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  1. I've had this domain name for some time now, I thought now would be a good time to launch a website for it, especially after a few people started begging me for something.

    Sevenize itself isn't ready just yet, but I've been searching the Internet for existing work, and I'm pleased to announce that Alexandru Ghinea, creator of the Windows 7 Refresh Pack, has allowed me to use his work in Sevenize. If anyone has any other suggestions or pre-made improvements let me know and I'll work on including them.

    I'm also working with Long Zheng with his windows 7 Taskforce website to see what UI quirks we can fix.


    EDIT: Oh, here's the URL: http://www.sevenize.com

  2. I just reinstalled Vista x86 on my system and I find myself really missing Vize. Has any more work been done recently on this app?

    No, I'm focusing my efforts on Sevenize instead. The idea being that the sort of person who used Vize in the first place would be someone who is always using the latest Microsoft tech, I imagine most of the people who used Vista would now be using 7.

    Unless anyone objects?

  3. The uninstallation log says it couldn't find the backup directory files. That's why it failed.

    I don't recommend using the I386 option as it doesn't give you a full proper install anyway, and backup directories are not transferable between systems, they're unique to that specific installation.

  4. Any estimation on a release for version 7?


    When I get round to it :)

    The number of issues with R6 so far is kinda small. I'm still thinking about it.

    still down for u @@@@

    help please i/m new in here


    The download links on the xpize site all work, including LiveDrive/SkyDrive/whatever Microsoft's calling it, xpize.net website, and deviantArt.

    I have a sugestion:

    fix the problem when you pach the original CD files. Nolmally the file cd have the extension with _ (like .ex_) and inside the cab the complete extension (.exe), after the pach both are named (.ex_). It still work fine but, could be fixed.

    If it still works, what's the problem?

    other sugestion:

    with the lite option, It is possible tha the icons will be replaced and no added (no matter that only the original resolutions, without the hidef icons)? and that the compatibility with other languages could be improbed.

    I'm not aware of any problems caused by xpize's current 'Lite' mode with any language version of Windows.

    Remember kids, "Premature Optimisation is the Root of All Evil" [Donald Knuth].

  5. I don't know why Webbo doesn't update Xpize, time as past till last release and someone makes lite package, but with releas 7 we were witing for the last-optimized-final package.

    Webbo, I must confess that I'm thinking to migrate to Win 7 :'-(

    We are here still waiting for your great job, don't disappoint us :-)

    I run Windows 7 Professional x64 on my laptop, but that's because it's what Sony put on there, and swapping it out for anything else just wouldn't work (you won't believe the hoops you have to jump through to get Linux working on a Vaio).

    Seeming as I now have first-hand experience of Windows 7, I'm more able to see potential problems, but most of the stuff is already listed on Windows7Taskforce, and many of the issues simply can't be fixed by just myself.

    I'm buried in coursework right now, so I will be neglecting Sevenize for the time being, unless anyone else fancies stepping up to the plate?

  6. Question about the Steam/team fortress/xfire bug: Is there a workaround/fix for this?

    I don't rely on xfire much but i definitely do use it. Are my choices no xpise installed with xfire working vs xpise installed and no xfire?

    Likewise with Team Fortress 2.

    I'm working on a windows XP image and I'd like to integrate xpise or install it right after the fact, but if there is no work around I'll have to leave it out ='(

    I appreciate I'm posting 6 months after you, but I haven't received any reports of any issues with XFire or Steam since the 5.0 Beta, which was 18 months ago. I'm running Steam right now, and I play TF2 a lot without any issues.

  7. The .NET Framework 2.0 uses about 40MB of disk-space. That's nothing compared to the few hundred megabytes' worth of system files that xpize backups during setup.

    Frankly 4GB isn't enough for even Windows XP anymore. The C:\Windows directory on my computer is already 18GB, and my Program Files is many times that. You're better off upgrading to a much larger HDD, 4GB is actually less than the System Requirements for Windows XP stipulates anyway. By uninstalling small things like the .NET Framework I believe you're being "pennywise and pound-foolish".

    You can uninstall the .NET Framework 2.0 after installing xpize as there are no running processes that depend upon it, though if you want to uninstall you must reinstall .NET.

  8. I'm having the same issue as the person in this thread did:


    This is what it looks like:


    I don't know what causes that appearance. My guess is running at a non-4:3 desktop resolution. Are you running at 16:10 or 16:9 perchance?

    A reply in that thread suggests a fan build of xpize, however running it gives me an error that I need to restart before I can run installation. Is there another way to fix this, or something I can do to get the fan package to work?

    First off, restart your computer :)

    You can run HellRacer's installer from the command-line with the /ignoreCondition switch.

  9. Hello everyone,

    I have a problem with xpize, just after installation and first restart it was ok but then i turned computer off. Next day the big surprise was waiting for me, when i tried to run any program i received error msg:

    "too few resources to process this command" (probably something with rundll32)

    I can only logout from acc, the other choices are missing.

    I am 97% certain it is conected with xpize couse it was the last and only thing installed in working system. I have polish version WinXP prof SP3, working on Lenovo Thinkpad R61i. My questions are:

    1. what can couse that problem (is this somethink connected with my non english version of windows??) and how can I avoid that in future

    2. how can i fix that now, are files in backup directory only from main windows catalog?? Can i just copy that?

    thanks for any answer in advance. I hope that it can be solved couse i really like the way Windows looks with xpize.

    best regards,



    I found that:

    "After installing XPize I suffer memory allocation problems. What's wrong?

    This happens when you have Asian languages installed and your shell32.dll weights more than 10MB. Try installing Lite version (no 128x128 icon support) in order to fix your problem."

    in guide, but Lite version reffers only to xpize4 (am i wrong??) and i have no Asian languages installed. I removed all unnecessary languages with nlite.

    During xpize setup, the "Lite" option is automatically checked if you're running non-English versions of Windows. Is it possible that you un-checked this option during setup?

    You can uninstall xpize by going Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs > xpize

  10. The cover DVD product manager of "PC Praxis" magazine in Germany approached me to ask if he can put xpize on the next issue of the magazine. I told him yes, so if any of you lot can snag a copy of the next issue and upload some scans let me know :)

    Just for the record, it is common practice ( and a sign of normal courtesy/politeness) to send to the Author a number of copies (at least one) of the publication that includes his/her work, as soon as it is actually published.

    It is strange that you weren't offered this. :blink:


    Not in my experience. In a past life I was an online journalist for one of IGN/GameSpy's properties and we frequently covered game mods so we often came across mods featured in magazine like PC Gamer and we always saw the mod dev team asking people on their forums for scans or copies because often their mention was only in a sidebar or a mini-article, hardly ever a main feature.

  11. The cover DVD product manager of "PC Praxis" magazine in Germany approached me to ask if he can put xpize on the next issue of the magazine. I told him yes, so if any of you lot can snag a copy of the next issue and upload some scans let me know :)

  12. Hello , I am new here , so I do not really know if this is the correct place to drop my problem , I installed yesterday Xpize 5 (last version) Windows XP accepted it , but when rebooting it failed , pc keeps rebooting again and again but does not come to start , could anyone help please ????

    Thanks in advance

    Can you boot into safemode by pressing F8 during startup?

  13. Tempting, but VistaSwitcher doesn't seem to have the old XP-style that TaskSwitchXP has; remember that xpize is about making XP more like XP and not with those out-of-place Vista and 2000 bits.

  14. Strange.

    I had the same problem with a Windows Server 2008 box a few months ago (I ended up upgrading to 2008R2).

    A problem like this is most likely caused by a bad driver (as most BSoDs are)

    Given you can't boot into Safe Mode and restoring your system manually might be too complicated. I'd say your best bet is reinstalling Windows.

  15. Ok, I see. Did you go there while taking part in an exchange program?

    No, my dad's company sent us out there; the family has worked abroad in the past (South Africa, Saudi Arabia, etc) but that was before I was born. There was another opportunity to work on a project in Dubai in 2002 but that one fell-through.

    Anyway, on the matter of the project: my server is now nearing completion and I hope to have something showable by the end of the weekend :)

    I'll be back in my student hovel by Monday where my xpize files are.

  16. I just saw the pictures... - Where is this place and what did happen?

    I guess there were no earth quake in Great Britain. They must have took it down. - But why?

    (Or do you just study in Great Britain, because I did find Bel Air only in US?)

    It's in the Makati area of Manila, the capital of the Philippines, in South East asia. The country that seems to have a popular revolution every 10 years or so. "Bel Air" is the name of the gated community right next door to the school, the campus wasn't officially called that though.

    The campus was originally built in the 1920s as The American School (the USA has always had a substantial cultural impression on the country and there are many american expats). The site was extended in the 1970s with the new elementary school (the 4-storey square shaped building) and I went there from 1997 to 1999 (Gr.4 and Gr.5).

    In 2002 the school was moved to a new campus a few miles away, leaving the old campus abandoned. It took them 4 years to getting round to knocking it down.

  17. Because I don't have any xpize files on my laptop (and I'm currently away from my main computer) I've been working on something else to pass the time and to add to my resume:

    I'm a bit of a nostalgia-tripper: some people (myself included) experience strong emotional effects when reminiscing about past events in life, and lately I've had a few, for example I recently learned my old elementary school was demolished in 2006, which is pretty sad.

    So anyway, on that note I thought I'd revisit 1999 again and implement a server for MSN Messenger 1.0 to connect to. Here's a nice screenshot:


    But I've hit a snag in development: the client hangs after receiving the last of the LST lines. The documents I'm basing my server implementation on predate the release of the official client by a few months and Microsoft made various changes since then.

    I've shot emails off to various people who might be able to give me an answer, until then I guess this little project is on hold too.


  18. Hi!! I want to do something similar, but I don't know how to extract the .anop file from the installer with the necesary resouces.

    could you explain how to do this? or explair the general process?

    Trade secret :)

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