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  1. IIS

    Hi! Im using my unattended Windows XP, with all tue updates. Now i want to install the IIS Services but i get an error like this "One or more files could not be copied....". When i try to install the IIS it ask me for a file called infocomm.dl_, so I take it from the original CD. I tried installing it on a normal XP and it worked. Does anyone know what the hell is happening? I dont know if this has been posted before but it is not possible to search IIS (less than 4 letters). I suppose there is something missing when i installed my unattended but what could it be? In winnt.sif i only avoid installing some games, msmsgs, msnexplorer and the indexing service. Any idea?
  2. AviSynth Unattended

    Little big mistake, you are right Alanoll. Thnx!
  3. AviSynth Unattended

    Ops sorry for posting in the wrong place. Yeap, it seems a nullsoft installer but it does not respond to any argument, ive tried /s, /silent and /verysilent. The version im using is 2.5.5Beta, here is the link: http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/avisynt...04.exe?download Thnx
  4. AviSynth Unattended

    Hi! Does anyone know this frameserver? It is not a codec, it is not an app, it is needed when you want to edit your videos. Personally i encode with XviD which i install unattended, but i dont know how to install Avisynh. If anyone could help Thnx to everyone
  5. TCP/IP Config, how?

    Thx, Alanoll, ill try it.
  6. TCP/IP Config, how?

    anyone? plz
  7. TCP/IP Config, how?

    [NetAdapters] Adapter01=params.Adapter01 [Params.Adapter01] INFID="PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1229&SUBSYS_10C0103C&REV_02\3&61aaa01&0&58" [params.MS_TCPIP] AdapterSections= params.MS_TCPIP.Adapter01 [params.MS_TCPIP.Adapter01] SpecificTo=Adapter01 DefaultGateway= DNSServerSearchOrder=, DHCP=No IPAddress= SubNetMask= was my last try and it failed Maybe the INFID is wrong, i got it from setuplog.txt (from a previous installation). I searched for my network adapter and found that: 05/12/2004 19:19:35,d:\xpsp1\base\ntsetup\syssetup\syspnp.c,2908,,SETUP: Index = 26, [b]DeviceId = PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1229&SUBSYS_10C0103C&REV_02\3&61aaa01&0&58[/b]05/12/2004 19:19:35,d:\xpsp1\base\ntsetup\syssetup\syspnp.c,2929,BEGIN_SECTION,05/12/2004 19:19:35,d:\xpsp1\base\ntsetup\syssetup\syspnp.c,2986,,SETUP: Device was NOT installed via answer file driver05/12/2004 19:19:35,d:\xpsp1\base\ntsetup\syssetup\syspnp.c,3124,,SETUP: DriverType = 205/12/2004 19:19:35,d:\xpsp1\base\ntsetup\syssetup\syspnp.c,3125,,SETUP: Description = [b]NetServer 10/100TX PCI LAN Adapter[/b]Is that the ID? (i supposed so viewing the examples in ref.chm) Thnx Glowy
  8. HI! That's my problem, ive been trying to configure the TCP/IP protocol (IP address, default gateway, DNS addresses and subnet mask)for my network adapter but i couldn't Ive been "playing" with the winnt.sif guided by the ref.chm, and also using some .reg files. But always the protocol is configured automatically. How can I do that, im not pretty sure if the lines i added to winnt.sif are correct, could anyone post an example? Thnx!
  9. Little graphic request <:)

    Good one Shun Di! Sorry for being disapeared these days, dont have many spare time. Thanx to everyone for your tries, now which one should i use? thnx for making it hard
  10. Little graphic request <:)

    Mmmm.... i realize what you say, and i suppose the word "windows" can be ommited, the logo says everything. So it could be easy to put XP Ultra OEM If not, tell me and ill search another font or take the first try (good one) "MontySoft" could be 90º rotated and with this font: http://www.fontparadise.com/download.asp?id=1489 Thnx Datalore, ill promise not to bother any more
  11. Little graphic request <:)

    I love you guys! Really good jobs, honestly i subestimated your creativity. Ive just found a font i would like to use .Is is possible to use it? Maybe changing the size, bigger on "XP Ultra", just as Datalore did. Thnx a lot for your time Datalore and Tinker. The font i found is from www.fontparadise.com, take a look im sure you'll find something you like. Where is the attachment dialog? Can't I attach a file? Nevermind, here is the link: http://www.fontparadise.com/download.asp?id=2695 P.S. 3D text was just an idea, doesn't matter if it is plain text.
  12. Hi ppl! I would like somebody to create an image for one of my works. It is a customized windows CD, i've called it Windows XP Ultra, so the image should have the title "Windows XP Ultra version OEM" and in a corner or something "MontySoft", i would like a 3D font. About colors, red, black... As you see i dont have many preferences or concrete ideas, so here is when your art works I would be very pleased if you help me, just a quick work. Thanks in advance! P.S. The image is for a winrar executable, so the size have to be: heigh=302, weight=93, nevermind if the words are rotated
  13. Im having a little problem :S If I visit windowsupdate.com i do not need to install anything on my PC, but the automatic update program is telling me i need 17 updates! 821557 823559 817606 811493 815021 329441 814033 329834 323255 329048 329390 329115 811630 329170 810565 810833 810577 Are they supposed to be included into another updates? Should i trust on the web or in the windowsupdate? plz help
  14. Hi pple! Fistly i must thank hysel for the code he posted a couple days ago, it was my inspiration I made my own with some more features (not too much): create a bit customized winnt.sif, create the ISO and burn it So the batch is supposed to create a winnt.sif with personal name, organization, PCname and favourites list (XP serial too of course). Then it creates a users.cmd file with the customized users (here the main work is from hysel) and finally it creates an ISO and burn it. To get the file working correctly the batch has to be placed on C, you need a folder called "Files" with CDImage.exe and cdburn.exe. INSIDE the folder you need another folder called "CD" with your Unattended CD files. This is important: you have to get the users.cmd configured in your own unattended CD, running when you want, but remember to call the file Winnt.sif is copied to BOOT folder (with the structure folder above) and users.cmd is copied to c:\files\CD\$OEM$\$1\PostInstall\ Ive almost done my completed unattended CD, so i created one with only the hotfixes for my friends and family. This batch is made to get an easy way to personalize their CDs It is not as good as XPCreator or XPInstall but I did what i can and my time allows. Ive just translate the file, but if anyone wants an spanish version i can post it too Please check my translation, i hope it wont make the file fails. Here is the code: Any upgrades;) comments, productive critizism are wellcome. It is not a perfect script but im learning batch files with your codes and some little guides.