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  1. Unfortunately, turning this setting off made matters worse. When this was checked, the monitor would wake to a black screen, now it stays in suspend/standby mode. I know it's still in standby because the power LED on monitor is amber, while before it changed to blue (On). I'll try to change some BIOS settings, and report back only if they fix anything, but I doubt that.
  2. Yes, a force shutdown is the only way to get monitor back on, but it's just a temporary fix until the next time it enters suspend mode. The search function on this forum works, but the terms standby and hibernate did not yield useful results. Not sure what BIOS Settings to change, but will try a few and see what happens. Will take a look at this program, but it seems to not support suspend or standby. I did install Unofficial NVIDIA 82.69 drivers, available here, but monitor still does not wake and it limits resolution to 720 x 576. So, I will be deleting it soon. It's quite unusual that the 'Standard PCI Graphics Adapter (VGA)' can wake up monitor from standby, yet the NVIDIA driver refuses to do so. I'm wondering if anyone knows what the issue is? I think it may have something to do with dual monitors, because the Standard VGA Graphics adapter detects one monitor, but the NVIDIA drivers insist on being two. I'm sure if Windows 98 can support USB Flash drives and what not then waking the monitor from suspend mode should not be this difficult. I really appreciate the help. In the mean time, my monitor will be set to never turn off for now.
  3. Hello I have a Compaq Evo D510 CMT w/1 GB DDR RAM on Windows 98 SE, and an MSI Nvidia Geforce 6200 256 MB AGP graphics board, this is a link to it. Without graphic drivers installed, the monitor goes and wakes up from suspend mode fine. However, if I install the graphic drivers, then monitor remains black when awakened from standby. For me, that rules out the RAM as the culprit. I've installed ALL versions of the drivers from Nvidia's 9x site here. By the way, only 77.72 and above support this card. I have an LCD monitor it is LG L206W, and is connected via VGA D-Sub port. I noticed only with the 77.72 driver it detects a 'Default Monitor' in addition to 'L206W'. Not sure if upgrading to Windows Me would fix this. No clue what else to try, some help would be great. Thanks a lot
  4. I have a Dlink DI-524 Wireless Router on my main PC with DSL, and bought a Logitech Cordless EX 110 desktop (mouse+keyboard combo). Initially, i did NOT notice any problems until a couple weeks passed, when i had to reboot the router for the Access Point (AP) to work. I kept getting 'Media disconnected' on ANY other computer that tried to connect to it. Within a month, i had to reboot the router every few DAYS, in order for it to work. Now, about two months later, i virtually have to reset the router EVERYTIME my computers want to connect to the AP. I finally decided to disconnect the Logitech wireless mouse & keyboard, and use my corded ones. At first, ALL was still the same, but it steadily got better, and now around a day gone by, i have NOT reset the router, yet. I would NEVER have gotten a wi-fi mouse/keyboard had i known interference would occur. Originally, i though it would ONLY happen IF the devices operated at the SAME frequency range. Apparently, i was wrong. The mouse, by itself, says it's at 27 MHz(that's considered high), and i don't know what freq. the keyboard or receiver are. Obviously, the router is at 2.4 GHz. Is there anything i can do? If i put the router in another room on a different PC, i'd need a wi-fi adapter(card) for my main PC, and wouldn't the EX 110 still interfere with that, right? Anybody have a clue on how to remedy this situation?
  5. OK. I'm convinced it's better to just do an unattended install of XP, or probably Nlite it, since that's easier/faster. But what about with Win 9x? I heard it was NOT as hard to rename the /WINDOWS there. is that right?
  6. Yes, i wanted to know how to rename the /WINDOWS (& it's subfolders) in an EXISTING installation of XP and 9x. Can this be done?
  7. Like the title says, is there a way to rename the /WINDOWS (sometimes called"%WINDIR") directory and subdirectories? I'd also like to know how in Win 9x, too. Thanks.
  8. I followed what was in that link, mind you i already have a "Default User" profile in Documents and Settings. Nonetheless, i ended up replacing it via System Properties > Advanced > User Accounts > Settings> Copy To. I typed in "C:\Documents and Settings\Default User.' There was prompt telling me it already exists and if i wanna replace it, i said yes. I logged off and into the account, and guess what? It did NOTHING to fix my problem, everything is the same as before. Next, i decided to re-create the Default User folder from scratch, i placed my existing one in the Recycle Bin, and made a new folder in Documents and Settings and called it "Default User." Believe it or not, logging in with either the Guest account or a user account, it made NO difference whatsoever....by now you can tell i'm getting a bit frustrated . You're probably right. If by 'file permissions' you're referring to NTFS permissions, for the 'Default User' folder "Everyone" has 'Read, Read & Execute, and List Folder Contents' ability. If you meant 'file attributes' they are set: Hidden is checked & Read-only is partially checked. Also, when i re-created the 'Default User' folder; i UNchecked the Read-only & Hidden attributes, yet it did NOT change a thing after i logged on with either the Guest or other user account....Now, here comes the irritating part, The 'Default User' folder my other 2 PCs have the exact SAME NTFS+file attributes settings as this PC has. However, there is ONE small, but probably important, difference i noticed: the check marks for file attributes on my PC are: BLACK or light GREY, while on the other PCs, they're either: GREEN or a green SQUARE What does this mean? I'm beginning to think something is wrong with NTFS permissions and/or file attributes on my system, and i may just re-install XP, IF i can't solve my predicament pretty soon.......
  9. Process Explorer will NOT work under a "limited" account. What exactly should i do with it, then? I don't understand how there could be a permissions issue. What is not being permitted? Access to a 'Limited' users OWN account (Desktop, Start menu, Windows Explorer)? Where, besides procmon, can i figure out what's wrong? The fact that Windows Explorer is NOT working seems strangest of all. Now, i did edit shell32.dll, msgina.dll, logonui.exe & winlogon.exe files via Reshack. It just doesn't make sense. I think there's some remnants of malware/virus that is obviously NOT detected by the many scanners i've tried. Could a corrupt registry key(who can find that ) or file cause this?
  10. I posted this problem on Annoyances.org here's the link to it. My own account and the admin account, or ANY account i create as part of admin group is fine. But once I turn on the 'Guest' account or make a "limited" acct. things go awry: Icons are missing from the Start Menu/Windows Explorer/ & Control Panel. The Help/Run/Search command is broken, it says: "Windows cannot create a shortcut here. Do you want the shortcut to be placed on the desktop instead?" I even tried making an admin account and changing it to "Limited" later on, but it still became as screwed up as before. I've been hit with malware/viruses before, but i used almost a dozen programs to get rid of them. A recent scan with Ewido on-line scanner & Trend HouseCall found 2 trojans: Troj_GENERIC & Troj.Agent.cj. Of course, i removed them, but that didn't do anything. . Also, i noticed that in Windows Explorer, the /WINDOWS, /WINDOWS/FONTS, & /SYSTEM32 folder display correctly, yet ONLY in 'large icon' view. I'm posting a picture of how everyhing looks. I'm hoping i can fix this without having to re-format and install XP (for the umpteeth time) of course. Some help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Mine is used by the Manufacturer (Dell), but since i removed Help & Support button (not to mention the whole thing altogether) can i still put something in the empty space below Manufacturer link? BTW, that thread you posted said you can make the Manufacturer button have dual function. How is this possible? Is that what those 2 reg files will do?
  12. I need to put a program, link, etc there. Do i have to do something in the Registry, maybe? Thanks.
  13. You mean Resource Hacker, huh? It worked great! I just had to find an older version v3.2 to do it. Now, if only i could get the upper right image in System Properties to be 256 colors that would be perfect. I use eXeScope to change the picture from the sysdm.cpl file, but when i i edit it, i have to save it as 16 color Bitmap. I'm wondering if i can somehow make it work with at least 256 colors. Any chance for this?
  14. How can i change the blue "Windows 98" banner that appears on the side-->

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