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  1. Component Cache (winsxs) can be safely be stripped down with vLite, if you later on during the setup create your account with oobe. There is a simple guide in some thread around here, but I mostly figured this out beforehand. Also, you can only select Component Cache (winsxs) with the -extreme flag, so I'd figure you'd know at least what your doing... before going "oh noes" it doesn't work because "I r good with computerz yes?" or something along the lines of that. This guide mostly works although you'd want to keep a few things to be able to use Turn Windows features on or off. vLite even states which ones you should keep as it'll be written in brackets below the component description.
  2. Chrno

    User dir breakdown

    Okay, that pretty much makes sense, as I never really thought about the compatibility feature that Win7 has compared to the oh-so-awesome-one that came with Vista. Cheers!
  3. What's up with Public and Default User? We also have a hidden Default dir and one for All Users. Even back on Vista it was down to Admin/User and All Users. So a maximum of 3 to be more exact. To my understanding, the Public folder is used for sharing purposes like homegroup(?) But what about these hidden but not hardlinked shortcut folders that are scattered across the "User" dir/s?
  4. Audacity worked last time I cheeked since 7000 build and current one both on x64 and x86. Now as far as I know, you'll want to install Vista/XP before 7, as the win7 bootloader can rewrite the current one and replace it. What I know of is that the bootloader is flagged as 0: to be the first section to be loaded before anything else. Now your probably seeing the Win7 and the other one from XP. Now since XP is goddamn old it couldn't possibly detect the Win7 version which say Linux distros can like Ubuntu and you like either choose to use Window's version or end up with the Linux one (if you happen to install any major Linux distro after Win7 in this case). It's like this: Win7 creates a partition for the bootloader or any other stuff that might be "crucial". XP places it in the current partition that it's stored on unless I'm mistaken here. And having now way for this pos of detecting the Win7 stuff like this happens. Anyways I don't think I've helped at all, so someone more experienced have to take this at hand. I've had this problem in the past and stayed out of this since then. It was a simple boot with a Ubuntu CD boot. (and something much older once, I used this in the past that was some kind of Win clone to save/restore files or w/e.) So I booted it up, saved all crucial files and settings and deleted the partitions then started a new. I often keep ~20gb partitions for OS's so it's easy to move around data. Just remember XP first then comes any newer OS which can make XP use it's bootloader instead. I know there's a way to edit the bootloader sequence but you'll need safe mode for that at least or something which will let you edit files like the ubuntu cd for example and go from there. But that's as much as I can help ya with, best of luck!
  5. If your somewhat experienced use a Ubuntu CD and boot it up, follow the direction from there. Perfect for killing that pos bootloader found on the "hidden" partition. Loading it from the CD or direct install is useful if you want to say delete the "System Volume Information" found on the partition(s) and other crap that doesn't get recycled after an upgrade or w/e.
  6. Correct though the pagefile ends up as big as your current/total RAM is. I think my installation on a 16GB SSD was 4-5GB with updates + pagefile. My tip would be to turn off hibernation (mine, both on desktop/netbook was as big as the pagefile) by typing: powercfg -h off in the command prompt. Turning off UAC (User Account Control) is essential for this as it won't let you fiddle with stiff like this, or unless anyone knows a better way.
  7. How could this be much slower than your fast and classic start menu? And no I don't have it this way either, I just removed if not all things from the (super)taskbar and added these things to the start menu.
  8. There is no fix or anything that can do what you ask for (as far as I know). Since WMP9 when I mailed the tech support asking for just the thing you asked for among other "improvements" guess what It's been what, 5 years? With no reply. I may have changed my email twice but that was at least 2 years after that mail had been sent. There might be a reg-edit which might do what your asking for, but for now the player will open a window to the size of the video your watching. edit: Seems like your watching some average joes encoding since the container is probably set to some weird setup. what's the filetype, resolution and so on?
  9. I thought I'd fill in because the mods here are so above the average scale of the call sign "average joe". First of all, it's a known bug that has been coexisting with Win7 69xx builds or even earlier ones. There is no immediate fix and windows will revert back after <insert whatever happens next>. Saying that everyone listens to flac is like saying "I DO KNOW the difference between lossless and lossy audio "compression". It should also be noted that if your running an app in fullscreen it will not be based on your windows setup (resolution, screen refresh rate etc) old games might hook up with this information but most games built around 2005~ will use a custom setup for each game after it has been launched once. cheers
  10. I'm not expert but as far as I know, but Czech and Slovakian keyboard/layouts don't have support for qwerty. This will result in many things such as on Computers, holding Ctrl+Alt (or Alt gr) or Shift is needed to get these special chars. I know that in both countries you both have to use the numpad to insert numbers wears on qwerty you use the "standard" ones, or enabling numlock which enables the use of the numpad, rather than directional keys. The use of " }{ () etc varies by countries using qwerty, for example in Sweden we have 3 extra keys for åäö which in this case is used as other special key commands in the US/UK. If your on a Windows OS, starting the on-screen keyboard app is an easy way to learn the commands used to get these special chars or switching keyboard, whichever comes first.
  11. I still use CCleaner it also has support for system restore backups, but since I always turn that off... I never really had the need to fiddle with it. It's also the perfect solution for deleting obsolete register entries (beats it to manually by 10k to 1!). There is however one tool that beats it that I had covered with about 20 other small apps, but it's been since long gone around XP SP2 beta. edit: here's the best part..... it's FREE!
  12. You can also press Alt. So let this be a lesson for topic searchers in the year 2020.
  13. Ever heard of Open source, there's lots of Open source shells and file/app managers out there, try em out for gods sake.Curious, but why ignore superbar? It's the nest best thing next to the now useless start menu (IMO) If your that stubborn and "old school" mover to linux, and stop crying because out of the few OSs we. The only one you have been using made a change and you refused to move one like the rest of us did or didn't even care from the beginning at all. Look at DOS for example. Untill 2000ish people were still using it and blasphemous shells and what not, who said that computers are not and never will be "personal" to begin with. There are still people out there hugging their VHS recorders and CRTs. If you don't like the fact that humand can chnage, then stay were you are and don't complain because people can change and always have for the past 200,000 years or so.
  14. Works of course. You still have to enable the "Win XP compatibility mode" for v.9.6.0+ (or just when using "some" plugins), same goes for Vista as well due to outdated "bla bla" in the code. Most apps on a major scale seems to work, except maybe fugly coded apps and people that restrict certain apps to a specific OS version, etc... SPTD which is used by famous apps such as daemon-tools and alcohol 120% uses this and should work on Win7 but don't as SPTD is OS ver coded and therefore don't work atm. They've stated that they DO NOT SUPPORT BETA OS's, for that matter use PowerISO instead. Although it's using it's own awesome "virtual image bla bla feature" (similar so DT/Alco), it won't work with... for example DVD Decrypter or apps that are built on that code. So using PISO is a fine way to save you from image hell, until a win7 release of SPTD is out. Drivers namely audio drivers aren't properly working (even if installed correctly) such as Reltek's HD Audio drivers. But Vista/7 have support for most of these built in ones and the official drivers are mostly there to give the user enhanced/fully features that their audio cards (whatever is embedded or not) have. For video codec problems use ffdshow. It's been working as intended for the past 6 years, and is reaching it's 7th year soon. For those dealing with AVS/fansubbing, there's nothing to worry about. I see no difference except maybe the speed upgrade compared to Vista when using "traditional" apps. A tip to the users: Stating that Open Source apps is working on 7 is like telling someone that you can finally slice bread. Like i said, it's just them fugly folks that likes to b***h around and code apps with OS ver restrictions/checks.
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