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cmdow replacement


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Please try with version 0.6 that I just released and tell me if it fixes the problem please :-).

Hi :hello:

I just finished testing with v0.6, and now there was NO error at all!!! :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup

I did the exact same scenario, but with v0.6 and nothing weird came up.

The install completed flawlessly, IE7 works great and nothings seems wrong.

Thanks for the fast support and development done here.

You guys not only make great tools, but also care about them.



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I tried with version 0.7 and now I'm getting the problem on Windows XP.

Note: I tested Windows XP Pro English before; this time I used XP Pro Dutch.

I did the same with Server 2003, HFSLIPed with cWnd v0.7, and had no issues at all :thumbup .

But now, seems like it's XP the one with conflicts... :ph34r:


PS: I forgot to mention that I use only spanish lenguages (for Server 2003, XP and 2000) [i dunno if it makes a diference].

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How are you using cWnd from WPI ? cWnd's @ option will hide any parent window, not just consoles.

All the problems with "@" have been due to my attempts to retain Windows 9x compatibility (I am doing it the very tricky way instead of using the Windows 2000 and up only GetConsoleWindow() function). I want to fix all issues with it while retaining this compatibility if possible. If all else fails, I will drop 9x support.

If you mean to launch installers hidden use cWnd /hstart or /hstartwait, else report in the cWnd thread how you are launching it please.

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