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  1. Hi,

    first of all I'd like to thank Wraith for such a versatile utility! But I seem to have some (beginner?) troubles with it.

    I've configuredmy include-Items.xml (see the attachment), and my include-StdConfig.xml (also attached).

    There are 2 main possibilities I think, that may be causing all this:

    1) I've included variables, but also variables that use variables. I don't know if this is causing the problems.

    2) I was trying to use an include-Items.xml (I know I can rename it...) WITH the 'configs' entry in the 'item' tag, while I was using GFXinstall. But when I retried with SelectInstall, it didn't work neither!

    So here are my .xml files you need to find my problem. (no registration information is included)

    Thanks in advance!




  2. The easiest, without-a-hitch method:

    1) Turn off your PC.

    2) Connect both monitors.

    3) Boot your PC. You'll see they're in mirroring modus.

    4) After you're logged in, right-click your desktop and click properties > settings.

    5) Select the second display and check 'Extend desktop to this monitor.'.

    That's it. ;)

  3. @Wraith: woot... so many concurrent connections! :o For what is that pc being used?

    And your todo list is interesting... both how you did it and the content of it. Is that all for XPlode 5? I suppose not? :P

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