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  1. Can you make me a member of both then, but revert me back to the SoftwareDevs group.

    Is it possible to have both custom title images below my avatar?

    You can't have two titles. The Software Devs group permissions and settings will take precedence over the Normal Sponsors group ones. The admins are the only ones who will actually know that you belong to both groups (through the admin panel, of course) - no one else.

    Eh fine. I won't ask for my £6 back though :P

  2. BTW, I've made a 1-year subscription payment to MSFN and I'm no-longer a member of the Software Developers group.

    Is it possible to be a member of both groups simultaneously?

    Technically, yes, but only the permissions from one of the two groups will apply to your account. I don't know if being a member of the Software Developers group gave you any additional abilities or not, but if you would like to switch back, just let one of us mods know. :)

    Can you make me a member of both then, but revert me back to the SoftwareDevs group.

    Is it possible to have both custom title images below my avatar?

  3. I'll discuss with the mods, but calling it a "standard" is a bit of a stretch. We shall see what happens.

    BTW, I've made a 1-year subscription payment to MSFN and I'm no-longer a member of the Software Developers group.

    Is it possible to be a member of both groups simultaneously?

  4. W3bbo, these don't actually conform to the forum rules. Perhaps you can resize them just a tiny bit (width must be less than 300 pixels)?

    I'll make contracted versions now. Thought a 300px limit seems arbitrary and userbars have always been 350px wide, nonetheless it's not in my interests to annoy the MSFN mods ;)

  5. Thanks for the feedback; I've taken a look through the Vize sources XPero handed over to me before leaving, and it seems that this is a generic error message without any specific information, which is unfortunate.

    I don't think I can help you, but if you sit tight for a few days Vize 2.0 will be out, promise :)

  6. First off thanks for continuing this project! for those of us who still use XP it's a much needed "facelift" =)

    I have a question though, should I run XPize on my CD image before I edit it with nlite (add addons e remove stuff) or after? (or it doesn't matter?)

    Hard to say; it doesn't really matter. I'd say to do it after nLite since then you're working with the latest set of files.

  7. Wow, thanks a lot :thumbup

    Also I have another question: in beta 3 I've seen green shortcut arrows on my desktop icons... In release 4 they are back to old b/w. Did I do something wrong?

    Yes, that's part of the same icon issue I documented earlier. It's fixed in Release 5. It's the same reason the Admin tools aren't patched.

  8. Of the recent suggestions made:

    Windows Desktop Search

    Card games images (cards.dll)

    Windows Cardspace

    Internet Explorer 8 Add-to-favs button

    Bluetooth Icons

    I've done this:

    a ) I've xpized the WDS logos and taskbar to better resemble WDS2.6 (the last with an XP-compatible style). I won't update the WDS "Magnifying glass" logo as it's always been like that since 2.6 and fits XP fine. I've also updated the activity AVI to be XP style. I've also updated the control panel icon

    b ) I've used Vista's card bitmaps, but this adds another 300KB to the size of xpize (even after compression)

    c ) I'm still wondering if it's worth it to do anything about Cardspace. It isn't a UI you'll encounter regularly and the icon is hard to recreate in an XP style.

    d ) The specified bluetooth icons (bthci.dll\201 and xpsp2res.dll\200.cio) have both been updated

    e ) I'm investigating the IE add favs button image issue; I don't know why it isn't working

    also a little request: in future use screenshot thumbnails and keep them small.

  9. BTW, how did you know to look in Anolis.Installer.Error.log? Where was it saved to?

    Nice question from Anolis developer :thumbup

    The software saves the log in different locations depending on how far along the installation process was completed.

  10. This issue has been reported before (via email). It's when there's a problem with creating system restore points; to install the software fine, just uncheck "Create System Restore Point" just before you click Install.

    Does your system have any non-standard system restore settings? Can you create system restore points using the System Restore wizard?

    BTW, how did you know to look in Anolis.Installer.Error.log? Where was it saved to?

  11. I think you have some Vista-style icons because of Windows Search 4.0 itself being Vista-style...

    I've tracked down a copy of WDS2.0 which was the last version to use XP-style resources. Windows Desktop Search 4.0 will be in xpize 5 Release 5 :)

  12. I've had a look and I think those icons are in setupapi.dll, which is already patched by installing xpize to a CD image. Some stuff is in syssetup.dll which isn't currently patched. I'll add it to the list.

  13. There is only one last thing i would like in XPize, and that is XPize'd icons within the XP installation.

    Like this.




    As you can see, the following icons needs to be updated:

    - Regional and language options

    - User information

    - Administrator

    - Date & Time

    - Network settings

    - The XP-INSTALLATION-CD icon up in the right corner, next to the -X- buttone (Close).

    It looks doable. I'll need to know where those resources are located though.

    If this could be fixed, you would make me to the happiest guy in the world. :)

    I love this software! There is only a few improvements left remaining :)

    EDIT: And by the way, are there norwegian support in XPize 5? :)

    Submit a Norwegian translation and I'll include it in Release 5.

  14. I don't know, if that clock is changed only on I386 patching or with some specific visual styles - but on my xpized VM the clock is normal like before.

    (Maybe the reason for that is also this caching or wrong icon directory information problem.)

    If you're using German Windows XP you won't see it, only English Windows XP gets the new time/date control panel. Same goes for System Performance settings.

  15. "Uninstall" isn't localised. I must have overlooked that one. Add it as "E_A_uninstallButton".

    Hey this is what I did mention before. - And there are some more strings not listed:

    Installation aborted

    Installation was aborted due to an unhandled exeption


    Select the directory to recover from

    Select the backup directory to recover from

    creating system restore point

    Download failed

    The best would be, if you could release an updated en.resx file. :rolleyes:

    All of those strings are in the en.resx I uploaded, except "Uninstall".

  16. Where's string for "Uninstall >" button?

    Also what should I do with "Lang_RTL" string?

    Lang_RTL should be set to "1" if your language is right-to-left. Russian is left-to-right so just ignore it (i.e. leave it blank or set to "0")

    "Uninstall" isn't localised. I must have overlooked that one. Add it as "E_A_uninstallButton".

  17. I've uncovered a pretty major bug that I'm surprised I overlooked:

    A lot of the *.ico files used in xpize 5R4 are actually malformed. Icon files are comprised of two parts: the first is a "directory" that contains a listing of all the subimages in the file, the second part is a concatenation of all the subimage data.

    The directory contains information that is also contained within the subimage data, such as width, height, and bit-depth. However some icon editors don't save the directory info with the right bit-depth. My icon patcher just reads this data and trusts it to be correct, but in this case it isn't, which is why Windows loads the 256-color version as a fallback.

    I'm working on modifications so it reads the bit-depth from the subimage data rather than just trusting the directory.

    This is why so many people are complaining of icons not being updated, although the fact the icon cache wasn't cleared also helps. This issue should be solved by Release 5.

  18. Hi guys

    I'm also having some logon screen related problems (using latest version)

    I've set the option to use "Welcome screen" so the user can click its username, then input the password.

    I've installed some theme from deviantart, and now all the users are required to input/write their username and password

    I keep setting the option in the user accounts (control panel) applet, but doesn't work

    Any solution?


    Do you mean to say that instead of getting the Welcome Screen (click username, type password) you're getting the GINA Logon (type username, type password) instead?

    It's possible the logon theme you downloaded from dA is corrupted or incompatible with your OS. Or you may have not installed it correctly.

  19. What a lovely monday you must be having :)

    It's simply a program you run that removes most of the visual leftovers from Windows 2000 in Windows XP in addition to installing some new wallpapers and visual styles.

    Installation requires about 7 mouse clicks on "Next" repeatedly, no further tweaking is required.

    So what problems are you having with it?

  20. I'm afraid the disk space piechart would be very hard to modify, it paints itself directly (probably with GDI). It is technically possible (by disassembling the program and changing its GDI calls so it calls the drawing functrions with antialiasing enabled, and maybe with a different choice of colours), but it would be a lot of work.

    I'll speak to a friend of mine who does a lot of disassembly.

  21. Here is the spanish Translation 4 xpize. I did what u said...

    I want you to know that there are a few strings that didn't show up properly...


    firstable this one... the image didn't work 4 the installer...

    I've made the watermark image longer in Release 5.


    this is the second one... it said... espera por favor... this is the rigth string but it left a few words...

    I'll make the text go down to two lines.


    here almost all the words are in english... this is a little problem... notice that "Makes your Windows xp..." are not in the strings to translate

    These strings are located within the package.xml file and cannot be localised.


    there are some problems here too... there are the rigth strings but it left a few words...

    Again, I'll make the text areas bigger.

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