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  1. No, they got the Camel's hump under the tent with 10. They now know all about you and what is on your computer. So, they really don't care what you or anybody else thinks of their product. They have all this valuable data to sell and/or use to blackmail the user with.
  2. As to the ageing, I have told a granddaughter that we have raised that "Getting older is mandatory, but growing up is Optional.", and I live by that. Still enjoy my toys. I agree, if it is really better (by your apt definition), I will adopt it in a nano second. But, I think the current crop of interface designers has lost the ability to think it through. All they do, is GEE this COOL, but fail to see that in reality it is cool but USELESS. I am in fact still a fan of the command line, so I may be just a bit jaded in the fact that I expect things to be STRAIGHT to the point, not hidden away in some obscure place without words menu.
  3. JorgeA... did I hear a Penguin in the background?? I agree, it is a tool. Although becoming one that is hard to want to use. Saw some purported comments from MS' CEO that indicated that they are DEAD SET on continuing down the path. Now, off to play a bit of Devil's Advocate. I would venture to guess that most of us here have started to either see our hair color change or seen most of it go away. That being said, could it be that we are so set in our ways, that we can't conceive a different way of doing things? For myself, there is no better Word Processor than WordPerfect. But, I think that I finally figured out why I dislike MS Word (and those that copy it) so much. It is because I learned to type on a typewriter. I don't need a style sheet (that only works for X), I know what it is supposed to look like before I even start typing and get there with carriage returns and tabs (and some word processor goodies such as underline, bold, etc.). That is an example that I personally can relate. So is it that we, as the older set, just don't want to explore and or use a different method? Oh, and by the way, it isn't just Windows that this is happening to. I see it in Linux as well, just not to the same degree. At least there, if the Desktop is to annoying I can change to a totally different one with a few clicks. I should disclose, that my main OS has not been anything made by Microsoft for a few years now. I still use some of their older stuff, but primarily in virtual machines.
  4. Noel your roots are showing. VARX equals "work" (VARX == "work) rather than VARX set to "work" (VARX = "work"). :-) But, I agree with you it does to appear of been redefined while we were not looking. Now, I may be just old school or anally retentive but I hate any software that tries to think for me. You know the type, it says OH, I know what you are doing so here I will help you out (NOT!!!). Those features have cost me hours of productivity in many of the newer software packages. Of course, it could also be that I am non-conformist, or the round peg in the square hole.
  5. WE ARE MICROSOFT, YOU WILL ASSIMILATE, RESISTANCE IS FUTILE!!! Well, it looks like they are really, really, really bent on total destruction. Check out the following: "Microsoft Replaces Command Prompt with PowerShell in Latest Windows 10 Build" http://news.softpedia.com/news/microsoft-replaces-command-prompt-with-powershell-in-latest-windows-10-build-510328.shtml Have never used powershell, so can't make comparison, but is certainly a slap in the face for those that like CMD. Sure am glad I only use OLD versions of their stuff and then only on limited terms and time.
  6. Back when UEFI was being announced, I stated verbally to friends and associates that it was going to be taking us to this: 1.) You will only be able to run our OS (Microsoft). 2.) You will only be able to run our software (Microsoft) or software approved by us (Microsoft), which now appears to be the "App Store". It is beginning to look like I had it pegged. This is not a good development. Advancement will slow to a crawl or even move in reverse. It is probably to late for Microsoft to recover, but time will tell. I'm so glad that I am watching from the outside, as I've stated before my main OS is the Penguin these days. Now, some food for thought. Out of the whole populace of the world, just how many really need a computer? I say, not many. But, those that do, need to truly have 100% control over their systems and that is going away on all OS fronts. Some are more controllable than others, but overall we are losing the ability to have 100% control.
  7. Just a side note, this new (which is not always better) software, is quite unholy! Noel, I think you nailed it!!! One cannot play with the Devil and not get their hands burnt. The following was found on pcworld.com: All this means that the process of locking in customers to the Microsoft platform might be taking longer than expected. To date, investors haven't minded, generally cheering Nadella’s leadership and sending the company’s stock up to near its all-time high in 1999. But given Microsoft's lower earnings and revenue—and downward guidance in key business units—it’s possible Microsoft may come under greater pressure to make its Windows 10 vision a reality. That’s not necessarily great news for consumers. End of quote. The entire article is a decent read and in between the lines one sees the AARD code mentioned above. Sure am glad I am not on this train, my decision a few years ago is looking better all the time. However, one is not safe from the lunacy there either.
  8. NoelC, Short answer, A and B. In my opinion, and it is just that, my opinion, XP was a step down and everything newer than that is somewhat worthless, with the newest stuff being pure garbage. Now, I came into the GUI world kicking and screaming, so I may be just a tiny bit Jaded. My argument back then, was that we finally have enough horse power to do some real computing, but NO we are supposed to put this slug onto our hardware and continue to SLOW. I equated it to going out and buying the Triple Crown winner and taking him home and hooking him up to a plow. Now, that could be some of the reason I have gotten on so well with the Penguin. You can do as little or as much as you want from the command line. But, the bottom line is this: Whatever you use for an OS, that is all it is, an OS. And, if it works for you and you like it, then by all means use it. With Micro$oft's latest, I can't imagine anyone accepting their taking of your personal information and DATA, but then I guess if all you use a computer for is to read your email and surf the Web, then you might figure it doesn't matter. But, anyone that generates any data at all, could not sleep at night knowing that you no longer have control over that data.
  9. If you only load programs from the Distro's Repository you shouldn't have any dependancy issues. Now, you may be having some hardware issues, which for new hardware is still sometimes an issue, then I understand. Might want to try a different distro if there are to many issues. Once, you get the hardware working, it will probably be very stable and easy to use. @Noel: You nailed it on the head. The Trust Factor is LONG GONE. And, for what it is worth, I never trusted updates, from day one. So, we must get our headware from the same source.
  10. Bit OT, but carries with theme of a lot of the discussion. It isn't just Microsoft, the Linux community seems to be losing its way as well. I had reason to NEED Adobe Acrobat Reader 9 and found a version for Linux from the good folks at Adobe. Talk about an ill behaved program, it totally took over ALL PDF activity and did not respect browser settings. That to me is really BAD MANNERS. It does appear that it uninstalled in entirety. But, I still wonder with its behavior. The flat interfaces has also shown up many of the desktops. The good thing about the penguin is that it is a piece of cake to install a different desktop. The kids/youth are now making the decisions and a large number of them are not good. I can't understand why they have failed to learn from history, they are he!! bent on repeating the same mistakes that were made in the past. I'll return you to your normally scheduled programming now.
  11. Run 2K almost daily in a VM, main machine dual boots 2K and a version of the Penguin. I would say this section is quieter for a couple of reasons. 1.) 2K was and still is a good OS. 2.) The good folks at MS didn't pitch this OS to the masses. If they had, XP probably would of been a flop. :-) But, then again, the timing of the release of 2K there were some hardware issues that could have backlashed on them with the masses.
  12. noelc said: "I found something on the Win 7 system where the "Windows Activation Validation Task" has to run every few months. I allowed it through the firewall so hopefully the next run on December 14 will just succeed. I assume something like that if not allowed to run will just kill the activation." I wouldn't put it past them to do just such a thing. I was going to say that I had a 7 instillation that had never seen the internet and that it had continued to run. Then I remembered it is a Dell Laptop, that has the Bios authorization, so not a good reference point. Do keep us posted, as I have often wondered if they might do something like this. Or, even more neferarious (sp?), release something into the wild that kills evrything of theirs that requires activation, that is older than X. The Penguin waddles off stage. :-)
  13. It has been a while since I've said/posted anything. Since I really don't have a horse in the race, (The Penguin has become the primary) thought probably better to just watch from the sidelines. But, the Microsoft TV ads, here in America, anyway, use children and show absolutely no hint of inovation. This has caused me to have a question. Are they using children because.... 1.) it is an OS for children? or 2.) it is a childish OS? I've been stumped about this now for a while.
  14. I may be wrong, but I can not imagine the corporate world, accepting this massive intrusion into their way of dealing with tech. It may turn out that the year of the Linux Desktop actually happens. I do recall something in this thread stating that corporate was being cut a little slack in the forced update timing. But, they were still required to update. I agree, it looks like a mighty big train wreck is coming. Sure am glad that I am on the outside looking in. Probably a good time to short msft stock. This will not end well for them.
  15. Is it possible that all this wailing and nashing of teeth, is the result of: Most all software and operating systems matured in the last 10 to 15 years. Leaving no place for major improvements or reasons for going there? Taking the automobile analogy, all they are doing is changing the look of the fenders and slope of the windows. How many people actually NEED 64 bit capabilities? There are a FEW that really need it, but the vast majority don't even come close to using up their 32 bit availability. I do understand there is something to bragging rights, you know the cool factor of I have 16 cores and 128 gigabytes of Ram, you kind of like having a Lamborgini (sp??) or a Ferarri (sp??). Just some thoughts.

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