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  1. I want to add Talisman shell replacement as part of my unattended windows xp w/ sp2 installation. With a theme I've already picked up, and have it load at startup, 1st time, etc. What would be the silent unattended flags for this. Talisman 2.98 I've search this board and found nothing on talisman, and if possible, the flags to litestep too, had problems with talisman but wish to use it, if it gets too crashed, I'll go with litestep instead. I want this used instead of the explorer.exe shell. thanks emac
  2. Here's the deal, I want to install my fav apps, for now I really want LClock and Y'z Shadow, and maybe talisman later on down the road for the desktop GUI, but what installer works best. I want an installer that installs in a nice GUI, however, supports silent installs without user interaction, yet, I want it to execute early on, like before first load of Windows, before the startmenu, taskbar appearance, ex: RunOnce. But I've heard of so manu installers, I'm mind boggled, plus I'd like the GUI to look professional. I've heard of xplode or whatever it was, but can't really figure it out. Thanks in advance!
  3. The question has come up SEVERAL times within this message board on how to modify the OOBE "please wait" screen after the initial installation of Windows XP, well, after three days of file hacking, I've found the solution in editing it. This first off, of course has only been tested with MS XP w/ SP2 integration, and I have not tested it on SP1, or SP0, so the file integration may be different. 1st. The file msobmain.dll controls the "text". IE: "Please Wait..." This file is found in both /i386/msobmain.dl_ or system32/oobe/msobmain.dll Use resource hacker and edit String Table > 36 Folder > Line 571 This will take care of the text portion. 2nd. The BIG "How do I edit the background"... In SP2, seeing the bootscreen, etc, has been changed the word "Professional" has been removed, SP2 now makes msobmain.dll look for the background in the file winbrand.dll Hence, if you use resource hacker and edit winbrand.dll which again, can be found in either /i386/winbrand.dl_ or system32/winbrand.dll Edit Bitmap > 1401 Folder (last folder in tree) and replace the bitmap with your own. That's it! Simple, and can be added to your unattended install to create your own personality. Enjoy! EMAC
  4. Heres the deal, ANY help would be appreciated I've search this board for like 100 topics on regtweaks but no success, close, but not done. I've tried the bat file way, and now I'm looking at the nlite.inf file, what is the most effective way to install regtweaks as early into the setup process without screwing it up, or it actually WORKING. (Trying to figure out the nlite.inf way as of right now.) I want to test one with this script: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion] "SubVersionNumber"="a" "ProductName"="Microsoft Windows XP" "CurrentVersion"="5.1" "CurrentBuildNumber"="2600" "BuildLab"="2600.xpsp1.020828-1920" "CSDVersion"="Service Pack 1" edited of course heh but the nlite.inf has entries such as HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon","DisableCAD",0x00010001,0 HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\FeatureControl\FEATURE_HTTP_USERNAME_PASSWORD_DISABLE","iexplore.exe",0x00010001,0 HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\FeatureControl\FEATURE_HTTP_USERNAME_PASSWORD_DISABLE","explorer.exe",0x00010001,0 nothing like mine tweak I want to add. Please help thanks!
  5. so whats the difference between installing without a batch file, and with one?
  6. a disk? I thought there was a way like you first explained, but with a batch file, I just want it all installed in last T-12 minutes, and be there win I go onto the desktop for the first time. I already had cmdlines.txt in $oem$ but what do I put in batch file, and where does it go.
  7. I have read over here, but not 100% knowledgable yet. How exactly do I add registery tweaks to my unattended installation of windows xp sp2, so when windows is installing, these registery tweaks are installed as well (aka, Loginui.exe) Is there a way for all of this to install during windows installation to where when I first see my desktop, the changes are already there? Thanks, Emac
  8. Project Position Openings -- Codename: SOURCE has been in the works for about a month now, and is now looking to expand its team to more members to get this project done faster. We are looking for members who can do one or more of the following which is needed to top off Beta 1 (We wish to stick with the professional(ism) as Windows Vista / Longhorn, However use our own ideas and theme(s). Logonui Editor(s): Create a professional looking Logonui userlogin file strictly for Codename: Source. Bootscreen Editor(s): Create a working Bootscreen for Codename: SOURCE Theme Designers: Create themes for SOURCE (3 prefered before release). (Perfer Editing of Default XP themes (Default, Olive, and Silver, to remove these, and make XP has eliminated as possible). Start button ideas are to change windows logo to our SOURCE one, change Start to SOURCE, and /or remove wording all together for start button. (Each theme can be different of these options to keep things unique.) Wallpaper Designer(s): Create SOURCE wallpapers. Compiler(s): Make all these options usable for a CD, (Creating scripts, etc) Webdesigner(s): Create the SOURCE website, same theme prefered as themes used in SOURCE. Cpanel included on web server. Graphic Designers: Create SOURCE graphics to add to .dlls, .cpl, etc. Icon Designers needed as well. Icons prefered to be (Professional to Vista) Staff get their own e-mail addresses when joined, which is accessable via cpanel through our website. Team is as follows: EMAC (Project Leader / Coding / Graphics) Root (Project Co-leader / Coding) Raven (Installation Designer / Coding) Flare (Mirror / Hosting Provider / 90Petabyte server) Ryan (Mirror Provider) Under_t4k3r (Graphics GUI / Compiling) Strake (Beta Tester) mep (Beta Tester) Please send applications to emac@xer0n.org or visit via mIRC Chat Client (irc.spnetwork.org Channel: #winsource) Members prefered to download mIRC so everyone keeps communication and know what the others are doing. Each member will receive credits for their part of the work individually. Thanks, emac Codename: SOURCE Project Leader
  9. SMSS / USetup.exe Tried editing my Windows XP source files (the smss and usetup.exe) which controls the non-GUI portion of the install (blue background with white text for formatting drives, etc) I want to edit some text, but whenever I open it with Resource Hacker, it's fine, however, I get stuck when I edit and COMPILE IT, the software goes "Not Responding" and never comes outta it unless I CTRL+ALT+DEL and stop the process. It only freezes when compiling that one file. What am I doing wrong? Thx, emac
  10. I have the latest release of nlite, I did my configs, and went to unattended, and selected (Provide Only), it created Last Session_u.ini and Last Session.ini but no unattended.txt so I can add other lines. Reg information is in the u file, like admin password, etc, and packages I want installed, etc, are in the Last Session.ini file, can I merge both to make a unattended.txt to rename to WINNT.SIF? or am I doing something wrong. eh. *scratches head*
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