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  1. Both, really. After a long, disappointing and nerve-wracking day, it finally loaded. I installed some other software successfully (wow) but when I clicked to play it....it went back to the blue screen of death and suggests that settings in bios are screwed up. I don't know why they should be? Nothing was changed!
  2. No new drivers or no new videos
  3. Having the blinking problem described above, it says it can't find any hard drives????
  4. Thanks BUT it won't load in safe mode either: it does the same blinking thing as before...I just can't get TO anything. Also...it keeps saying it can't find any hard drives ????
  5. After an update yesterday, I can't get my computer to work! The desktop keeps blinking on and off....or simply won't load past the background picture (no icons show). When the icons do show, it just keeps blinking. I don't mind re installing everything but I just can't get anything started before it blinks off again.

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