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  1. Sammydawn there is one problem. What about updating the update.ver. I notices the hashes, and some file sizes are different from the hotfixes update.ver and the one in SP5. Just to let you know.
  2. Good point. I agree with what you say about creating a post SP5 install.If gurgemeyer does come back he could add the posts to SP5. So I agree. Who else agrees.
  3. I don't think It should be official yet. Hyipo is already working on a update to USP5. USP5 made by gurgemeyer, and now updated, and more secured by Hyipo. Our technical little team, or me has been working on a SP5.1.2195.99 for more updated till September. I will even try to accomplish what gergemeyer never did. Insert WM9, and MDAC 2.8 SP1 with hotfixes into USP5. I will acieve great security, and I will not let this project close. Never. I will not let our dreams be shattered. We can even all work as a developement team to make this project reach the stars.
  4. Not worth it. Windows Defender will expire like Microsoft Antispyware.
  5. Because of piracy now Betas are useless and you are forced to upgrade and there may be so much issues you will just buy another product. Look at Microsoft AntiSpyware. I can't use the old ones because the ones expired. The reason I used the old opnes are not piracy (to m$$$) but because the new ones suck and my server could not use them. Microsoft has a funny way to stop piracy. Now just to use them on Windows 2000 I have to have GDI ??? I never had to use that with the old ones. Also I never was probably forced to use WGA just to use it (probably a way to force me to buy XP and not 2000). I feel like they are using me with Beta testing. I also don't like Vista Activation. Not because of pirrracy (sorry just mad), but because they could shut off support for activating the old Vista betas. Microsoft is just using people, to get people to test the betas, report bugs, give their reveiws, they may even force you to pay for the downloads, but then they just shut off your betas like your a freelancer, and a pirate. It's crazy those greedy corperations. Most places if you beta test you get it free but now Beta testing is nothing but a big fat scam for poor people, and middle class. Heck one company I beta tested a image interpolation program I get to keep my payware, and no activation, and without paying, and without being called a pirate. Heck I don't seem to like Microsoft Betas anymore. sorry for my rants it's just I used to like Microsoft Antispyware now don't want to touch the stuff. Even my grandma said my aunt didn't like the antispyware either. She even said it was like spying on her when she used it. It's like we don't deserve to keep our Betas but we have to pay for them or goto Jail. We don't have to test threm. Maybe we shouldn't until we get what we demand. To keep what we test.
  6. hyipo

    Thank you nLite

    There are bugs in nLite. I kept trying to install ATI, and nVIDIA drivers and the setups kept messing up.
  7. I'm just saying if you sell computers you need each one o be legally licensed. If your just having a XP installation service you need to lisence. If you don't each customer will have a warning saying you need to buy a copy of Windows XP. You may be a victim of you know. Exactly you just explained what I explained. Oh well I guess I'm gone from this thread and back o the forum goodbye.
  8. Ok I also tried to integrate NVIDIA drivers too but files would not copy too. It's like it needs it's source to be copied. Last_Session__2006.08.25_02.16.28_.ini
  9. hyipo

    Thank you nLite

    Thank you nuhi for all your work. There may still be bugs in nlite but heck every software has bugs and no one can control bugs just fix them. Without nLite there could be no way to make ISOs without complicated messes. Thank you nLite.
  10. I recommend if selling computers contant Microsoft for licensing info, then get a Windows volume licensing, and if they let you sell then sell computers. I recommend you call Microsoft and get all the legal advice you can get because for them to annoy us with WGA, and WPA they are dedicated to stopping piracy. Be careful. That's why it's always best to contact them so your computer selling business can be 100% legal. Look what happened to Geek Squad because they were putting not proper licensed programs into customers computers. They shut down. Be careful because any computer selling operation needs valid licensing to be a legit business. Am I right or am I wrong?
  11. Everytime I integrate ATI, or other drivers I always get these error messages in DOS saying it can't copy the file, and it seems like it needs the file. How can I integrate ATI drivers without error? of cource where are my manners. I want to integrate ATI Drivers into Windows 2000 The driver I want to integrate are http://www.filehippo.com/download_ati_catalyst/ that way no matter what computer I put it on as long as it has a ATI card it will work with Windows 2000.
  12. Microsoft AntiSpyware 1.0.701 Addon The old AntiSpyware just in case the new one sucks and has those stupid WGA Requirements. http://www.mytempdir.com/889661
  13. Yahoo Messenger Full Installer Download Mirrors: http://www.mytempdir.com/889625 Nevermind ZcWorld already did it but it's always good to have a backup addon just in case the download mirrors delete his made addon. Also I might have added the file to mirrors he never added to so that makes the file easier to download. Sorry ZcWorld no offense I thought nobody ever did the newer one so I made a addon.
  14. You mean I could make Windows 2000 look good. I am already wanting to integrate lots of drivers to Windows 2000 so it could be better then XP. My server will be powerful look cool, and more secure.
  15. I am tired of the old Windows 98 like theme. I have Windows 2000 Adv. Server and want something like XP, or VistaXP (Yeah I got a copy of that addon). I want to integrate a good theme to replace the old one on Windows 2000. If not is there some type of theme saver where I can save my Windows XP theme then Import it to Windows 2000.
  16. Guess what I might not be able to reply to this forum again because I think the ISP blocked access to your website. I have to use Proxy Servers to get here. I think Net Neutrality is destroyed because they are now blocking me from legal websites like msfn. What should I do?
  17. Hey I never got the answers I needed and I cannot delete my older questions. Why can't I just delete my old ones and have new ones but I guess I will never get what i'm asking for. Why don't I just PM the admin, IT Tech, nlite support for help if nobody will give me the right answers. I just don't know what to do that's why I ask here. My older questions don't get the posts I need to solve my problems. Sorry for my Ranting. I wish there was a nlite tech support. I guess there is'nt any. Hey Most of my problems I fixed on my own.
  18. I want to update all old programs into newer programs without svcpack. Is there a way for all updates (MDAC 2.81, WMP9, IE6, JScript, XML Updates, etc etc) without having to do svcpack so during installation it won't have to make tons of silent installs so not only will my installation speed up, I will have less hotfix complications, and My installation cds will not take up a bunch of memory just for simple updates.
  19. I did it everyone. I did it. Not the .CAT files way. What I did was extracted the updated files, I made a .bat file, then commanded makecab, then I replaced the files. No blabing of Windows File Protection. I then took out the JScript Silent Install updates in svcpack.inf and the registry sucessfully said 5.6 instead of 5.1. I did it now updates, and upgrades are easier. My testing project is suceeding. I will have a very advanced Operating Systrem with XP drivers, upgrades, maybe even Internet Explorer 7. I will have a powerful server solutions that will bring forth Hyipo.net into the next generation of websites. I may even restore my Home Server and put this new system (Still the same system but better). one more thing heres the easy tutorial on how to update certain programs so it can easier to integrate with nLite: (1)If you want to update Jscript, MDAC, etc etc. then extract them to a folder like exp:C:\MyFile\ (2)Then make a .BAT file and put lots of makecab commands like makecab file.dll makecab file.exe makecab file.inf makecab file.cat (3)Run the .BAT file to make the files compressed like .DL_ (4)Move or Copy them all into your i386 folder and replace the old files.
  20. Here are my latest problems I want to Directly replace my old MDAC with MDAC 2.8 SP1 but don't know what to do I want to Directly replace my old Windows Media Player with Windows Media Player 9 but don't know what to do I want to Directly replace my old JScript 5.1 with JScript 5.6 but don't know what to do. No advice about make a addon because I want to reduce my Windows 2000 Adv. Server CD and shorten the duration of my installation.
  21. I had a problem with Direct Hotfix integrating Windows Media Player JScript 5.6 MDAC 2.8 MDAC SP1 Can anybody help me? I don't want to make it a addon because then Belarc blabs more vunerabilities and if I integrate the following patches it will fail because it was not originally with Windows 2000 Adv. Server. I just want to take the updated files and replace the original files in my installation cd because since I have all these addons my installation size is more then it should be, and it will take longer to install Windows 2000.
  22. But I have a server. I can't upgrade to XP. I will have to deal with Server Activation. Also I checked the XPs driver.cab and realize it's just driver files so why can't I import them into my Windows 2000 Adv. Servers driver.cab. Actually some drivers I used for W2K Driver problems acually worked so why can't XP drivers work for 2000 Adv. Server drivers.
  23. I am acually doing a new test right now. I am extracting the updates then taking the .CAT files then placing them in /I386/svcpack/CAT/?product update name?/?Whatever?.CAT (I am also copying the dll, exe, and other files the .CAT needs). If I get everything updated then all I will have to update is the regular program addons and none of the JScript, MDAC, Windows Media Player, or any encoding updates. I will report this to you and if my idea works then maybe the updates that don't work but use the /C /T: command maybe nLite can use all of the .CAT files for direct hotfix integration.
  24. Im talking about Windows Media Player, JScript 5.6 upgrade, MDAC 2.8. I'm talking about updates that don't work with direct integration to reduce size cause some updates I have to make addon packs for them but I want to reduce CD size.
  25. I want to just place the newer updates like Internet Explorer and acually replace the dll, and exe files because I want to reduce the size (More size because of addon style updates). Yeal like why can't I just update the system files, and integrate the updates that have problems, and the Windows Media Player that have problems and just integrate with the system as if it was in SP4 and not a addon. and what about the update.exe. I have extracted the updates and saw .CAT files and I noticed .CAT files with integrated Windows updates. Do you think I should copy the extracted updates to the I386 folder then insert the .CAT files in my svcpack.inf.
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