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  1. Extended Kernel for XP (ExtendedXP)

    A pity that this only works with IE8 installed.
  2. Windows 7 Uptime

    The CPU time shows the sum of process times of all CPU cores. So, if you add up the CPU time of all processes shown in Task manager and divide that by 4 (in your case) you'll get your uptime.
  3. Prevent the creation of new folders

    Don't create them?
  4. Anyone still planning to use XP?

    I suppose many (if not most) of the Windows 7/8/8.1 percentages are from users who bought a new PC and didn't really have a choice but to use one of these newer OSs. I wonder what the statistic would look like if those people would have had XP as a choice.
  5. How do you configure your Windows XP for security?

    Hm, let's see - This is what I do: - Windows XP SP3 (patched up to December 2008) - Kerio Personal Firewall 2.15 (from 2003) - Administrator account with a 6 character password - None of the stuff you mentioned above except the Firewall In 15 years I only caught a virus once (back in 2003 with Windows 2000). This was quickly solved by restoring the OS from a Ghost image, takes only 2 minutes. I sometimes run virus and spyware scanners manually but they never turn up anything...
  6. Simple question about Nlite

    Your friend would most likely also be upset if you borrowed his car and drove it past 30 miles/hour. That would certainly destroy the cars engine.
  7. Processor management in 2000

    This will change Windows 2000's HAL to use the PMTimer instead of the ACPI timer. It might drop the CPU by a bit, but nowhere near as far as the other apps will. Using the PMTimer will lessen the load on a machine with an ACPI timer issue, but this is more relevant on AMD chips than Intel chips, and will do little on Intel chips (this makes a huge difference on AMD processors). I suppose you're right. I only applied this fix a long time ago on an old computer with VIA K8T800Pro and an Athlon 4000+ which worked fine.
  8. Processor management in 2000

    This should fix it: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\HAL] "14140000FFFFFFFF"=dword:00000010 Info: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/919521
  9. mager problems with xp freez up (HELP IM CLUELESS)

    Your best bet is to just restore/re-install Windows. Just save your relevant data to an external drive first.
  10. Windows XP sp 3 boot screen conflicts

    How exactly do you change the boot screen? With a modified ntoskrnl.exe?
  11. System tray obscures pop-up descriptions

    I have been running XP with SP3 for a few days now and at first it seemed that pop-up issue was resolved by Sp3. However, today the tooltips started hiding again... Well, back to my old trusted tool, I guess.
  12. What are all these processes?

    Wow, after seeing that I had to post the processes tab on my computer after startup: Processes
  13. System tray obscures pop-up descriptions

    It would seem that it was fixed in SP3. I have not tried SP3 myself.
  14. Renaming /WINDOWS folder & subfolders

    I believe he was referring to an existing installation. I know that the directory name can be changed before the installation.