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  1. I really appreciate your work and have a lot of respect for what you have done but there is no need to get invidious. Of course the best way is to contact mircosoft but i am never going to be an oem system builder partner for the next 10 years or so cause my business is just too small. Thats why i tried to get some information in this forum. I think my question isnt that ridiculous. What abour TGT Soft. They patch the uxtheme.dll too, so why should the method with nlite be illegal? Maybe i expressed myself a bit unclear. I dont want to sell self burned nlited cds labbeld Dotterbarts Windows XP. I would provide the customer with the untouched original media, just the installation is configured with some tweaks, hotfixes and programms? I hope that maybe some people here can help me with this issue or point me in in some other directions (Microsoft Information papers for reseller or something). thx in advance mfg Dotterbart
  2. I think it is the time to start thinking about donating nLite i have no problem with donating or maybe licensing nlite, but what is with Bill. I mean registry hacks, patched uxtheme and so on. Is this allowed? So what do you think or know. In case we can get an agreement what do you think is microsofts statment on this, if they ever find out ?
  3. Bonjour fellow nliters, i am planning to sell dEsktop systems. For a cleaner install and to decrease installation time want to nlite the windows cd. Now my question: am i allowed to sell the systems to customers with this modified windows version or is nuhi or bill going to sue me? hope anybody can help me... Dotterbart
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