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  1. Good point, I'll look into it.  I certainly want them removed entirely from the disk to save space.




    Did see that wimtweak is not removing from the folders, they are adding more packages it seems to Cortana each major release


    edit: this was vm not activated

  2. Thanks for that feedback.  I must be mostly on the right track then.


    There are a fair number of services that make no sense if the Apps are removed.  I have my sights set on them next.  Once I figure out the right set, I'll add the commands to disable them and let you know here.




    never paid attention I was shuffling around quite a bit. Them folders are not empty in C:\Windows\SystemApps. With wim_tweak they were or cortana was

    The only difference I think is it uses PkgMgr.exe /up

  3. Yep, that's exactly the idea.  I just have to find the time to code on it a little more...




    Almost need to just start a new post and put all pertinent info in first post so they know what they need. I don't care they can delete this one because your script is easiest method. Course some may not want to take out everything so you will have to fix that as a selection type later on.


    In case of error might add



    And you can use that %~dp0 in your file checking if exist %~dp0SetACL.exe

  4. I tried using your 1.2 script on a new VM I just made and I got these error messages.


    This is what I got when I redirected the output to a .txt file on the desktop.

    ERROR:  One or more tools needed by this script cannot be located.

    This is what was actually displayed in the elevated CMD window.

    which: no SQLite3 in (.;C:\Windows\system32;C:\Windows;C:\Windows\System32\Wbem;C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\)

    I didn't do anything. I just extracted it and tried to run it.


    Noel offline right now add first line of script so it will change to directory its in

    CD /D "%~dp0"

    I just looked he has added that. Are you right click Run as Admin?


    A minimal set of tools is expected to be available via the current directory


    For the moment I can only suggest persistence (i.e., run it again, as you did), until the list at the end shows only two items. 



    OK M8, i'm not a newcomer to this mess. I'm a diehard hack this MS to crap to make it work the way I want


    well I put on LTSB 10240 as a test and as a stable I can do VM from hopefully as all I have at the moment is VirtualBox.

    Ran script and It worked and removed everything fine. Will try VM 14257 maybe tomorrow as it its a bit late

    Many years I been jacking with this mess there is one little thing, may not work in VM as it does in Actual Install. More testing is needed


    Also is your account an Administrator on your VM? I mean actual Administrator? Does make a difference however slight

  6. MaxXPsoft, I wasn't able to reproduce the issue where you saw the procedure run through and leave the Apps installed.  For me they were all removed the first time.  I'll keep looking, but for now the only thing I can think of is that I did put several different versions of the batch file online...  It's possible you didn't use the very latest one.  I've updated it at the link I posted above.


    Jaclaz has made some good suggestions that I'm still going through.  There will likely be further updates.




    I'm not a rook I was using last you had uploaded at the time and last link post 148 has same 1.2

    You have something newer? Maybe need a live link to latest in your SIG

    :: Name:        CortanaAndAppsRemoval

    :: Ident:       1.2


    I've figured out my VirtualBox 5.0.14 problems seems Insider releases won't work MS screwed something up. I am on 14251 but 14257 started working again so will have to switch back to that and see or my LTSB. I know its easier to switch around and test with VM but after 8 came out I dropped testing.

  7. Thank you.  I aim to make it turnkey.


    Jaclaz has been suggesting that I make less use of 3rd party tools, though of course SetACL and SQLite3 will be needed.  Generally speaking it's a good idea, as ultimately the thing really should be utterly self-contained.



    14251 ran on first time removing all even from powershell.

    Don't know what the difference was with 14257

  8. I can't explain the reappearance of the Apps in Powershell after a reboot yet.  At the end of the batch file it lists the Apps and Provisioned Apps.  Did it list them for you the first time?  Or did they actually come back?

    No it listed them First Run being still there and in _WRT_RemainingPackages.txt, I didn't copy whole list cause it was big and didn't think about backing it up.

    After second run it changed


    Glad we got that straight CD /D "%~dp0"  I tried folder on desktop, root of D but kept error


    These are 1 Depends I added grep-2.5.4-dep.zip. Copy all dll from Bin to root


    All in all it removed them so this was easier by far than playing with Git method

  9. Thanks for testing.  Open the CMD window (elevated) first, then run it in the folder where you've extracted the support executables.


    Got hold of 14257

    Once again. I cannot stress enough you need CD /D "%~dp0" as first line to Change Directory to folder this resides in OK


    'which' is not recognized as an internal or external command,

    operable program or batch file.


    Now trying to run just as you have it I get all kinds of errors about missing files, Dependencies







    I go get the Dependencies files and extract same dir it runs

    Uninstalled from Start in fact nothing left in Start but but they still there in Powershell

    Reboot, still there in Powershell


    EDIT: Ran second time then they are gone from  Powershell. weird

  10. Version 1.2 of CortanaAndAppsRemoval.bat is available.



    Think you need first line

      CD /D "%~dp0"

    Run normal it open, right click run as admin it just flash and exit

    Put in pause at end it wasn't finding which.exe


    I will try install 14251 this weekend if i'm off and test this but running without cortana installed I get errors about missing pcre.dll, lpcre3.dll, ibint13.dll, regex2.dll

  11. Any ideas what the magic registry entry might be that stops this?  I think maybe it's something install_wim_tweak does that Remove_AppXPackage doesn't do, since I'm not doing install_wim_tweak.


    Remember several mentioned odd behaviour back in Nov. I'm not sure if it because I started using W10Privacy almost one of first things and it started blocking Tasks and services. I was firing off them Git cmds 3 times in  a row thinking it was shutting down State while I altered.


    I see install_wim_tweak using HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Component Based Servicing\Packages

    All the Packages.txt come from those keys and they are gone after it finishes.


    Doing a compare of Clean reg exports and after but takes a bit of time with 254mb files. My 32 bit couldn't handle it so had to put on my 64 ExamDiff Pro

  12. So I pasted a link to this forum. About got me drummed off the other group due to downvotes stacking up. Apparently we are "Crying tears on a river" to many. I've about given up on them as much of what I read there is starting to infuriate me with the constant vendor pumping.

    Supposedly the enterprise and the EU release does not come with Edge or Cortana by default. It's still there, but disabled. Not just hidden.



    Do sound like you need to heave that place, I've run into that a few places (secrets, winfor, tenfor) and I no longer go there except someone reply to what I said.


    But they can still be gotten rid of. Start menu was really clean cause most the junk not in there. No Store

    I'm running LTSB evaluation for 51 days now and only updates I get is

    Flash player Quite Frequently and I use VLC so may look at heaving that and then Windows Defender ok I permit that better something than nothing

    and MSRT once monthly


    I only see 10 regular Update for Windows 10 for x64-based Systems in there after 51 days

  13. Just experimenting with insider build.


    Installed build 14251.1000 as an in-place upgrade to 10586.71 just as an experiment.  Observations:


    And we get to do this FULL install because they fixed 3-4 things and every 3 months or so


    Haven't installed the 14251.1000 yet but will when I get time.


    How the hell we create a Corp so we can do LTSB? Call ourselves GAG (Geeks Against Garbage)

    Prob not worth it $ wise

  14. ahh ok, you used wim_tweak after enabling .NET ?


    You should try to use wim_tweak first and the trying to enable NET, it will fail, see attach!



    Do them in order they need to be. Done this 20 times or more and I'm trying to prune things and get my order set. That may help with creation of a tool to do this especially since we will be seeing this every 3-4 months FULL install which wipes everything


    First hit desktop

    Well first thing that happens is it try to update OneDrive. Fire off script to taskkill and uninstall

    1. 10_OneDrive_Uninstaller_v0.4.cmd


    DVD/USB still in there what next?

    2. 10_.NET3.5withDVD.cmd


    3. add all my reg tweaks by reg or cmd to set things I want to make life easier.

    4. Wait on it to install graphics drivers it wants to even though I have installed exactly what it is putting on %$#@*&


    5. Time to kill Cortana and STORE


    Haven't installed the 14251.1000 yet but will when I get time.

  15. Buenos, need help. The script works only with Internet, as correct to work without Internet ?? (from Win 7)


    Dim hideupdates(18)


    Set updateSession = CreateObject("Microsoft.Update.Session")

    That's contacting the Update server on the internet. Where else could you search against?

    I haven't tried or looked into it. I'm fighting 10 now so really can't say


    I used wim_tweak on a fresh installation of windows 10 and was wondering why enabling Net Framework 3.5 (for default: disabled) failed every time.


    .Net 3.5 I use the install off Dvd as first thing when I hit the desktop. Dvd is still in there after fresh setup so

    ECHO Need your dvd/usb Drive letterDISM /Online /Enable-Feature /FeatureName:NetFx3 /All /LimitAccess /Source:F:\sources\sxs
  17. Just to be clear, if you're using UAC

    LOL you think I use that UAC. One of the most annoying things you disable first on any setup for advanced users of course.

    I see a need for it, for the unknowing, the 99.999%


    Nope gotta be something else, only diff is possibly I'm still on LTSB

    I've captured registry for each Pro, LTSB as soon as I hit desktop for my comparison's but don't see anything yet would affect this.

    Cmd prompt has some things apply if you look at the cmd /?

    But Mikeysoft explanations are not the best and they even get the upper/lower case crap wrong. 21 years fighting that mess

  18. My script is more extensive than wim_tweak, so you are able to use some DISM functions like mount, unmount, remove packages and remove provisionedappxpackages but so it's more prone to errors.



    Perhaps you should have not joined another app post criticizing what works really well for a long time. Yes its old

    Start a post of your own in the right place. You do this for 10 or will it work also on 7 and 8?


    I opened it and got the _DLLStructDisplay.au3 right away and found the au3 in your post in Autoit forum. Is it needed or comment out?

    Then image errors cause hard coded path C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\PackageRemover\tmp\images

  19. As far as I know Avast and Windows Defender won't run at the same time.  But thanks for the report.  PUP.Optional.MindSpark implies a browser hijacker program that's [maliciously] bundled into freeware or shareware applcations.  So I'll call this a "user downloaded and ran a free program he shouldn't have" situation.

    But in general, and asserting my assumptions are correct, it seems to fall in the category of the user can mess things up regardless of how 'secure' his system is.


    They both on there. He installed the Avast later cause I initially didn't.


    I'll forgive him he probably don't browse much except links sent by friends.

    But I tell everyone don't click anything pop's up in front of you. Hit the power button if you can't make it close Alt F4 or whatever


    Malwarebytes on my own LTSB system

    Files: 1

    Rootkit.ADS, c:\windows:win32app, , [e082f840752486b022712000fa0917e9],

    Best I can tell its a false positive, but something like that makes you break out everything you got and scan anyway.

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