,hotfixes and updates,drivers),remove(components),setup(unattended,option,tweaks)create(bootable isos) tasks with nlite.Through this many peoples know the files positions and it help them to solve their problem easily.
  13. I have a few questions regarding 7-zip. 1>What are the advantages of 7-zip? 2>Are the appilations made by 7-zip silent? 3>If we put 7-zip installers in our unattended cd the is there any effect o installation process? (means effect in speed)
  14. asphyxia

    Help please

    I have a few questions about nlite. 1>What is the use of nlite addon? 2>Does nlite addon has a effect on the installation process? 3>Does they install silently or not?
  15. Thanks Bro For Your Help

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