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Found 6 results

  1. So I paid for a license a few weeks ago, one for my PC one for my laptop. I have used only 1 activation right now on my PC, but I just replaced the motherboard, and if I activate it will it think it's a different PC and lock out the second one? How do I reset it or something? There doesn't seem to be any way to email support or anything. Thanks, para
  2. xpmgr is a license manager for Windows XP and Server 2003 (and hopefully Office and PLUS!), inspired by slmgr for Windows Vista and newer. It can: Get the system's product ID Change the system's product key Generate an Installation ID Send a Confirmation ID Get the # of days until activation is required Get the # of days until the evaluation period expires, for evaluation copies of Windows https://github.com/UMSKT/xpmgr Credits to diamondggg for making the magic numbers, ICOMLicenseAgent interface, and LoadLicenseManager() function, which were taken from [REDACTED] and modified to work in a CLI. This tool supports all x86 and x64 editions of Windows XP, Server 2003 and other one-off editions. Itanium editions are not supported, as they don't have Windows Product Activation in the first place. This tool does not facilitate piracy. This tool is made for power users to have an easier time with license management on older versions of Microsoft products, before Microsoft made slmgr. All that xpmgr does is use API's that the OOBE (or Office's first run) uses.
  3. Since there's not much info out there on the web unless you spend a considerable amount of time googling, I thought i'd post the solution so more people can find it quickly. Update Late 2019: Several months after i posted this Microsoft fixed the problem but I believe it was a side effect of them updating their certificates due to an industry shift, so there’s no guarantee they will continue work in future also in the last update i mentioned a batch file, I ended up getting busy and my adhd made me forget, I’ll still post it once I get organised and find it again as it’s useful. Update: The latest problem with activation affects both XP and Vista however it’s relatively easy to fix, you need to update your root Certificates (The same issue causes problems browsing the net too) I have created a Batch script that will download and update the Root Certificates accordingly but it will be a couple of days before I can post it. Below is the Original Fix I posted Turns out it's exceedingly easy to restore Windows XP Online Activation Open the Start Menu Right Click on Internet and choose "Internet Properties" Goto the Advanced Tab Scroll down near the bottom to the Security Section and uncheck both: "Check for publisher's certificate revocation" "Check for server certificate revocation" Now you can activate online as normal or use the "Windows XP Product Key Change Tool" I would reccomend re-enabling both options afterwards even if you dont use Internet Exploder (which you REALLY REALLY should not be) If you’re still having problems: I highly recommend downloading the “Windows XP Product Key Change Tool” it’s an official Microsoft tool and you should be able to download it from majorgeeks worked in every other instance for me where the built in one didn’t. (And in think it also lets you use different type of keys from the media the OS was installed from, such as Retail on OEM and such) Also make sure your clock is set correctly (A common source of TLS problems)
  4. I'm trying to activate Microsoft Office 2003 on my Windows 2000 VM, however, I disconnected it from the internet before activating. I'm nervous that when I reconnect it, it will send the info to the activation servers and use up one of my "activations." How can I use Microsoft Office without having to disconnect the VM from the Internet every time?
  5. I need help here! I recently did a in-place upgrade from Windows Vista Ultimate SP2 x64 to Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 x64 (I didn't realise that the 64-bit version of Windows 7 Ultimate had SP1 integrated to begin with). I had a lot of trouble getting some of the hardware such as network card and USB 3.0 ports working under Windows 7 and I managed to get things sorted out most of the way. However, when I attempt to activate Windows 7 over the internet, I received a error code 0xC004C003 meaning that one of the product keys that I used has been blocked by Microsoft. Microsoft Geniune Advantage Diagnostics Tool has determined that the product ID is 070 and the validation code is 0. I know that product IDs that are 064, 065, 066, 067, 068 and 069 have all had their product keys blocked by Microsoft and I'm really lucky to find that my copy is not on the block list. Should I post a copy of the validation info that the MGA Diagnostic Tool provided me? I only have until 24 January 2017 to active Windows 7 or I end up in reduced functionality mode! After going through the upgrade process from Windows Vista Ultimate to Windows 7 Ultimate using the Full Purchase Product, should I contact Microsoft over the phone to see if this can be resolved? Thank you and Happy Holidays!
  6. Hello. I'm new in the world of the unattended installs, and i'm trying to improve my Windows iso's by making them unattended. I've been reading about Autounattended.xml and how to introduce trial product keys there, and it works nice if you have a single version of windows in your cd, but my problem is that my cd has all the versions of each architecture (ei.cfg removed), so if I insert professional 30-day trial key and then decide to install Home Edition it will promt error. When I install the cd manually I can click an omit button during the instalation without tiping any key and introduce it later. My question is, is there any available option inside Autounattended.xml to do this? or is there any way to introduce the correct trial key depending on the version I've chosen? Thank you very much, and sorry for my english, I'm a bit out of practise. [Edited to clarify] My point is to have a CD where I only choose the product version and partitions for the instalation (which is nearly at the begining of the instalation),being the rest unattended, including leting the default trial product keys get installed WITHOUT my intervention to click omit. I usually leave things installing before going to sleep, so I want them to be finished when I wake, not waiting for user input :S. At the moment I got what I want, except that windows keeps asking for the product key instead installing the trial. I'll post my unattended file within 3 hours when I'm back home so you can see my mistakes.

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