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  1. Do you guys think at this point I should a install or reload? I'm still mystified why I cannot change "styles" or "wallpaper"



    What happens when you open up an image in MSPaint and choose File > Set as Background?

    Can you post a screenshot of your Display control panel?

  2. Open up regedit and go to HKCU\Control Panel\Desktop and clear all values relating to your wallpaper. Then go to HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\ThemeManager and clear DllName then try again.

  3. Hi all! W3bbo thanks for your excellent work :)

    I've only a quest: on a XP SP3 fresh clean install if I apply the Luna Element Theme doesn't appear the User Image beside the name on Start Menu... is it a bug? Thank you :)

    That is by design. The author of Luna Element didn't like seeing those pictures.

    I don't use the large start panel, I always use the Classic start menu with Small Icons enabled.

  4. Have you already installed R6 yet? (Is it really difficult to change the file association icon post-install? If it is a hassle, I guess you'll have to make due by unselecting all the extra icons and stuff so you can keep your own icon associations.)

    The descriptions are from the .anop packages (I believe), in this case the default xpize ones. W3bbo has been working on compiling translations together, adding various tweaks to the program, making some new resources, and tuning the program... Basically, I don't think he had the time or effort to add the descriptions for advance settings :P .

    (Since W3bbo is taking some time off from the project, feedback and suggestions will be noted, but put aside for the moment. This, of course, would be the prime time for package developers to take initiative and make packages that cover what xpize missed... Or, something different entirely, like a Vistapack or something. ;) )

    Thanks for reply!

    Yes, I've installed R6 already, but that's really not a big deal for me to revert back (since I always have OS backup which takes about 1.5-2 mins to rollback to, since I have a fast SSD drive :) ). The problem with *.rar file type icon is that there is about 40 more associations for archive tomes, e.g. *.r01-*.r40. Again that's really not a big deal just to skip custom file type icons during install, I just pointing for caveats which W3bbo (or someone else) may want to fix later.

    If the descritions are from *.anop, where can I get latest (xpise 5 release 6) to try to fix myself?

    I'll upload the package source files soon.

  5. Hi,

    After installation of XPize 5R6 I noticed the following:

    Every time I boot, for a split second the new bliss wallpaper appears between the boot screen and the logon screen.

    Is this normal behaviour or a minor bug???

    Kind regards,


    It's not a bug, it's how Windows works.

    The Welcome Screen is just a window displayed on top of an ordinarily black desktop. You can see this black desktop if you have a multi-monitor set-up. Microsoft chose black because then you can't tell when the system finishes booting and when the welcome screen has started.

    If you disable the Welcome Screen and use GINA instead you'll see the wallpaper behind the logon screen.

  6. Hi, some suggests :

    1) 7-Zip theme doesn't have transparency: some icons have black background, others have white (or grey don't remember) background. Might be due to my visual style, I don't use those of xpize... no screenshot, could provide if needed

    This is caused by outdated nVidia drivers. It's a known issue and a problem shared by the author of the 7-Zip Theme Manager ( http://www.7ztm.de.vu/ )

    2) because there is alot of options to (un)check in the installer, it would be very convenient if, when a child box is unchecked, the parent box became checked, but on a greyed box, instead of remaining unchanged

    Most users won't need to touch the Advanced installation tree view, what settings were you after?

  7. This is where the custom icon packs come into play, somebody can fix/add to the default theme and improove it later...the most important part is the program

    That's right. I've updated the downloadable tools, so let's see what the users make of them.

  8. something to load it when installing XPize next time?

    Actually it was planned, that R6 will include a reloader feature...

    Maybe this will come in a future version. :)

    You wish. I'm taking a break for a looooong time. If anyone wants to carry on after me, let me know.

  9. -------------------------------------------------------

    Anolis.Resourcer - 0.9.0 Beta, released 2009-09-01


    • Resourcer changes
      • Added a menubar for those seeking Reshacker-like UI (you can disable either the menubar or the toolbar, or have both enabled at the same time)
        • Note the menubar does not expose any new functionality that isn't already (directly or indirectly) accessible via the Toolbar (except for Help Contents)
        • You can hide either the menubar or the toolbar, but not both
        • A context menu on the toolbar lets you choose icon size and allows you to hide or show the toolbar or menubar

        [*] Thumbnails for bitmaps now maintain aspect ratio (rather than stretching to fill). Bitmaps smaller than the thumbnail area are now centred, rather than upscaled

        [*] Added a Help file, access it via Help > Help Topics

        [*] If a resource name only has one lang then its tree view node will not be expanded unless explicitly expandedVarious improvements to the Batch Export form

      [*]Library changes

      • Fixed an issue with editing resources in Windows Vista (and later) where files with RC Config entries (listed as "MUI" resource types) could not be modified, even though the operation completed successfully
        • The solution has been implemented as a workaround. A more purer solution exists, but would require implementing our own PE/COFF format reader, which is too much trouble

        [*] Fixed a major issue where icon directories lacking bit-depth information would be applied to a resource source without that information

        • Bit-depths are now obtained from the DIB information if they're missing
        • NOTE: PNG format subimage data is always assumed to be 32bpp

        [*] You can now choose to replace icons by replacing the subimages rather than merging them. Click the "Edit Factory Options..." button on the Replace Resource Form for more details.

    Download it.

  10. Hi. :hello:

    First, thanks for XPize developers for such great software,

    I have been using it since version 4.

    I haven't tried R6 yet but with R5 there is no image in

    Thanks for the feedback. 5R6 does not correct the issues you've described, but I'll put them on a list for future consideration if I ever get round to a Release 7 (unlikely).

  11. edit, here is my PendingFileRenameOperations reg entry :


    if you wish, my IE version is 7

    edit 2, after the same cleanup/reboot procedure one more time, it now works... do not know exactly what changed

    Files listed in PendingFileRenameOperations are renamed during a reboot, so after a reboot they won't be there anymore. A single reboot is all you need in most cases.

  12. Uninstalled R5 and installed succesfully R6 but... where are fedora icons? Are they removed from R5 to R6?

    The Fedora cursors? They're included in xpize 5R6 but might not be installed if the uninstall wasn't clean. Check your %windir%\Cursors directory.

    As for Luna Element, that's an issue with the shellsyle.dll, not explorer.exe. It's a minor thing, I'd overlook it.

  13. That is just it - I have rebooted several times. :wacko:

    Is there some registry entry to clear saying "There is no pending Windows updates to install"?

    your can bypass this check by adding the "/ignoreCondition" switch if you run it from the command-line, this switch also bypasses any condition check in the installer or the package.

    FYI, it checks:

    HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\PendingFileRenameOperations

    HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\WindowsUpdate\Auto Update\RebootRequired

  14. Nice, but I am not able to install.

    Even after uninstalling Xpize the Xpize way it is not possible to reinstall. :blink:

    Tells me that Xpize 5R5 has done something that needs restarting the PC in order to continue. 5R5 is Gone! But no luck to install 5R6 (so, back to 5R5 so that I can live with XP all day).

    It's a safety feature. If you have pending Windows Updates to install and stuff like that it will refuse to install so it doesn't conflict with them. Just restart your computer and it should work fine. If it still doesn't work, let me know.

  15. can't recall exactly

    is there any log file like nlie?

    There is a logfile saved to %user%\Local Settings\Temp\Anolis

    nice, then here is my log file:

    Ugh, it filled with errors.

    Try using Release 6 which I just pushed out and try again.

    Although I don't personally recommend installing xpize to a CD image since it misses out on a lot of things that you can only get by installing it locally. I prefer to keep my installation media "pure" (i.e. only add official Microsoft updates and drivers) and do everything else after installation.

  16. Thanks for the quick response, and sorry if my post was unclear. What I was attempting to do was build an XP3 ISO using a silent method. If you take a look at this post from msdemich http://www.msfn.org/board/should-use-nlite...streaming+xpize it might clarify things.

    The instructions XPero posted in 2007 no-longer apply to xpize 5, they were for XPize 4.x which uses the Nullsoft Installer, whereas xpize 5 uses a system I wrote myself called Anolis, which is radically different to XPize 4.x.

    It isn't possible to build an xpized CD image "silently", I never built it in because I don't believe it's a user scenario worth supporting, not to mention the headaches it would introduce.

    What if, instead of "silent" you mean you'd like to automate the process by getting it to automatically xpize a CD directory all from the commandline without any user-interaction? Well, I haven't coded in support for that either, but it's something I could do in future.

    In the meanwhile, you can automate it yourself by using various GUI automation tools that use SendKeys with the xpize installer.

  17. Changelist:

    • Fixed the Luna Element and Darkside Shutdown/Log-off dialogs
    • Resources Improved or Added to:
      • Windows Defender
      • Internet Explorer 8
      • Cards
      • Windows CardSpace
      • System Error Reporting
      • Windows' branding banner images for x64 systems

      [*]Improved uninstallation so all your settings are now reset

      [*]Added a Feedback system

      [*]And to top it all off, the download is over a megabyte smaller than Release 5

    Downloaderise it.

  18. Uhm, I'm not sure what you're attempting to do here.

    The Anolis Installer doesn't support any kind of silent installation for many reasons (the main one being that installation takes over 2 minutes, even on a good machine, and not providing any feedback for that long is a bad idea).

    xpize 5R5 includes its own UxTheme patcher and does not require SFC to be disabled. Anyway, the steps you describe sound like you're installing xpize to your local machine and not a Windows CD image.

    Note that xpize 5R5 is incompatible with XPize 4.x's documentation, especially with respect to command-line switches.

    Also, what do you mean by "addon" in "the INF file"? I assume this is an nLite thing?

    Your universal extractor won't work on Anolis installation executables: packages are stored as LZMA-compressed tarballs put into the Managed Resource section of a CLR PE, not even 7-Zip can identify them. You need specialist tools to get at them. But there's no scenario where you'd ever need to get to the *.anop files.

    Did you watch the screencast I made about how to xpize a Windows CD? It's here:

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