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  1. The "new" Mini Cooper is a success. The "new" Fiat Cinquecento is a success. Both more than 50 years old.

    People see their "always on" Android phone on which they can surf the Internet instantly, then look at their 7 year old PC that boots XP or Seven in 2 minutes and what you can buy from Microsoft today is new technology that's 10 times faster but still takes minutes to boot? That's OK for an office, not for home. Oh, and that interface that mimics a phone on a 22" screen ??? Great. :rolleyes:

  2. without needing to download from mediafire a file from a "stranger" (mind you, the file is "OK" :), and - X - is a known and highly reputed member for us that know him since a looong time, but he may appear not like that to a new member of the Forum :ph34r:).

    Well... now that I see that your name appears in the batch that's in the zip, I'll be more cautious with -X-'s files. :lol:

  3. I faced same problem yesterday, installed a french ACER recovery (Ghost image from the manufacturer) and applied french SP3 on it. After that Windows update would just display an error code for which MS help site was "not available" (are they just too busy "prepping"?). The download (from -X-) linked by Jaclaz above did unlock the situation.

  4. Does any one have experience in building an XP Professional with SP1 integrated and including some SATA drivers?

    There is a forum member with name Fernando1 who has 666 replies (yes I counted them) in a single thread about that, so I'd say he has experience.

    But up to now I'm yet to see a post in this forum that comes to an other reason for rejected key than those 3;

    -SP3 integrated (with nLite or other) under Vista or Win7 (do not).

    -that "working" key was actually never tried with original CD (maybe because original was automated) and poster admits it later.

    -key was blacklisted by Service Pack (1, 2 or 3) because it was leaked on the Internet or for other reasons.

  5. Thanks. An other remark; I left that Win7 VHD running for too long, it got bored and began to defrag my system partition!... So it's not as "interference free" as 1st thought.

    More seriously, this caused one badly needed program in the resident Win7 to stop working at the time (this was a painfull monday morning at work, back from a week off :unsure: ). I then rolled back some video driver updates that I thought were the cause of my problem. I got a BSOD! Then an other, then popup messages about Explorer crashing. I ended up disabling the device in Bios (switchable video cards)...OK ! I later spent a few hours reinstalling it with lots of trials and lots of errors. I think the first cause was the Win7 performance toolkit being nuked by the external defrag. So kids, ... disable Defrag in your VHD ! B)

  6. Though it does seem gratuitious and unneededly fear spreading :ph34r:, the note by Ponch has some merits :yes:.

    Dear Jaclaz, this was not gratuitious, I am genuinely astonished that you, the 'resident HDD expert', give such advise that whatever the outcome of chkdsk was on that disk (which up to now could be considered as suspect), a defrag was a good idea. You look for back doors (yes I know you :sneaky: ) to avoid blushing and say it's okay because defrag has probably been ran last week anyway... but then why run it now again? Just say "well... no.". Now back to the problem please. :angel:P

    Registry issue ? It's said you reinstalled Windows and it first would run chkdsk at boot but then "today" not anymore. What happened in between ? Windows updates and drivers updates ? Some programs installed ? I'd look that way.A

    Also this; when you installed the1TB at first, did you "image" it from the former HDD or did you "install" Windows (as well)?

  7. The problem is not slow hibernating it's slow restart from hibernation. There is no "loading this and that", the system should react exactly like a "locked" system. Unless devices (like USB) have been plugged in or removed in between.

    An easy way to check your disk "offline" is to use your Windows 7 install DVD and get to the Command Prompt from the "Repair" menu.

  8. I know exactly what jaclaz is talking about. He's referring to the option Windows has of "permanently" setting each drive (that is, volume) as one constant drive letter

    No he's not. He's talking about the possibility to see drives (removable or not) assigned same letters (or not) from the perspective of different booted OSs.

    +Your boot.ini being on the active partition, it will probably be overwritten by a new installation. If some invalid entries remain, you can still delete them before or after.

  9. The pst is now on a network drive and is still 220MB (the other one I deleted). In there outlook sees 165Meg of mails. I could try reimporting them in the mailbox to see if it's back to the original 70Meg but I don't see what to do next in any case.

    Update: Tests are not conclusive. even worse I would say.

    I tried with one folder containing 1681 mails, Outlook says it's 7.9 meg, i make a new (non unicode) pst and copy the folder to it.

    ... Outlook now sees 12.7 megs of mail and the file is now 14.7Meg.

    I move the folder back to the same mailbox (at an other place)

    ... Outlook now says it contains 4.1 meg. (still same 1681 mails :wacko: )

    I compact the now empty pst which goes back to ~750k and copy the folder (4.1 meg) back to it.

    ...Outlook now sees 12.8Meg of mail and the file is 16.2 Meg.

    I create a new (non unicode) pst and move my folder from the mailbox (4.1 meg) to it.

    .. Outlook now sees 16.2 Meg in it and the file is 18.1Meg. :rolleyes: There is nothing to understand here. :puke:

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