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  1. There is a Tool around, named BOOTICE you can create a FAT Windows 98 Partition Record under/within XP. BTW: Will need a free Account at Bootland to download this small Tool. http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?...mode=linearplus
  2. Back in 1969 ... Really Hard To Find Songs#4 : Spirit of John Morgan- Orpheus http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NBYuACxA3WU *monkeyproof*
  3. Hi, Install not from the 98SE CD is not possilble? You can create a FAT32 Partition with FDISK (or similair). And make under XP a MS-DOS Floppy Boot Diskette and copy the Data in the Partition (if necessary?). cheers EDIT: Maybe useful ... http://www.ptdd.com/createpartition.htm Super Fdisk (EASEUS) http://www.ptdd.com/manual2.htm Super Fdisk is the free DOS Partition Manager. With Super Fdisk you can quickly and easily create, delete, format partitions in DOS system. Super Fdisk Bootable CD Super Fdisk Bootable CD is a free ISO version of Super Fdisk, which has the same functions as Super Fdisk. You can burn it into CD/DVD to guide the boot of system. This Super Fdisk Bootable CD is used for booting to repartition hard drive. Cute Partition Manager http://www.cutepm.com/screens.htm is an advanced hard disk partition management utility. Using Cute Partition Manager, you can easily add, edit, delete and manage the partitions in your computer. Free product support is available at http://www.cutepm.com OSL2000 Boot Manager http://www.osloader.com/features.htm http://www.osloader.com/screens.htm
  4. I'm still "in love" with WHS SP2 (Windows Home Server 2003) - and essential for me: it's a "no-bloat-ware-OS" (installs ca. 1,8 GB) - with (nLite) tuning potential. BTW: Windows Home Server with Power Pack 1 Evaluation http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;DisplayLang=en
  5. Tito Rodriguez - Cara De Payaso (1960) (so sunny)
  6. And now 3 ^^ ... build with the online configurator... and buy the assembled One.
  7. Hi, maybe with this small Tool... WinBubbles Lite 2009 Access Windows 7 (and Vista) Customizations easily http://freewareforus.com/2009/05/winbubble...-windows-7.html cheers
  8. Gizmo Central (Drive) http://arainia.com/software/gizmo can also mount VHD Images ... http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?s=&amp...st&p=856454 cheers
  9. Hi, here some kind of a "Jack of all Trades Device" freeware for experienced Windows Users ... cheers
  10. Hello. warum installierst Du W7 nicht von der Festplatte unter XP? - thats simple. Unpack with 7-ZIP and klick auf die SETUP.EXE. bye
  11. The Method of HD-based install under XP that i use ... +) Keep a NTFS-Partition ca. 10 GB free +) Unpack (keep the folderstructure) the Win7 ISO (e.g. with 7-zip) in a folder you like (e.g. MYWIN7) - and klick the setup.exe +) Select the Partition +) Good Luck ^^ salü
  12. Thank You, I dont't want the white Part - but that's a beginning - without the (XP) Classic Menu and the Taskbars (Toolbars) I'm "naked". ;-/ About the WMP.REG: hm, I will take a Look... BTW: Oh Yes! XP... the space- & use-friendly Classic Menu + (Autohide) Toolbars on the Desktop Sides - like it so. B) _________ cheers
  13. Hello there, Two tweaky Questions (it's englisch?) 1) Do You know a Way to customize the W7 Startmenu to a smaller 1 Pane View? _________ 2) Is there an Option to add Entries or Button Menues to the right (black) Start-Menu-Side? bye, so far
  14. Maybe You can use this Bootmanager (Private = Free) http://www.boot-us.de/download.htm salü Wolfgang e-t-c
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