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[Release] Vize 0.3 Beta


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Vize 0.3 Beta

Here it is.

I want bug hunting on this first release :) Please be informative on your bug reports.

Suggestions are also welcome.

I hope we get our own Vize forums section here in MSFN soon. I still have to ask for permission to xper.


Happy Vizing! B)

Edit: 0.3 version out. Official logo added and those crashed are fixed!

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:thumbup Super stuff XPero! Looks very sexy so far!


  • Change patch button to "restart" at the end of patching of system files.
  • For the vize basic application to start straight after installation.
  • Start menu shortcut to go in its own directory on the start menu.


  • "...files which contains non-Vista icons, images..." should read "...files which contain non-Vista icons, images..."
  • "Please choose an task below to proceed:" should read "Please choose a task below to proceed:"
  • Donate button would read better as "Click here to support the Vize..." rather than "I will support the Vize..."
  • Visit Vize's Website button would read better as "...and other projects by XPero." rather than "...and other XPero's projects."

I'm so glad you've gone down the C# route, as I know this langauge :D

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For now, this release of Vize is called Vize Basic because it has basic features (No extras, no source integration, etc..), BUT I think I will be calling it Vize and start adding those features in future releases so people dont get confused as many did with XPize Lite and Full. Good point, thanks.

Ultimate Predator:

You can try in VM if you really want to test and report bugs :)


You can have a look to Program File where Vize is installed to see what's changed. I really feel lazy in keeping track of every sigle resource I modifiy. I will let you all know only of important changes with every version.

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