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WPI error with MS FrontPage 2003

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Okay guys I'm getting a very similar error.

I to am experiencing the "Could not find rb_config.js" error

My Setup...

Windows XP Install

Using RunOnceEx to start wpi.

Using WPI 6.1

I have my configuration set to reboot after install but before desktop is shown.

All applications install successfully up to the first .msi installer. At which point it would appear that it somehow restarts the mshta.exe I am thinking... that is when I get the Could not find rb_config.js error.

So I decided to check the registry and see if the ResumeInstall flag was set, and it is a 1 directly after that. So I am assuming that WPI thinks it has been restarted?

If thats the case then I would expect that the file handle is still locked by the last fso.OpenTextFile which could cause that error to pop up from looking at the code.

I am running a completely stock WPI 6.1, I am including the WPI_Log.txt, notice the 8th application in the list is a .msi file, the log shows that all files installed correctly, however when you view the rb_config.js you will notice the Program count stops at 8. Attached are my config files used for install... Thanks guys, would appreciate any help.





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I've the same problem. When I install my unattended version of Office 2007 in spanish, then the WPI (version 6.2) returns error constantly. I don't know what to do. Somebody can help me? A bug-fix, something? :blink:

Thanks for your support.


I do not think there is a solution yet...My error only occurs when installing / integrating the Updates...Are you doing the same? Are you placing the new hotfixes in the 'Updates' folder and letting Office install them automatically?

See if it works if you rename the 'Updates' folder to 'Temp' and then install office...

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I do not think there is a solution yet...My error only occurs when installing / integrating the Updates...Are you doing the same? Are you placing the new hotfixes in the 'Updates' folder and letting Office install them automatically?

See if it works if you rename the 'Updates' folder to 'Temp' and then install office...

I'm not adding any updates or patches. My "Update" folder is empty. Anyway, if I choose to install Office 2007, the WPI gives error. Only if I install Office 2007. If I choose to install ALL the others applications, the installation went well, without problems.

I'll attach an screenshot of my WPI configuration.


EDIT: I've found a REALLY PARTIAL solution. I've moved the Office installation to the bottom of my config.js file. The installation of Office corrupts WPI with the next installations, so I decided to move it to bottom to resolve the problem. :thumbup

See you around! :hello:


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I am having the same exact issue...

Sorry if you already know this, but I thought that maybe this information wouldl help:

I had the option to debug the error (Office 2007 just finished it's install) and I wanted to see if I could find something useful (not a very good Java programmer... yet :-).

I found that the error starts when InstallProgram is called from Installer.hta. If progresses to the InstallPrograms function that is located in installer.js. Then, the InstallPrograms function calls the InstallOne function located in installer.js. The issue occurs in that function, after the first try statement, and just before the catch statement... looks like it may be an issue with the WriteRebootSucess function.

The line is illistrated in the PNG I have attached (assuming it allows me to upload it). This is where the debugger stops and declares that 'rbfHandle' is null, or not an object... which I am guessing leads to the 'could not open reboot configuration file' error message (if the handle is null then opening the file would be impossible).

I also included the code in a codebox, just incase the PNG is not going to work :-)

I hope this helps a bit... Thanks for all the work you guys do! This is my first time using WPIW and I am pretty impressed!

Thanks again,


function InstallOne(item,cmdName)

var cmd, cmdLine, ReturnCode, result;
var IsReboot=false;

if (cmd==null || (cmdLine=ReplacePath(cmd[0]))=='')

if (cmd[0].toUpperCase().indexOf("%REBOOT%")==0 || (ResumeInstall && cmd[0].toUpperCase().indexOf("SHUTDOWN.EXE")==0))

if (cmdName=='regb' || cmdName=='rega')
if (!FileExists(cmdLine))
cmdName=(cmdName=='regb') ? 'Reg Before' : 'Reg After';
WriteLogLine(cmdName+' '+getText(FailFileDoesNotExist)+': RegEdit /S '+cmdLine);

if (cmdLine.indexOf(" ") != -1 && cmdLine.substr(0,1) != '"')
cmdLine="RegEdit /S "+cmdLine;

WriteRebootSuccess(item,true); <ERROR HAPPENS HERE?>
cmdName=(cmdName=='regb') ? 'Reg Before' : (cmdName=='rega') ? 'Reg After' : cmdName;
WriteLogLine(cmdName+' '+result+' ('+getText(ReturnedCode)+' '+ReturnCode+'): "'+cmdLine+'"');

if (IsReboot) // Give some time for %reboot% to take affect


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Yeah the problem is definitely with the file handle, but I'm not sure what is causing the issue. Somehow the reboot file handle keeps getting lost whenever office products are installed. I'm baffled as to how this is happening. It just doesn't make since from a code standpoint. While I don't know a cause for the lost handle, I can try a few error checking functions to try to make sure the handle is not corrupt. I'll post a solution for testing soon.

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Ok. Here's another attempt. I don't have the resources (or time) to test it out so I'll need you guys to try it out. If there are still errors, the messages should be a little more detailed so post all error information.

Replace the reboot.js file with this one.


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