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  1. Hello ladies and gentlemen,

    Been away fore some time - but here I am again...

    Question: Does anyone know if it is possibe to integrate the latest nVidia graphicdrivers (301.42) using nLite?

    Earlier drivers work - but then something changed within their package - I think - and I could not get it to work.

    So I am asking members here what their latest experience is?

    Thanx in advance

    SwedenXP (still using win xp pro) B)

  2. Well... I will definitely try it on "real hardware" the next MS update - next week. And now I have some reading to do during the weekend... Thanx!

    Question - If and when this method works - which I hope - the only change I have to do when reinstalling a machine is to copy my updated .iso file to the usb stick and run the install. The XP.ISO is fully exchangeable?


  3. Thanx ilko_t!

    After reading about the different versions of usb installs I thougt that they all went direct through this part of the install (in with the usb, smack - bang everything ready after a standard install)... my languageproblem I see now.

    So - after all I have a couple of different medthods to choose from - my I ask for a recommendation - the first sticky by cdob looks pretty nice - since I work with completed isos (winxppro, 32bit). Have you any idea which method is most stable?

  4. Hey ladies and gentlemen.

    I have been a member for some years and now I trying to learn the procedure of booting and installing Win XP Pro from USB.

    Have been reading up i this subforum, but I nevertheless have some simple basic questions to ask. I know how to work nLite, like it and use it, and I have absolutely no problems to get a install from a cd to work.

    I really like to connect to/join the install process at the time where I can adjust the different partitions (picture attached) and then run the installation as I use to do it from the cd.

    Could anyone explain if this is possible and which thread/method I should focus on.

    Big thanx in advance

    /SwedenXP :angel


  5. @blue4603 - love the new release (0.3.2) and I want to make two x-mas wishes :rolleyes:

    No 1 As I use the "windows classic theme" I would like a Theme-tab among the tweak-tabs

    where oldfashion guys like me can choose the "windows classic theme" in an easy way.

    No 2 An option to import/append my working autounattend.xml which I like very much...

    Big thanx from a snowy Sweden

    /SwedenXP B)

  6. @blue4603 - I like it (0.2.4a)!

    Works great for me!

    OK with a suggestion I hope... :angel

    Lets use "radio buttons" for choosing services under tweaks - I find it easier.

    Another option under tweaks could be to save or integrate choosen services from

    a text file - that would save time and limits the risk of picking the wrong service.

    Big thanx from

    SwedenXP B)

  7. @blue4603 - Thanx for something that will be really usefull, unfortunately I have not got it to work as I hope - yet.

    The only thing I have tried sofar is to create an unattended installation, but it does crash... with the message "Unexpected error: Check your log". The version of Your prog is 0.2.0a.

    You find my log beneath.

    Inspecting my log everything looks OK until the "Prepearing instructions to execute" part. Here I find "Unexpected Error: Det gick inte att hitta filen C:\Program Files\7Customizer_0.2.0\work\drivers.bat." translated it reads that it is not possible to find the file......drivers.bat. And when I check in the directory there is no file...

    I do my work on a win 7 pro installed in a Sun Virtualbox, lastest version, which is installed on a XP pro, all x86.

    Grateful for any tips - and I will try them out.

    /SwedenXP --->Sweden7


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