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  1. 7Slimmer MMX-R2

    First of all, excellent guide mate! I have a question about it, is it 'compatible' with Ultimate versions? I mean that if I change the 'image index' and 'edition' values in the removal file, would it work OK??? Or does it need more tweaking to make it work with Ultimate??? If that's the case, could you please tell me what do I have to change to make it work? PS: right now I'm starting to make a test with Ultimate, hope it goes OK. Thanks in advance Nico
  2. Old msobshel.htm problem with 1.7.2 and beta

    I've already deleted previous SOURCESS folder, so I couldn't test that way. But I did tested with 1.7.3, and it works flawlessly! Now I'm running my machines with the new version. Thanks, really, for this great tool
  3. Old msobshel.htm problem with 1.7.2 and beta

    Like I said before, Tomcat76, you tha man!!! Gonna try 1.7.3 version right now! Thanks
  4. Old msobshel.htm problem with 1.7.2 and beta

    @Tomcat76 OK, made the exact same run, but slipstreaming IE7. Attach the files you requested, plus the log file and new files list. About other questions, I did tested removing or keeping "cat" files, and makes no diference. Bye Requested_fles.rar
  5. Old msobshel.htm problem with 1.7.2 and beta

    Well, I finished testing... Made the exact same HFSLIP run (i.e. same hotfixes, cabs, files, etc.), but with IE7 installed from SVCPACK at T-13. It all works flawlessly!!! So whatever the problem is, it has to be something related to the IE7 slipstream process. Really dunno what might be, but if IE7 is slipstreamed, the mshtml.dll file gets lost. With IE7 installed at T-13, everything goes right. Greetz
  6. Old msobshel.htm problem with 1.7.2 and beta

    @Tomcat76 OK, gonna test again adding KB894871 to the mix... I've tested alot of combinations already, none of them worked. The "mshtml.dll" file is completly missing. It's supposed to be on \system32, but it isn't. It's really weird, because both MSHTML.DL_ and MSHTML2.DL_ exist in the \SOURCESS\I386 folder, but they aren't installed at all... Greetz, gonna test now. UPDATE: Tested with OOBE fix => KB894871 and still no success... Now I'm gonna test not slipstreaming IE7, but rather installing it at T-13.
  7. Old msobshel.htm problem with 1.7.2 and beta

    From the info on the forum I got to that same file (mshtml.dll) According to RyanVM forum the problem solves if you register that file manually after install (of course, OOBE doesn't works) with "regsvr32 mshtml.dll". Tested that, but an error pops out about the register failing. I'm completly lost.
  8. Old msobshel.htm problem with 1.7.2 and beta

    OK, I tested again with the folder named HFSLIP_XP and without any new updates, but still the same error!!! I really dunno what to do. Removed almost everything that could cause that, and still no success! Please help... UPDATE: I made a run integrating almost everything with nLite (except the HFSLIP-only parts) and it runs OK. It has every update applied except the KB904942-v2. It gives no errors. I really dunno what might be. Tested HFSLIP with all the updates except that one, but still no success! I'm completly clueless...
  9. Old msobshel.htm problem with 1.7.2 and beta

    @Tomcat76 OK, gonna change the folder name and test again. Also tested without both IE7 hotfixes KB938127 and KB942615, nor the KB904942-v2. The result was the same. Error keeps popping out. Currently can't test on a XP machine, my other PCs were Server 2003 or linux; I need XP for them now, but with no success in hfsliping, can't do nothing... Also, I made alot of other HFSLIP runs in my Server 2003 machine with no problemas at all (HFSLIPped from Server 2003: Server 2003, XP and Windows 2000). I really think it's a hotfix problem Searching for the problem, I got info about certain hotfixes that cause it. http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...mp;#entry472756 http://www.msfn.org/board/msobshelhtm-problem-t24646.html http://www.msfn.org/board/OOBE-msobshelhtm-t69469.html For that I tested HFSLIP without the named hotfixes, and still the same problems. Greetz
  10. Hi there. I just found problems happening with HFSLIP-1.7.3beta_71224a AND HFSLIP-1.7.2 It seems that's actually an old error. As you see in the screenshot, OOBE fails to run because it can't "show" the msobshel.htm file. Searched the forum and found that this error it's pretty old. It also breaks the hability to open ANY html file (ie. can't open any website!!!). Also some system tools (like the windows services manager, or the user accounts admin) are broken! This hfslip run was made in a clean XP SP2 source an tested (with NO modifications) on VirtualBox v1.5.2. Attached the log file and the list of new files. I really need help, cause I dunno what to do to fix the problem. I tested without the KB904942 and had the same result. Now i'm gonna test without KB904942 and IE7 updates (only the installer) Please help! Log_and_new_files.rar
  11. XP vs 2000 vs 2003 for lite system

    BTW I tested Vista, and I really don't liked it. Just like before, seems like if I "upgrade" my OS, it will have to be to a Server... Server 2008, that's the one I was expecting. Vista looks/fashion, Server reliability/speed/security. Just waiting it to be on FINAL form. Greets
  12. XP vs 2000 vs 2003 for lite system

    Hi At least for me, Server 2003 is the way to go. It's true that's a bit more complicated to tune than XP, but once you get it right, it's just so good. I've been using it for a long time, with the help of HFSLIP + nLite, it simply has no rivals. Everything runs faster. It might need more time to tweak, but in the end, the results are amazing (I've spent lots of time testing, but now it's almost perfect [for me, and anyone who ever used my PC]). I have to say, I use "windows" only because of Server 2003. The other choice [for me] is Linux... Bye
  13. cmdow replacement

    I did the same with Server 2003, HFSLIPed with cWnd v0.7, and had no issues at all . But now, seems like it's XP the one with conflicts... Bye PS: I forgot to mention that I use only spanish lenguages (for Server 2003, XP and 2000) [i dunno if it makes a diference].
  14. cmdow replacement

    Hi I just finished testing with v0.6, and now there was NO error at all!!! :thumbup I did the exact same scenario, but with v0.6 and nothing weird came up. The install completed flawlessly, IE7 works great and nothings seems wrong. Thanks for the fast support and development done here. You guys not only make great tools, but also care about them. Thanks
  15. cmdow replacement

    Hi I will have to make everything again, because after the error I had to quickly remake a new "cWnd.exe"less version to use. Now that I have everything up and running again, I'll start testing ASAP. Thanks Bye Update 1: Just maked a new HFSLIP run (Server 2003 SP2 + hot-fixes + IE7 [sVCPACK=1] + IE7 hot-fixes + DX9 [latest august 2007 release]) and the "cWnd.ex_" file IS on the SOURCES\i386 folder [the HFSLIP\HFTOOLS folder contains: cmdow.exe + cWnd.exe + HFANSWER.INI + modifyPE.exe](only changed the cWnd version on this run, previous error run was v0.4, now the latest v0.5). Now I'll nLite this and then test it on VirtualBox (as I usually do). Update 2: During the install, the same window came out with the error (image uploaded), saying 'cWnd: Could not locate window "@"', wich after a while disapeared and the install process ended. Update 3: First, the file "cWnd.exe" IS on WINDOWS\System32 folder. Second, even after that cWnd warning came out (same error as before!), this time IE7 did got installed (previous attempt with v0.4 ended in NO IE7 installation). It seems like something could be missing, but I don't have a clue. If Tomcat could tell me where to look for missing stuff (the things that get done "underground" during T-13 steps) I could try to see what is getting that cWnd message.