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  1. Sorry for not finishing my post and appreciate the offers to help. The machine that i'm having trouble with is a Gateway Laptop that's about 4 or so yrs old. I don't run much of anything on it and just use it on the couch for surfing the web and checking email so no heavy software usage. I'll have to look and see what the tech specs are on it. I did some research and some people were saying that you can't revert from Vista back to XP very easily. Any truth in this?
  2. I've got an older machine at home that I mainly just use for surfing the web and goofing off and I loaded Vista Home Prem about 6 months ago (from XP Pro) and it just seems that it's getting slower and slower. Thinks for atleast a few seconds between every page. It's driving me nuts. The machine is about 2.5yrs old and is a Sony Vaio that I typically do a full refresh with the restoration cd's about every 6 months so it gets wiped clean of any adware, etc... Any suggestions?
  3. Very cool - appreciate all the helpful info I'll let you know what I end up getting and if things start smoking I'll dig through the post and find out who to blame. joking -
  4. I've done some personal research on video cards but it always seems to be canned responses from whoever ranks them. I wanted to post here and see what real users suggest and not from some magazine that's probably getting a brother in law deal on the side. I've got a 3yr old machine with a stock video card in it and need to upgrade. Vista asked me to and I haven't yet but it's def time. I'm not a huge gamer but play a few war games from time to time. I'm looking to stay under $100 Thanks in advance for any input
  5. Yea it's a hassle but all depends on what kind of support your looking for. If your joe schmo calling in like most of us trying to get a simple resolution to a complex problem you end up getting someone with terrible communication skills reading a prompter and basically documenting your issues for the first 20 minutes. On the other hand I have a friend of mine who works for accenture and when he calls anyone he always announces who he's with and usually gets to the upper food chain b/c they don't want to screw up a large account whether it be simple support or needing assistance from Oracle. Tis the world we live in - Long live message boards
  6. I'll check when I get home and shoot over the specifics of the video card
  7. Shooter games like SoCom on PS2 - I'm using the factory video card and I just bought a new Dell Desktop pretty loaded
  8. What's the most efficient way to archive a huuuuge outlook sent items folder? I've got about 10k+ emails and am looking to back them up and still be able to sort and search through them w/o having to open outlook.
  9. I just got into pc gaming and was curious what your #1 game pick would be for a beginner. Nothing to difficult to learn b/c I don't want to read the manual for a few weeks to get up to speed on all the functionality
  10. I loaded a piece of software for a receipt scanner and I can get my machine to move at all. Any suggestions? or should I just do a fresh install. The software is from neitrecipts
  11. Anyone in here from Houston?
  12. What's the most obscure bug you've discovered with Vista?

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