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  1. No luck does not work for me.. will try with kb947821 again tomorrow
  2. np i just tested it and its working here my ini test it Thanks - testing now. Edit: Sorry - you .ini did not contain removal of WinSxS - is that correct?
  3. @aviv00 Thanks for your effort for the guide, I have tried your method and get the windows to boot without WinSxS (with 2.66GB size) - but unfortunately I cannot install Live messenger because of C Runtime Error (something related to CRT assembly blah blah blah) am i doing something wrong??? please help - i have attached my vlite.ini file in case you want to take a look. BTW, can you share yours? Works.ini
  4. password is: (right click and copy url) http://coresharp.net/blogs/projects/archiv...staller-v2.aspx
  5. i will make sure so translate them to english...when i got more spare time
  6. Hi, i have been a reader of MSFN for a while since i work as system admin and studying in the university. (that was...looonngg time ago ) but rarely contribute anything - so here it is I am also the person that install Windows very frequently (no, i don't ghost!) and the pain introduced with Windows Vista is I cannot slipstream Addon package with window installation anymore. So I made a little tool that helps me install them automatically some time ago. So, to celebrate Windows 7 RTM and the time that i have to reinstall my windows again - I have made the second version of my little tool..
  7. nant15

    WIHU Creator

    ooops! yeah you only need the 22 mb thing
  8. nant15

    WIHU Creator

    Didn't load at all??? May be i would have misunderstand your format... This creator.ini what i'm currently using to test my program, is there something wrong with it ??? I see....there is also a key without "." and....as i said, it didn't support if:true, if:false things yet. The program didn't aware that you can put "if:true" besides 0,1 so it didn't expect that and just crash. creator.ini
  9. nant15

    WIHU Creator

    Could you please send your .ini file to me? So that i can use it to help debugging my program
  10. nant15

    WIHU Creator

    Thnx I would appreciate that!
  11. nant15

    WIHU Creator

    Hello everyone, i have found that Wihu is very useful and i'm looking for a program like this for a very loooonnnngggg time. I like the app but i hate the fact that i have to edit install.ini on my own which is just fustrating!. So i code a quick apps to help me out, it is called WIHU Creator and i want to share with all of you. Hope that you will find it useful. And remember, it is for my personal use so that it is based on my needs - don't expect much from it (at least, just for now) You will need .NET Framework 2.0 Beta 2 to use this app, don't worry by the word beta - it is pretty stable a
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