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  1. For a free, flexible shell extension with cascaded menus you should try Fast Explorer 2006. It basically consist of a DLL and a menu ini file. Concerning FFDShow: ffdshow-tryouts hosts the latest builds. They use InnoSetup 5.1.x which unpacks fine with InnoUnp 0.19
  2. You might want to try my "Universal Silent Switch Finder"
  3. Yes, DirectX 9.0c is included in the Service Pack 2.
  4. It's at http://www.k-litecodecpack.com -> Info -> Tips & Tricks Where else?
  5. Are you sure the file protection error is caused by the codec pack? The only components that I could imagine to conflict with windows would be the WMV and Intel codecs. Maybe the latest beta fixes it for you.
  6. From the readme: Q839643 is included in 9c and can't be applied anyway.
  7. As I mentioned in the switches forum: dxsetup.exe /silent works.
  8. No need to wait or hexedit. Just use dxsetup.exe /silent
  9. With "map" I think he means "stream" ? Get AutoIt3 and compile the script. Or run it with Autoit.exe scriptname.au3
  10. Just change Start %systemdrive%\Install\Winamp\winamp.js into wscript %systemdrive%\Install\Winamp\winamp.js and you shouldn't have any problems.
  11. You might also find this thread interesting. It's about rebuilding the installer itself so it doesn't launch spywareblaster after installation.
  12. It's a Nullsoft installer. Use /S BTW this actually belongs in the Application Switches forum.
  13. Put this in your batch: CloneDVDSilent.exe SetupCloneDVD2.exe First the name of the script executable than the name of the CloneDVD setup executable. The second exe name is a command line parameter for the script.
  14. Hmm RTFM? unattended.msfn.org
  15. Get the precompiled scripts here.
  16. For dBpowerAMP: dmc-r10.exe ^<Silent^> < and > are redirection commands in batch files so you have to put an escape character before them. Capital S is important. You'll have to taskkill the next window.
  17. DivX 5.2 is out! The pro version doesn't contain spyware anymore and has trial period of 6 month (should be more than enough). BTW it's a Nullsoft Installer so the switch is /S
  18. Remember to set the date in the search form to "any date". There are a couple of threads. Thread1 Thread2
  19. Any particular reason why you're using 2.1? Spy Sweeper 3.0 has an Inno Setup installer. ssfsetup.exe /VERYSILENT
  20. AFAIK the Overnet installer (not Overnet itself) downloads the spyware during installation. So just make sure there's no open internet connection. This is definitely the case with the eDonkey betas. One more reason to use eMule
  21. To add PEiD to your context menu for exe files use this: [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\exefile\shell\Identify with PEiD\command] @="\"C:\\Program Files\\PEiD\\PEiD.exe\" -hard \"%1\"" PEiD Command line Options -------------------- peid -time // Show statistic before quitting peid -r // Recurse through subdirectories peid -nr // Dont scan subdirectories even if its set peid -hard // Scan files in Hardcore Mode peid -deep // Scan files in Deep Mode peid -norm // Scan files in Normal Mode peid -ext // Scan files with external signatures only peid <file1> <file2> <dir1> <dir2> You can combine one or more of the parameters. For example. peid -hard -time -r c:\windows\system32 peid -time -deep c:\windows\system32\*.dll
  22. There is a new build of PEiD (rename the exe to Helper.bin). But no new installers are being identified as far as I know. Selfextracting CABs could be added to the identification strings. Anyway here's the AutoIt source (behold the sophisticated code ) : USSF.au3
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