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  1. chantszhim

    windows pe audio driver and support

    Audio support will be added to the PE of Windows 10 version 1803.
  2. chantszhim

    Make_PE3 Program to Create Portable Windows 7 PE

    Yes, I used Photo Viewer with Explorer Shell. But it might be that BS Explorer can be used as well. I mean do I need to use the files for Explorer Shell in order to get Windows Photo Viewer working, as I get no response after I double click an image file. Thanks in advance.
  3. chantszhim

    Make_PE3 Program to Create Portable Windows 7 PE

    Very Good ! Everything is working now and I will add Windows Photo Viewer support to Make_PE3. B) Just working on Source Language support and then everything will be more perfect .... Thanks for your Help and Cheers Do I need to use Explorer Shell in order to use Windows Photo Viewer?
  4. chantszhim

    Winpeshl.ini Assistance

    So place unattend in the root of the wim as in X:\unattend.xml? and in winpeshl.ini is just -unattend not unattend.xml? Yes, no need to specify the filename if the file is placed in Root
  5. chantszhim

    Winpeshl.ini Assistance

    Change the Displaychange.xml filename to Unattend.xml and save it in the Root of the Wim Image, then change the command in Winpeshl.ini to x:\windows\system32\wpeinit.exe,-unattend
  6. chantszhim

    File Copy Progress Bar in WinPE

    Solved by copying shellstyle.dll, explorerframe.dll and their related mui files to System32. Not related to Windows Explorer.
  7. chantszhim

    File Copy Progress Bar in WinPE

    I am now using CubicExplorer in my WinPE, are there any other Windows Explorer replacements which come with these dialogs and support Shell Extension on the right click menu?
  8. chantszhim

    File Copy Progress Bar in WinPE

    What files and registry keys are required for WinPE 3.0 to show File Copy/Move Progress Bar and File Overwite Confirmation Dialog when copying or moving files?
  9. chantszhim

    Changing locations of "My Documents" "My Pictures"

    You just need to drag the folder to the place you want, the registry will follow the new location to change autoly.
  10. chantszhim

    Access denied after building WinPE

    I got this problem too! Still cannot be solved till now...
  11. chantszhim


    The SRT package is still present in the WinPE image of Windows OPK, it is only removed from Windows AIK.
  12. Microsoft will change the name of .Net Passport to Microsoft Passport / Microsoft Passport Network soon. The Microsoft Passport internal site http://www.passport-int.net, MSN internal site http://www.msn-int.com and MSN Messenger 7.0 Beta are also using the new name.
  13. Login Hotmail by using a User ID ends with @messengeruser.com, e.g. xxx@messengeruser.com with any password. It will say that you cannot login. Click Apply Now on that page, you will be able to apply a @messengeruser.com Passport.