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  1. The XPize Guide is only applicable to XPize 4.x; xpize 5 Release 4 doesn't include the Settings program nor the reloader. I'll bring back the Settings program for Release 5, but there's no need for the reloader as the installer can do that.

    Does the installer detect file changes and automatically run like the old reloader did?

    I'll add some kind of intelligent reloader in Release 6.

  2. Wrong :blink:

    Why don't you make a translation for Portuguese Digitalfox?

    You can start from the Brazilian local, which should make it way easier. :)

    The differences between Portuguese and Brazilian Portugese are analogous to British English vs. American English, there's nothing to be gained.

  3. UPDATE: The flag (16x8) is too small to show up when split. I'll just stick with the Brazilian flag, there aren't that many users from Portugal anyway.

    Wrong :blink:

    Seriously, there was only a couple hundred downloads from Portugal, whereas Brazil has at least 10,000.

  4. Hey, i've tested vize pt-br translation and you put the wrong flag.

    My translation is for Brasiliam portuguese, than you nead to put the Brazil's flag.

    Please update it

    I'll update it with a split Brazilian/Portuguese flag in Release 5.

    UPDATE: The flag (16x8) is too small to show up when split. I'll just stick with the Brazilian flag, there aren't that many users from Portugal anyway.

  5. Tempting as it is to include additional visual styles, I must resist. There's simply far too many good ones.

    What's needed is a site that only accepts high-quality and original submissions. There are so many variations on Royale (including the "official" ones: Embedded, Zune, and Royale Noir) that you just grow sick at the very sight of them.

    Little fun fact: the Zune, Embedded, and Royale Noir visual styles were all made by the same graphic designer working for Microsoft who was just playing around with some ideas at the time. Since he had access to the private key to sign them they were widely distributed around Microsoft's internal network.

    Also, a lot of people assume that because the Zune theme was released a couple of days after Royale Noir that it was some kind of damage-control campaign, this is false. Microsoft always had the intention to release the Zune theme, the date of the Noir leak was just coincidental good timing.

  6. Yeah, don't do that :)

    When you install an Anolis package, like xpize, it records the MD5 hash of each file after it's been patched, and then it makes a backup copy of the original. It replaces the patched file with the original only if the hash matches, which is an improvement on XPize 4.x which just overwrites it anyway (more or less).

    It does the overwriting using the PFRO table (aka MoveFileEx) which is done during restarts, which can conflict with updates from Microsoft. For this reason NEVER install (or uninstall) xpize (or any other Anolis package) at the same time as any Windows updates).

    I'll build some safeguards into the software so it will detect if any Windows Updates are pending installation, but if you install the updates after installing xpize there's nothing I can do about that.

  7. I'm willing to test it on Vista Ultimate x64 with SP2 however, with uninstall not working what would we do come next release? Simply install r2 overtop of this one?

    That should work, yes.

  8. There's been a lot of submissions for new and updated resources that I don't think I'll be able to get into Release 5 if I want it out in the next couple of days.

    With that in mind, Release 5 will be out tomorrow hopefully (hot on the heels of Vize 2.0 Release 1, released only an hour ago) that will fix the major bugs (such as a lot of the icons not being updated, whoops!) and other new stuff.

    Release 6 will follow, later on in August and will include as many of the more recent resources that I can do. If you've got suggestions you want to see included in Release 6 you can make things much easier for me by creating the replacement resources yourself and posting them here noting which exe or dll file it goes into and what its resource identifier is (type, name, and if applicable, language).

    Thank you.

  9. I've made another screencast in my horrible little voice again, this time walking through the process of creating an Anolis package and then embedding it in a customized installer.


    , it's nothing special and not required watching.


  10. i hope Vize also works with Windos 7

    Windows 7 have many non-Vista/7 UI too

    I've configured Vize so it won't install on Windows 7, this is by design (although you can always use the /ignoreCondition switch to force an install, this is not recommended, however). There will be a separate project for Windows 7 once it hits RTM in later August.

  11. So... this is Vize 2.0 Release 1, which is more of a beta than anything else.

    It includes all the resources patched by Vize 1.1 Beta, and then some, including the fixes developed by Saarineames ( http://saarineames.deviantart.com ), including:

    • 256x256 Flip3D icon
    • Fixed the back/forward button background hover stretch when in Classic mode (great for WS2008 users!)
    • x64 support (untested, which is what this beta is for)
    • Uses the same installation system as xpize 5
    • And some other stuff

    What doesn't work:

    • UxTheme patching system. I need to modify my code (which is based off Deepxw's) first. Vize 1.x didn't patch UxTheme anyway so you're not missing out on anything.

    What hasn't been tested:

    • x64 (it should work, in theory)
    • Uninstallation (it probably won't work, it doesn't change file permissions during uninstallation)

    What's coming in future releases:

    • Getting seasick of the blue/green combo? I'm working on something to match WS2008's silver wizard art style for Vista, including fixing up ShellStyles
    • UxTheme (God willing)

    I'm just working on the binaries right now, I'll post them in a couple of hours.

    Update: Download it now from the downloads page: http://www.vizeos.net/download.php

  12. That's mshtml.dll with bitmaps 2033, 2034, and 2035.

    Can you test out your replacements for me? I don't have the time to do it myself.Note that I don't think 32-bit BMPs would work. Right now those bitmaps are 4bpp (aka 16-color).

  13. I've been working on Vize, and it seems my resource patching framework is sort-of incompatible with Windows Vista's system files:

    For ordinary files, patching resources is handled fine, nothing special; but Vista's system files have an "RC Config" set which restricts how resources can be modified when using the Win32 resource functions (which is indeed a right problem).

    I'm looking for ways around this. This problem doesn't affect ResHacker because it parses Win32 PE/COFF files by itself (which is why it's incompatible with x64). I'll keep you informed.

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