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  1. Hm.... After reading your quite complete overview of what's wrong and the process you've gone through, I think the only conclusion can be (especially considering the error "...have been replaced by unrecognised version...") that nLite slipstreams the newer drivers, replacing the original, older ones. The easiest way to prevent that, is using the OemPnPDriversPath method for your drivers. That way Windows won't complain - 100% sure.

    Check the sticky, section #2.

  2. LOL

    I ran the exe

    went into windows hardware.

    clicked update drivers

    linked to drivers

    it said they were unsigned and came with the usual confirm screen

    I installed them

    I used task manager to close the exe.

    What is the correct order?

    Cheers again for the help :D

    Odd... Could you please tell me WHICH WatchDriverSigningPolicy.exe you're using? (Where did you get it?)

  3. ok i tried to copy my drivers to my xp disc but instead of installing drivers it copied the actuel folder to my hardrive with the drivers in,this is my folder set up i created a folder called $oem$ then inside that i put the folders $1,$$,$progs,$docs,inside the $1 folder i have a folder called install and one for drivers,and inside the$$ folder i have a folder called system 32,now what it actuly did is install the folders( install and drivers) to my c drive.

    i setup the folders as it says here ref or at least i thought i had were have i gone wrong :huh:

    ok and just for reference here is a copy of my winnt.sif file


    That is EXACTLY what it's supposed to do. The question is: did you enter your OemPnPDriversPath correctly? Do you actually HAVE the folders you referenced there?

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