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  1. thanks guys. I'll look at the link you gave and see if i can figure out what you are talking about ( sorry computer illiterate ) i was really hoping there was a folder some where in windows that held all the downloaded files i could just copy to disk. use the RyanVM Integrator to bring your install CD up-to-date this sounds like a great idea, i just have to figure it out first. to help prevent this problem next time; how do i catch the incoming auto updates so i can save them before they install. most of the time i don't even notice its happening until it tells me i need to restart for it to take effect ( like it just did ) and the other ones that don't require restart ???...well I'm just clueless about them ? sorry to sound so stupid, i just don't get this stuff like you all do. i never understood how a person becomes a hacker ( i mean hacker in a good way) ? i suppose its just got to be in ya, like being mechanically inclined. you can teach anyone to change spark plugs, but some just get it and excel wile others don't. I'm a can do with my hands kind of guy( well I'm not shore that sounds so good. LOL) now i i just had enough room to get my welder in threw the usb port i would be good to go.LOL thanks again for the help James
  2. cool a servic pack CD, neat. i never thought about needing to save the updates seperatly from installing them, but i will in future starting with this new laptop and vista updates. thanks James
  3. i can wait till Monday no problem. i don't want to have to buy a new copy of XP not to mention it would not have all the drivers for my PC that way. so i would have to look for drivers as well as updates if i went with a new XP CD. the one they have hidden on my drive also has all the drivers and stuff i need for the rest of the computer. i suppose if all else fails i could wait and get win.7 and install it. if i have to start over and download drivers and updates any way. i may as well upgrade the OS at the same time. less updates for win.7 then for XP. there will be more updates to come for win.7 but its OK to do one here and there, just trying to download 4 years worth of updates strait in a row would be a drag, big time. so if i gotta buy a new OS CD it may as well be win.7.
  4. its a 3 or 4 year old backup on a partitioned disk i need to reinstall from. i have all the updates installed now, so i wanted to find them and save them so after i reboot the OS i can put the updates into the old version to bring it back up to date. this could take days if i have to re-download then with dial up. as i already have the updates i just want to keep them so i don't have to get them off line again. is this possible ??
  5. i have dial up and want/need to do a clean reinstall of XP to clear up some serious problems. but i don't want to have to download all the updates i have installed over the past 3 years. is it possible to find the updates so i can save them to disk and then reinstall after i reinstall XP ?? or do i just have to re-download then again ??
  6. cool, glad they worked out for ya.
  7. the 3 pack has aka Elder Scrolls IV im fairly shore, as i also it in a single pack at best buy. my nepheuw just gave me counter strike source with half-life 2, so i gotta check it out till easter when the wife lets me have the Oblivion 3 pack. she got it for me and is going to put it in my easter basket, gotta love the easter bunny game. i'm checking the title now, man i hate the dial up speed.
  8. i was looking at the store for Oblivion, and found a 3 game pack ?? is that the one you all are referring to ? or is there a different Oblivion game ?
  9. whats a pst file ? also need to keep here favorites from IE so she can find her pages again ? is there a program that will let me load all this stuff to a disk and then reinstall after i restart the comp ?? has to e a way to pass all this stuff if you get a new computer you would transfer all this stuff right ?? could i do the same just transfer it to disk then back to the same computer after i reinstall windows ?? that would keep me out of trouble and get her computer back to like new right ?? so can it be done ?
  10. is it possible to save your e-mail settings and letters ?? to put back into outlook when you reload ?? burning copies of the rest of the stuff is easy, but i have no clue how to get her mail back to normal ?? don't want her to kill me.8^0
  11. ME DESKTOP COMPUTER RUNS XP AND IS JUST LOSING IT, task manager icon appears 20 X in the little bar of stuff at bottom and freezes the system up. every time i sign on to the net i get run time error, do you want to debug. every time i try the debug it tells me no debugger available ?? this goes threw about 10 times with different line #'s but same results. i cant get avg antie virus or spy bot to uninstall ?? tried to do a system restore and it said it cant restore to that point on every point i tried ??it just keeps telling me to try a different point ?? i tried a system cleaner from Comodo System Cleaner, it did not find as many things as the first one i tried, but it was free full version so i tried it and ow it keeps popping up telling me it found needed path allow change deny change ?? and this was driving me nuts as it popped up every few seconds. so i un-installed it, life just sucks with this desktop computer. the wife is the main user now that i have a new laptop, but i still have a lot of my old stuff and pictures on it. i also connect to the net threw it. short question is ? is it possible to get this thing back to working like new without just doing a total restore from the restore partition,and will that over-wright all my stuff ?? be for the recent trials with the cleaners all i have ever done to it i use the disk clean up and def-rag that comes with the OS under system tools. can it be saved ??? thanks for any and all help. James i am trying to upload a pic of the task manager that shows up on my sreen during freezup, it has no options or way to turn it off ??
  12. thanks Maleko, i don't know what the currency conversion rate is but it gives me an idea anyway. i looked all over the site and could not find anything about getting or buying points ? just spending them ??? i will have to look into the windows live that came with my game, at least i ave a new place to look now. thanks James
  13. i been using the power toys XP version of re-sizer for a long time now. still do on my desktop. my laptop is VISTA so i need a smiler program for VISTA. i don't need all kinds of crazy options, i just want to resize stuff to post in forums on line, or e-mail to friends on dial up. wish Microsoft would have included a smiler version of the XP re-sizer in the new VISTA OS , heck they seem to have every thing else going one in there LOL. is there maybe a patch or fix that will allow me to use the XP version in Vista ?? or a smiler program?
  14. ya now he tells us . lol good luck with them. seems like i first saw them at raideo shack or walmart. so they may be there as well, but not at that price. much better price on line. i would also like to know how they work out.

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