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  1. Please,if anyone can help me in case appeared on the pic. below. Point is..how to delete "Entertanment" and "Cmmunications" folders(bouth of them are empty)coz I tweaked my unattended ver. of XP. Everything is Ok,but when installation is completed..these two folders resides in Start/Accessories. Is there any reg tweak ,or something where I can apply forever to disable(or delete) these two unused folders. TNXinAdvance.
  2. HI..ppl What is the registry string for set Power Scheme to "Never" and "Always On".
  3. TNXaLOT! Although I was explored syssetup.dll,I didn`t noticed any string familiar with startup execution information,I mentioned here..I`m blind man,obviously:)
  4. Please,if anyone know where is located *.dll (and how its names)to modify WinXPPro Setup screen. Stuff like: Collection information Dynamic Update Preparing installation Installing Windows Finalizing installation ..I found in winntbbu.dll. But stuff like: "Setup will complete in approximately:xx minutes" I cant find in any *.dll cab in i386 folder.. TNX in advance
  5. Hi to allUppl! I use nLite to make "Unattedned" version of XP/Pro/SP2.On the nLite/Task Selection/I manage _switch on_ all tabs,excluding "Drivers" tab.After all procedure I make boot CD.When I install WindowsXP my "Start" manu is so long(in height),as ahown on the picture.. My question is..what`s wrong I do,that its happens? TNX Cheers!

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