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  1. Anyone want to make a silent exe of this?
  2. Today a new forceware driver 1...51 will work better than the 96.46 driver: I have the same situation with my 7900 GT. It works untill I try something on the second monitor and then it scrambles. New driver today: http://downloads.guru3d.com/downloadget.ph...a9fa1a602a185c9 ForceWare Vista 100.51 (32-bit) Version: 100.51 Publisher: NVIDIA Date added: 2007-01-28 22:26:38 File Size: 29.8 MB OS Support: Windows Vista 32-bit License: FreeWare Downloads: 2128 downloads Software type: Videocards - NVIDIA ForceWare Vista ForceWare Vista 100.51 (32-bit) Software Description Windows Vista 32-bit We hav
  3. Or add WPI to a directory in the install.wim and thenn call it with %PROGRAMFILES%\WPI\WPI.EXE or something like that I like that idea, I've already run into the halt error, thanks will give it a go.
  4. I've made my Vista installation down to 662 megs and want to run wpi after install completes, anyone know how? Or should i ask this in WPI section?
  5. I want to run WPI 5.6 in my Vista installation, I've tried it and it loads but doesn't execute silent installer. Does anyone know if it's possible?
  6. Using Nlite or UCDC, or other, how can I disable unsigned driver warnings? during silent install of Vmware 6 beta running from wpi 5.6 Forget it, got it from elsewhere winnt.sif CODE[unattended]DriverSigningPolicy=Ignore There's also a reg "tweak" CODE[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Driver Signing] "Policy"=hex:00
  7. Windows Vista Rocks for security reasons, but i had to build a pc for about 2500 dollars that will run it good. Unlike XP, which any hacker can modify your files, Vista has file modification protection, even in Admin mode. Idea derived from Unix command SU. So if you want to keep letting hackers share your WIndows XP with you, including uploading your files, keep using XP. I remember when windows 95 was hated also, and we see now how dumb that was, as win 95 was the beginnig, but mosty Windows NT 3.51 was the new beginnings. Get with the new era of software design.
  8. Vista loads it's MS version of NVIDEA Geforce 7900GT/GTO WDDM Driver which, sends the monitor into green lines when anything is tried like spanning desktop to second monitor, or coming out of power save (disabled it now). I've tried the 96.33_forceware_winvista_x86_international & 96.85_forceware_winvista_x86_international_whql & they say no compatible hardware found, yet RC1 the driver worked. Any help would be nice and i also installed my chipset infs. MSI Neo Platinum motherboard 945.
  9. It is here for fast download: 800 megs Vista Deployment Tool
  10. Regarding using Autoplay, this is not from windows it's the boot screen.
  11. I agree, I love it. I'll keep looking into trying to get a setup like that.
  12. I know how to change the setup background but I was wondering how you can change the theme, like one Ive seen. I think its from longhorn, but not sure Here it is:
  13. Thanks,just installed my new 64 bit after getting network driver, will try it now.
  14. I've tried unsuccessfully to slipstream Service pack 2 beta into my 64 bit install. Nlite extracts to slipstream then at the end, error: update.exe not a valid win32. With Windows Unattended CD Creator, the same thing. So is it possible to slipstream it with any other methods?
  15. Me only want Vista 5472 theme, now now, I am telling you Actually, I've found great Windowblind themes for 5472 but none that are style xp.
  16. That's exactly what i did, I created a theme and made sure the wallpaper location from the theme was the same on the target install and, it worked perfect: I first integrated the new Vista Ultimate theme http://rapidshare.de/files/17686536/EHABFG...timate.cab.html and then ran a js to run the msstyle file, worked perfect, this is the result Screenshot
  17. I have Flakite install run once after win xp unattended install. I was wondering what switches i could use to make it silent and or more automated. This is my script
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