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  1. I have here a collection of vista styles for widnows XP AB1 Vista icon pack: (Download) Vista icon pack 3 (Website) Vista CG style: (Download) Vista sounds: (Download) Vista Cursors: (Download) Vista wallpapers: (Download) Vista Logon: (Download) Now updated with new logon and style! PS: I made the logon by myself but the other stuff I'm not taking credit for I just found them ^_^ PPS: I would like some comments
  2. Cool nice cursors! Where can I download them?
  3. REALLY sorry to bump... By the way, this is the logon I'm trying to use. Clicky! I have got styleXP and that's what I'm using it with. But it still comes up with: "Value creation failed at '' at line 74"
  4. I just downloaded some new vista logons, some from deviantart, some from here, and I got this error when I logged out: "Value creation failed at '' at line 74" and the logon screen doesn't work. Can anyone help me? Thanks - -Noggin ^_^
  5. Too big to post I have objectdock and it makes things a lot more organised
  6. I was just thinking, I know you guys do the graphics stuff (and it is AMAZING), but how about doing some of your own windows sounds? or cursors? just a suggestion ^_^ Oh, and could you also do a skin for objectdock? website example of a skin
  7. Hey everyone it's me again! I came here a lot before, but I had major problems with my new computer (memory died) and it took a while for MEDION to remember me I just got my new memory and I'm back, baby! PS: XPero, I LOVE the new beta for XPize. LOVE it PPS: can someone change my name to "Noggin" please?
  8. Noggin

    Vista Version?

    okay, thanks EDIT: I meant for XP, making XP look like vista
  9. Some people may have problems downloading the vista beta. That's because their computers may not be ready for vista. To make sure you are ready to download and install the new OS, you should do this! This page tells you about Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor beta. This program checks your machine to see if it is compatible with vista. If you get the green, you're good to go. If you get the red, your best bet is to buy a new, vista-ready computer. PS: If using vista, or just want another addon to your XP vista theme, I'd recommend downloading Internet Explorer 7. Unless, of course, you use a different browser. I have downloaded this and it makes my computer look even more like vista. Plus, it comes with the option to use tabbed windows! Just a little note from me, Noggin XP
  10. Noggin

    Vista Version?

    Hey, guys I love XPize, and I love glossiness that probably sounds a bit random, but... could you make a vista version of XPize? The truth is I absolutely LOVE the look and sound of vista... I have the sounds already, and I have msstyles for it, but they're not very good... Also, could you manage to integrate the icons into it? PS: This is just a suggestion, as you know I have no idea how long it takes to make this... Thanks for reading, Noggin XP (a big fan)
  11. ah, thanks but I can't hack the dll files... see my topic
  12. Okay, I tried using StyleXP to change my icons... Didn't work, shut itself down, gave me an error message: Then, I tried using ResHacker to hack the SHELL32.dll file... Didn't work, shut itself down, gave me another error message: Is there any other way? (apart from manually which can't change all the icons)
  13. could you upload the black vista one somewhere else? I ran out of time on rapidshare PS: Looks really good
  14. Thanks Which WINDOWS folder is the internet explorer exe in?
  15. I want to change the icon of the internet explorer exe, and that file only. But how do I do it? when I right-click it, it comes up with internet options, and there's no way to change it through the "customize desktop" feature in the start menu
  16. Okay, so I installed this vista theme... I made sure it went into windows/resources/themes but I right click and go into desktop settings and it's not there! I double click the VISTACG.msstyles file, but it won't change, it just stayds on the windows XP style! Anyone know what's wrong? EDIT: I try this with a lot of styles too, but it doesn't seem to work SOLVED
  17. I have had that problem in the past. As everyone has been saying, boot up in safe mode and use system restore. If that doesn't work, there should be an option to boot from your last good settings... PS: I'd email microsoft and report the update
  18. Noggin

    Hi ho :)

    cool hey Paul hope you get the help you need
  19. cool Hi, Sluggo123 I love cats and dogs too
  20. "Noggin" is supposed to mean Head or Brain. My brother always used to call me Noggin. He used to say it was because I was smart for my age (and I still am )

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