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New to PC gaming - if you had to pick


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It very much depends on the computer specs, you can forget about newer games if some of the specs (primarily video card and CPU) are low. Especially shooters (often called FPS=first person shooters) are quite demanding on your system. Older games use simpler controls and may therefore be easier for beginners, playing games on the PC is a slightly different experience compared to playing on consoles (most people would prefer to play shooters on PC).

F.E.A.R. won't work very well with a simple video card meant for office use.

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well we asked what video card he has and he failed to respond

Yeah I know, but stressing the importance of the video card when it comes to FPS-games doesn't hurt (as you know, far from every new PC has a descent vid card). Even if the topic starter doesn't come back, it may give others in a similar situation something to think about.

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