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loading drivers at windows setup. guide or app


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I am trying to figure out a way to simply add drivers to windows setup that load so windows can install on various types of HD controllers.

I found this guide here, which shows you how:


However this process takes a long time and I have a few drivers I want to add. Is there an app out there that can edit the txtsetup.sif and add the entries for these drivers. I know nlite can add drivers to a setup so they can be installed when windows is finally installed. That is not what I want. I know how to do that.

Does anyone know of an application that can do what im asking or a simpler process for it?


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I know about driver packs. That is similar to what nlite does when it adds drivers to the driver cab. I am only talking about loading the drivers to see the HD/SCSI/RAID controllers. I want an app or method that makes it easier then it is. Someone knows how to do this because I know there are discs out there that have had this done and I know the people that made them did not just manually add all those lines to txtsetup.sif

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If you use the base from driverpacks.net it can add HD/SCSI/RAID controller drivers for text mode setup. Meaning you don't have to press F6 to load the drivers. They are available and will be loaded by Windows setup.

As for manual....

Adding drivers to txtsetup.sif is really not that hard to do. There are some tutorials out there.

When I used XP I just added this to the end of txtsetup.sif. Be careful because there is a sometimes invisible character at the end of the txtsetup.sif. It must go before that "invisible" character. Notepad won't show it but Notepad2 will.

fasttx2k.sys = 1,,,,,,3_,4,1
viamraid.sys = 1,,,,,,3_,4,1
ptipbmf.dll = 1,,,,,,3_,4,1

PCI\VEN_105A&DEV_3376 = "fasttx2k"
PCI\VEN_105A&DEV_3373 = "fasttx2k"
PCI\VEN_1106&DEV_3149 = "viamraid"

fasttx2k = fasttx2k.sys,4
viamraid = viamraid.sys,4

fasttx2k = "Promise FastTrak 376/378 (tm) Controller"
viamraid = "Via VT8237 Sata Raid Controller"

Then added the cabbed files fasttx2k.sy_, ptipbmf.dl_ and viamraid.sy_ to my i386 folder.

Windows then recognized my two raid controllers on my Asus K8V SE Deluxe. I didn't have to press F6.

You will need to know the info for your controllers.

It would be easier to just use the base from driverpacks.net though.

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