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  1. Why does the Business Contact Manager fail? Please tell me this is not a malware problem? I am trying to use Outlook 2007 Professional with Business Contact Manager. I have two small .pst files that I use in Outlook. One is 240 MB and the other is 1,400 MB. Before I add a Business Contact Manager database the two .pst files work fine together. (And I have had a .pst file in the past that was 1,900 MB and worked fine). And if I remove either of the .pst files and then add an empty BCM database everything seems to work OK. However, if I have both .pst files active and then try to add a new
  2. I have Office Professional 2007 (which includes Outlook 2007 with Business Contact Manager) installed on my laptop. And I have Office Professional Plus 2007 (which does NOT include the BCM in Outlook 2007) installed on my desktop. Is there a way for me to de-activate BCM on my laptop and install it on my desktop instead (not looking for a illegal solution but a totally legit solution)?
  3. I am building a new machine. I was using Outlook 2003 on the old machine. I am using Outlook 2007 on the new machine. I have imported all the folders (and content) from my .pst file. I have imported all the rules (although I somehow ended up with errors in all the rules, but at least they are there). However, I cannot figure out how to migrate all my email pop account set-ups. I have about two dozen accounts and do not want to have to re-enter all the account set-up data. I am positive that I am not the first person to need to do this. Yet, I cannot find any native-to-Outlook process or
  4. OK. Called Microsoft. They had me delete the AddIns entries from my Registry. All is good. Thanks.
  5. Why is Outlook 2007 running out of memory? I am using a Thinkpad T60P laptop with 2GB of memory and 120GB harddrive. (Harddrive has about 60GB free). I am running WinXP with SP3. Whenever I attempt to start Outlook I get an error message that pops up that tells me that I am "...out of memory or system resources". I cannot expand my folders, I cannot move folders. I basically cannot do anything or I get an out of memory error. Outlook is the only application listed as running on the Application tab in the Task Manager. I have two .pst files: one is 1,009K and the other is 324,937K whi
  6. Wow, after seeing that I had to post the processes tab on my computer after startup: Processes You are killing me.
  7. Thanks. This is very helpful. I think that SQLServer is running because I am using the BusinessContactManager in Outlook 2007 (which is actually the whole reason I am trying to get this laptop working).
  8. Thanks for your reply. I should have been more precise with my wording. I did realize that I probably could turn off a bunch of stuff. My real issue is I don't know what stuff I need and what stuff I do not need. I already have a tool that shows me what starts when I turn my machine on, but may look at AutoRuns anyway as it does look impressive. However, it still does me no good if I do not know what to turn off and what to allow to keep running. So, re-worded = What processes do I need to keep running and which processes I can disable. Or how can I tell, what processes need to keep run
  9. On my laptop (Thinkpad T60P with 2gb of memory), when I tried to move some folders around inside Outlook 2007 I got an error that said there was not enough memory to complete the action (the action was moving a folder with relatively few notes in it)? So, I looked at running processes and there seemed to be more than I am used to seeing. So, I closed all the active applications and re-checked. At this point, the application tab shows zero applications running. But the Processes tab shows 78 running processes and a bunch of these are using 8K or memory. What are all these things? My desk
  10. So, I use this ModifyPE program in the file before I create the ISO image with nLite? If so, where do I look for the file that nLite is using to make the ISO?
  11. OK. I gave up on trying to customize my bootable XP disc (see http://www.msfn.org/board/nLite-for-Dummie...l&p=792623) as I am just not smart enough to figure out all the options and there is no documentation. So, I created a very basic XP with the integrated SP3 and burned the image. Started my install. Would not let me install XP onto my SATA hard drive. OK. No problem, I will just use my PATA HD for XP instead (and rearrange how I was going to divide up the drives). Got to 44% done and got an error message that says, "Setup cannot copy the file: winntbbu.dll" How do I resolve this
  12. This was helpful. Thanks. Unfortunately, the author does not explain the why behind his selections and he does not cover all the bases. So, I am still looking for an explanation of what all the features/options do. nLite seems like such a great tool. It is just a shame that there is no explanation of what most of the options actually do. Hope this helps! http://wiki.eeeuser.com/howto:nlitexp
  13. Let me try again. 1. I am planning to get rid of Vista. (Will research the tools suggested, but this is not the hard part for me). 2. I would like to load XP once I have gotten rid of Vista. 3. I cannot load XP because I do not have a bootable disc. 4. I have a separate computer that I can use to create a bootable XP disc with nLite. 5. I do not understand what all the options listed in the Unattended section of nLite do/control. 6. I am looking for some documentation of that section (preferably some that is written with the novice user in mind rather than somebody that builds bootable discs
  14. Not sure what DODWipe or DHDW are, but can you point me to documentation of the Unattended section of nLite so that I can finish creating the install disc for XP?
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