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  1. "a required cd/dvd drive device driver is missing"

    I've already done that, thing is you can only do a "clean" install from within Windows, which is not an option for me. I think you get this error message cause you have no optical drive installed (I only connect my external DVD burner when needed), think there's a workaround to this?
  2. "a required cd/dvd drive device driver is missing"

    Is there really no way to do this? Would be a great feature for vLite... If you can't add this to vLite I'm interested in seeing these guides you mentioned because I've searched everywhere without finding anything (the ones I found are only for setup from within an existing Windows installation).
  3. "a required cd/dvd drive device driver is missing"

    I also use my Corsair Voyager GT as installation media. Would be awesome if there was a solution to this? Installation would be SO much faster.
  4. OMG! MS mocking FF! LOL

    I have nothing against Microsoft stealing most of FF's features, because it will move Internet browsing forward for the average user. It's still light-years behind Opera however, so I'm only touching IE7 when checking code compatability.
  5. Wanted: Solution to removing IE core

    Hmm I'm gonna do a trial run on my "kill explorer.exe" theory... I'll be back with the results some other day
  6. Hi, I'm looking for some hints on how I can remove IE core (security risk, right?) but still be able to play games with Steam. The thing is that when I join a server in Counter-Strike: Source the game gets minimized and several Open With prompts pops up (I ues Opera if that'll help). So if you guys have anything at all that could help me, please let me know. BTW someone named I_Broke_My_MHZ wrote this a few months ago in a similar thread: Then I got the idea, maybe if you kill explorer.exe before starting CS:S maybe then the Web Open prompts would disappear. What do you guys think, is it worth a try? /Jacob
  7. Workaroud to removing IE core

    Thanks for the tip but sounds messy.. Any other ideas?
  8. Workaroud to removing IE core

    I want to remove all that is IE. But I still want to be able to play Counter-Strike: Source. The thing is that when I remove IE core, whenever I enter a game there will be like 10 popups of "Open with" windows for html documents. I could live with that, only that it minimizes cs and mostly creates some kind of bug - like the MOTD window not dissappearing. Maybe I could deny opening html-documents? But how would I do that? Cheers, Jacob
  9. Remove Luna theme with nLite

    Ok, but the thing is - I want it to be chosen already when I boot up the first time. I downloaded the Lite-version, will it include settings? (I don't want settings, I just want it to be fine from start). Also, will Windows boot screen be modified?
  10. Remove Luna theme with nLite

    If I keep themes support, but remove Luna theme, will XPize still work? If so, how do I make it the default theme? Quick response would be much appreciated. Cheers, Jacob