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  1. I think Fred provided the ability to use mplayerc.exe in his fileset to replace mplayer2.exe. He sets this up in his mplayer2.in_ file. Ok, I didn't know this; I just read it above. So I am using Fred's fileset and I want to use mplayer instead of mplayer2 or mplayerc. If mplayerc is the new fix then I should be able to replace it in HFEXPERT\APPREPLACEMENT OR remove Fred's fix (mplayer2.in_) and replace mplayer2 in APPREPLACEMENT as TommyP says. Maybe the first doesn't work because mplayerc isn't set up yet to replace
  2. No, hmm? Didn't work. Usually flawless! I retried with version 60107. Now I can't get past the boot loader. I did notice something fly by that said some error about not finding HFEXPERTREG.TXT or such. I also notice that my extra directories didn't get copied over to SOURCESS also. I'll try again and watch closer but there is not much day left and the wife hates this.
  3. Sorry for the late reply but I am here now. @Oleg_II I tryed your suggestion of mplayer and mpui. What a nice app. I want it in but it doesn't show up, can you suggest a fix: copy mplayer.exe to HFEXPERT\WIN\SYSTEM32 copy mpui.exe to HFEXPERT\APPREPLACEMENT and rename it mplayerc.exe I get mplayer but no mplayerc Do I need to remove a ";" from one of Fred's files? I am using HFSLIP version 51202
  4. Squeeto


    Haven't got much but I will post (msfn.org) anything I find.
  5. Squeeto


    I think we posted simultaniously (read my edit). I have a very limited gui where you can only choose which drive(s) you defrag and pack. Want it?
  6. Squeeto


    Sorry, shortcut to dirms_gui.exe I also put in myuninstaller. Where would you put the shortcut? I was thinking in System Tools or Settings. Is it posible to put it back in Control Panel where Add/Remove used to be? Just realized there is a gui version of dirms or one that comes with a frontend; I use the dos version and wrote a little gui myself.
  7. Squeeto


    Thanks Oleg_II, I was thinking about a little defrag tool called dirms and a gui
  8. Squeeto


    Hi all, If I slipstream in a few progs with the HFEXPERT folder, how can I later remove these? When do you decide to slipstream over the usual $OEM$ type install? I want to put a small app in HFEXPERT\WIN\SYSTEM32 and include an inf file. Does the inf still go in HFSVPK?
  9. I can't remember how Fred's winnt.sif runs 'cause I have my own and half way through my install it asks me to enter a name. This name will be unique to my system and sets the initial USERDOMAIN environment variable. It doesn't (usually) end up as a login unless you install without the winnt.sif! I run my user.cmd initiated from the winnt.sif [GuiRunOnce] section. It runs after the unique name entry but before USERNAME is set. Interestingly, at this time the USERDOMAIN variable is set to my SQUEETO-HOME. I chop off the -HOME and use what's left for the logon. Recap: Unique name page - I enter Squeeto setup creates (on the same page) a Domain name of SQUEETO-454545 (a bunch of random numbers) I change the Domain to SQUEETO-HOME because it looks nicer user.cmd chops off the end and creates ... My three year old wants a bunch of happy faces so: These are her choices.
  10. Hey Oleg_II, I am a little late on this post. I modified the process again, a little. The setup prog asks for a unique computer name anyway so why ask it twice? At the time user.cmd runs, you have USERDOMAIN set to something like OLEG-12345 so: @echo off cls set | findstr USERDOMAIN>ztemp FOR /F "TOKENS=2 DELIMS==-" %%I IN (ztemp) DO ( SET ZUSER=%%I ) DEL /F /Q ztemp echo Creating Windows Account net user %ZUSER% "" /add echo Adding ... net localgroup Administrators %ZUSER% /add net accounts /maxpwage:unlimited echo. rem Set to default user and user to autologon: @echo Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00> logon.reg @echo [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon]>> logon.reg @echo "DefaultUserName"="%ZUSER%">> logon.reg @echo "AutoAdminLogon"="1">> logon.reg regedit /s logon.reg DEL /F /Q logon.reg exit So if you enter 'Oleg' as a unique computer name, your user name is OLEG. Not perfect but ok for now.
  11. Start-Programs-Accessories-System Tools-Disk Defragmenter-Open Author Run As Open With Open With ... Do you just remove the file and link to do this, it doesn't show in myuninst.exe.
  12. I know this is picky but I am here to help sort the bugs out There are two Open Withs on the right click of defrag. So far everything else seems to glide. This is from FDV's site. If we remove explorer could we not then remove mru_kill?
  13. Yep, had a problem with MRU_kill The drive or network connection that the shortcut 'MRU Eraser.lnk' refers to is unavailable. Make sure that the disk is properly inserted or the network resource is available, and then try again. No Trouble. Thanks for all the hard work so that we can play
  14. I tried the new fileset and got this message during install: The file mru_kill.exe was not copied correctly. The file Setup placed on your hard drive is not a valid Windows 2000 system image. If you are installing from a CD, there may be a problem with the Windows 2000 CD. I get the options retry, skip and quit Yet it still ends up in StartupCommon; anything to worry about?
  15. FDV How about: [Version] signature="$Windows NT$" [DefaultInstall] DelReg = delreg [delreg] HKCR,"lnkfile","IsShortcut" [Strings] Oleg Thanks for the tip. Just put my.inf in HFSVPK and it will write in?
  16. Would you consider adding one more change... Never liked those shortcut arrows [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\lnkfile] "IsShortcut"=-
  17. Fred mentioned something about a logo contest at the beginning of this thread. I made one for fun, called it oemlogo.bmp and put it in the system32 directory so that you can see it when you right click My Computer So, here is my offer... oemlogo.bmp
  18. @Tomcat: Thanks, actually it -seems- that I don't need the ForceAutoLogon (as well as DefaultPassword) as my user has admin rights and is caught by the AutoAdminLogon. I am satisfied with the operation now, so ..... It was hinted that a thread for this would have been better.
  19. If you like the scrolls, like me, I think this will do it - edit hivedef.inf ; Set 80x25 instead of 80x300 HKCU,"Console","ScreenBufferSize",0x00010003,19660880
  20. Nope, ditched XP to come play with this. Sure going to miss those 3d buttons though. Guess there is always Window Blinds.
  21. This works, user.cmd - @echo off cls echo. echo Creating Windows Account set /p UserName=Please enter a Name: echo. echo Creating ... net user %UserName% "" /add echo Adding ... net localgroup Administrators %UserName% /add net accounts /maxpwage:unlimited echo. rem Set to default user and user to autologon: @echo Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00> logon.reg @echo [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon]>> logon.reg @echo "DefaultUserName"="%UserName%">> logon.reg @echo "DefaultPassword"="">> logon.reg @echo "AutoAdminLogon"="1">> logon.reg regedit /s logon.reg exit
  22. So, if we combine the two ideas: user.cmd : @echo off cls echo. echo Creating Windows Account set /p UserName=Please enter a Name: echo. echo Creating ... net user %UserName% "" /add echo Adding ... net localgroup Administrators %UserName% /add net accounts /maxpwage:unlimited echo. rem Set to default user and user to autologon regedit /s logon.reg exit logon.reg: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon] "DefaultUserName"="%UserName%" "DefaultPassword"="" "AutoAdminLogon"="1" Ok, the %UserName% in the reg file doesn't work but this comes really close
  23. Thanks Oleg II but I didn't want a predetermined user name. I have a couple of computers and I wanted one cd for both. My desired result would use the personalized name I enter half way through the install for an account name. I will batch install drivers after the system setup completes and run the rundll32.exe netplwiz.dll,NetAccWizRunDll then. One thing I really miss is the scrollbar on the CommandPrompt; can we get that back? I am going to have to learn how to reg tweak
  24. Thanks Fred, TommyP and gang for all the hard work. Very fun. I tried the latest hfslip (51202) and test-set (ie.in_ is dated Dec.1) and it seems to run fine. Actually better. My "broken" wireless router connection is working again! **** wizards....thanks Fred. I notice that I have a little blue e ball on the taskbar and desktop icon. Will this go too? I have a confession too - I never use a psswrd to login. Now with the added winnt.sif file a little wizard no longer appears which setups a user account. Ok, sorry, this is REALLY trivial but now when I boot the laptop, I have to hit <enter> at the Administrator login. Too lazy? Confession #2 - I won't watch tv without a remote. I like the winnt.sif file so I was thinking of something like: "%systemroot%\System32\rundll32.exe netplwiz.dll,NetAccWizRunDll" but this runs too soon with [setupparams], [GuiRunOnce] and $OEM$ cmdlines.txt Btw, I am doing this from Opera right now. Cool

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