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  1. The File-Checker (HFSLIPFC) for HFSLIP

    Sorry Mimo, everything is ok. This was my fault. Regards Stephan
  2. The File-Checker (HFSLIPFC) for HFSLIP

    Hello Mimo, I'm getting this message although only WindowsXP-KB2564958-X86-DEU.exe is present: obsolete: HF\Windows-de-DE-KB2564958.exe (MS11-075: Active Accessibility, replaced by WindowsXP-KB2564958-X86-DEU.exe) Regards Stephan

    Hello Parseus, I'm using DX=9 standard but with 2010/05/17 I'm getting this errors: wrong (O): HF\directx_9c_redist.exe (DirectX 9.0c (standard), it's for DX9) obsolete: HFSVCPACK_SW1\Windows2000-DirectX9-KB975560-x86-DEU.exe (MS10-013: Quartz for DX9, DO NOT MIX) missing (S): HF\Windows2000-KB975560-x86-DEU.exe (MS10-013: Quartz) Also I tried to set R|HFCABS\_IE6_HFSLIP.CAB|remains from IE6 slipstreaming in HFSLIP, you can delete it R|HFCABS\_IE6b_HFSLIP.CAB|remians from IE6 slipstreaming in HFSLIP, you can delete it R|HFCABS\_OE6_HFSLIP.CAB|remians from IE6 slipstreaming in HFSLIP, you can delete it to the ignore list but this doesn't work. Other entries in the list are working. Regards Stephan

    This is the link that I found for KB955759: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?displaylang=en&FamilyID=452cbdfe-6180-47b9-a386-151878f0f4a9

    Thats great. Maybe you can add wmp6cdcs.exe also.

    Hello Parseus, I configured HFSLIPFC-2K to use Mediaplayer 9 updates but after installing Windows Update wants to install Mediaplayer 6 updates also. These are the updates: WindowsMedia6-KB925398-v2-x86-DEU.exe WindowsMedia64-KB954600-x86-DEU.exe WindowsMedia64-KB974112-x86-DEU.exe Regards Stephan

    Windows2000-KB977816-x86-DEU.EXE is called Windows2000-WindowsMedia-KB977816-x86-DEU.exe windows-kb890830-v3.6.exe still missing windows-kb890830-v3.5.exe obsolete WindowsRightsManagementServices not fixed you need the code from hfslipfc.cmd "Getting lang2 and ln979099 from lang" To my knowlegde this rootupd.exe is the lastest working with w2k: http://www.download.windowsupdate.com/msdownload/update/v3-19990518/cabpool/rootsupd_fe44934fd80dd11fec2f0f9b24431658a4f6d589.exe found at http://users.telenet.be/tc76/winup/_win2k.html This update is also at the list of http://www.vorck.com/windows/hotfixes_2000.html Windows2000-KB924667-x86-ENU.EXE

    There is a version 2 of KB911280: Windows2000-KB911280-v2-x86-DEU.EXE There is a version 2 of KB961371: Windows2000-KB961371-V2-x86-DEU.EXE OE6.0sp1-KB973354-Windows2000-x86-ENU.exe missing repaces OE6.0sp1-KB951066-Windows2000-x86-ENU.exe There are these two entries: R|HF\Windows2000-KB941644-x86-!lang!.EXE|MS08-001: TCP/IP, replaced by KB953230 R|HF\Windows2000-KB945553-x86-!lang!.EXE|MS08-020: DNS Client, replaced by KB953230 but no KB953230

    There are no language versions of WindowsMedia9-KB891122-x86-Global-ENU.exe windows-kb890830-v3.6.exe missing

    Hello Parseus, thank you for the script. This is what I found: - There is a version 2 of KB975002: Windows2000-WindowsMedia-KB975025-v2-x86-DEU.exe - WindowsRightsManagementServices has a strange language naming. For German:WindowsRightsManagementServicesSP2-KB917275-Client-GER-x86.exe This is already solved in the original hfslipfc.cmd - Old versions of kb890830 are not included. Found in hfslipfc.cmd R|HF\windows-kb890830-v3.0.exe|Malicious Software Removal Tool v3.0, replaced by v3.1 R|HF\windows-kb890830-v3.1.exe|Malicious Software Removal Tool v3.1, replaced by v3.2 R|HF\windows-kb890830-v3.2.exe|Malicious Software Removal Tool v3.2, replaced bei v3.3 R|HF\windows-kb890830-v3.3.exe|Malicious Software Removal Tool v3.3, replaced bei v3.4 R|HF\windows-kb890830-v3.4.exe|Malicious Software Removal Tool v3.4, replaced bei v3.5 - IE install file HFCABS\SCRIPTGER.CAB is called SCRIPTDE.CAB in German Regards Stephan
  11. The File-Checker (HFSLIPFC) for HFSLIP

    Hello, file naming of KB979099 is also different in German: WindowsRightsManagementServicesSP2-KB979099-Client-x86-GER.exe
  12. The File-Checker (HFSLIPFC) for HFSLIP

    I read the descriptions of KB971314 and KB961118. I think they solve the same problem but KB971314 is the newer one. Is it realy possible to install this patch before DOTNET because I think it solves a problem that occurs after installing DOTNET? Regards Stephan
  13. The File-Checker (HFSLIPFC) for HFSLIP

    Why is WindowsRightsManagementServicesSP2-KB917275-Client-ENU-x86.exe on the list? I think it is for SP2. Regards Stephan
  14. The File-Checker (HFSLIPFC) for HFSLIP

    Hello, till now I'm using this patches: WindowsXP-KB954920-v2-x86-DEU.exe WindowsXP-KB957579-x86-DEU.exe KB957579 replaces KB951748 and KB956803. Are these patches usefull? Regards Stephan
  15. Replacement for xcopy

    Hello, thank you all for your replies but there is no answer for my question :-) Because of my limited english I will try to explain it again. I'm using hfslip. hfslip uses xcopy.exe. I want to use junctions. xcopy of Windows XP does not support junctions. I'm working on a script where I can select between XP Home, XP Pro, IE7 and IE8 and I want to maintain only on HF folder. Thats why I want to use junctions for the SOURCE folder. To use junctions without changing hfslip I would need a version of xcopy.exe that supports junktions. Does anyone know a version of xcopy that works on Windows XP and supports junctions? Xcopy.exe of ReactOS supports junctions but does not support command line options this way: xcopy.exe /DE It works with xcopy.exe /D /E I sent an email to the maintainer (http://www.reactos.org/wiki/Daniel_Reimer) about this but didn't get an answer till now. Is there any interest in a patch to seperate the command line options? I would do this. Regards Stephan