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  1. what d you mean by your cursor "shocking"?

    I think the problem might be related to your earlier installation of XPize Darkside. I think you should just backup your stuff, reformat, and reinstall Windows from your CD, patch to SP3, then install xpize 5R6 (or 5R7 if it's out by then). Your computer looks like it was made in 2004, so if you haven't reformatted since then now would be a good time to do so.

  2. xpize won't affect the layout of the shutdown dialog.

    Your system's power settings give you one-click access to the Hibernate mode, I forget which settings change it though. If there's only 3 buttons you can still access Hibernate by holding down shift and clicking standby.

  3. xpize already modifies 7Zip's toolbar art and icons. I cannot extract that installer's files onto my system and I'm not comfortable with executing it, so what resources did you use?

  4. You'll find an Uninstallation log somewhere on your system (probably located under Documents and Settings\You\Local Settings\Anolis) this logfile will contain messages that explain why various things that were uninstalled were not uninstalled.

    If you do find it, copy it to PasteBin then put the link here so I can investigate for you.

    Also, you did restart after uninstalling, right?

  5. waiting eagerly ;)

    plz how to let Xpize make SP3 theme patch un uA installation of SP3?

    The UxTheme.dll patcher built-in to xpize 5 supports Windows XP from RTM through to SP3, and you can only install xpize 5 on an SP3 system so there would never be a case where you'd install SP3 after installing xpize, unless you're refering to XPize 4.7, which I recommend uninstalling before installing SP3, or better yet: reformat your system.

  6. Here's the current state of Freecell:


    I'm still working on getting the "game win" image looking right; there's nothing I can do about the scaling, I just need to find an image that scales well.

  7. Hi guys., it's easy to update the wordpad toolbar,, you just need to replace the bitmap with 32-BIT ones..


    In the past I was experimenting only with 24-bit bitmaps (naivly thinking the pallete replacement system would work the same even though it wasn't indexed colour). But I just made a test 32-bit bitmap for the toolbar art and now it works!

    Thanks for the tip, this'll be included in Release 7 now. You'll find screenshot proof attached. I need to look into why the button images are shifted along by one though.


    You guys can expect Release 7 sometime in January.

  8. As explained in the past, the toolbar in WordPad is hardcoded to 16-color. The only way around it is by releasing a binary patch for it, and I lack the skills to know how to do that.

  9. I'm afraid I'll have to cancel Release 7 for this year, I'm moving back to my parents' home over the Christmas holiday and there's too much data on my computer to move easily. I guess you'll have to wait until I get back in January.

  10. My end-of-term is coming up soon, I'll have a short while to be able to put together xpize 5 Release 7.

    This release would be few fixes on top of Release 6 and there are a few resources I'd like to finish off (such as in some MMC consoles).

    If anyone has any suggestions that haven't already been posted on the Release 6 thread, I'd like to hear them.

  11. it would help me to know in which way system files were "res-hacked" and what the actual problem with previous versions of xpize was. in that case i might be able patch some files by myself

    When XPize 4.7 was installed, it patched pretty much every single system file that contained UI artwork and made a backup copy of those files somewhere on your system.

    When SP3 was installed, it replaced these patched files with Microsoft's official files (which still contain old UI artwork). XPize 4.7's uninstaller replaces the current file with the backup copy and performs zero validation (i.e. it will replace SP3 versions of files with the SP2 originals. Obviously this will cause problems).

    After installing xpize 5R6 your SP3 system files will be patched again.

    So if you uninstall XPize 4.7 at this point you'll see your 5R6'd system files replaced with MS's original SP2 files.

    There is no "manual" way to fix this I'm afraid, the best resolution is re-installing Windows from scratch. Sorry.

    (In my defence: XPize 4.7 was developed by Francisco (not me) and at the time there wasn't much of a hint of there being an SP3 for Windows. xpize 5's uninstaller is intelligent and will not 'restore' a system file if it is not exactly identical to how it was after being patched)

  12. As stated before on these forums, XPize 4.7's uninstaller is unreliable and often causes problems, especially if SP3 has been installed (assuming it was an SP2 system when XPize 4.7 was installed). For reasons like the one you describe we don't recommend every uninstalling XPize 4.7 (why would anyone want to anyway? :) ).

    I guess you'll have to reformat and reinstall Windows. There's nothing more I can do to help you, sorry.

  13. I have a request.

    I can't seem to make the version text changeable when using this NOTE I am using it manually not SCRIPTED.

    Resourcer is very much a "read-only" tool beyonds the ability to replace an entire resource's data with that loaded from a file, support for actually modifying resources in-place is a forthcoming feature.

  14. I tried new Reshacker runs under x64 native, but it seem like this old folder icon is in some place too. I replaced both in sys32 and syswow64 folders but the old icon remains there. I open those files in reshacker again and it has the icons changed, i don-t know what-s wrong, any help?

    Merely replacing the icon in the EXE then saving it will have no effect as the file will be overwritten when you reboot. You'll need to bypass System File Protection somehow, there are various means of doing this (Anolis Installer / xpize does it by using MoveFileEx/PFRO table and then rebooting).

  15. I tried new Reshacker runs under x64 native, but it seem like this old folder icon is in some place too. I replaced both in sys32 and syswow64 folders but the old icon remains there. I open those files in reshacker again and it has the icons changed, i don-t know what-s wrong, any help?

    I'm kinda peeved Angus decided to update his venerable ResHacker to support x64 because my free Resourcer program has supported it from the beginning, now people are going to him for downloads instead of me, ah well.

  16. XPize 4.7's uninstaller is a bit on the broken side. This is why I don't recommend installing it and instead use xpize 5, where the uninstaller won't mess your system up (although to be honest, I don't know why people feel the need to uninstall it...). Note that xpize 5 will refuse to install on 2000, Vista, or Win7 (though you can run the installer, but only to do a CD Image patch/slipstream) I think XPize 4.7 is the same, though I haven't checked lately.

    As other people have mentioned, you cannot do an in-place upgrade of 32-bit Windows XP to 64-bit Windows 7, due to major differences in each OS's architecture and the way it handles program files. Whilst the LapLink PCMover website says it supports 32-bit to 64-bit upgrades, I'm skeptical of the whole thing. Invariably you're better off just formatting your HDD and starting from scratch with a clean install. I don't believe the risk of having to deal with the stress of nonfunctioning programs after installation isn't worth having: it only takes an hour or so to install all of my applications on a clean install anyway.

  17. *.anofp files are not backups (they're kept in "%programfiles%\Anolis\Backup...") by default, but are the modified files that have yet to replace the originals. This is done when you restart your computer immediately after installation. Afterwards all of the *.anofp files will be gone from your system.

    Can you define "manually quarantining" the file? Did your AV software suggest something xpize does is a virus?

  18. xpize 5 doesn't touch anything that might affect Firefox. The only thing I can think of is if you were using a specific visual style that Firefox had a special case for relating to the font. No-one else has reported this issue (I'm using FF3.5.5 myself right now) so I'll need more information before I can provide any real assistance. But are you certain xpize is the cause of this?

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