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  1. LAtest stable release, and the latest test release.

    I've included...





    in the HFCABS folder


    Super-Magician's selfextracting exe (Datastore.exe) in the HFSVCPACK folder

    Windows update works fine, but microsoft update asks for activex controls.

    Should also note, I use nLite to slipstream IE7

    I've tested this without slipstreaming IE7 and Microsoft Update worked.

    So I'm assuming IE7 requires different controls maybe?

  2. @ nuhi,

    I've kept the windows management instrumentation, sorry should have mentioned that!

    @ Koopie,

    Nope I don't use any network tweaks... however I have removed pretty much every driver you can with nlite!

    Going to try an install without removal of any drivers, this will then eliminate everything else if it works.

  3. I've downloaded the MUWEB_SITE cab from the link on Tommy76's page placed it in the HFCABS folder.

    It appears the files within this cab are present in SOURCESS however when I go to the Microsoft update website it asks to install activex controls...

    I've also added WindowsUpdate20.exe, Package Installer , windows update cab (IUCTL.cab) and the office update cab (OPUC4.cab).

    Have I missed something else?

    Thanks all, :thumbup

  4. It sounds like you're a little confused on what a hotfix actually is...

    "A hotfix is code (sometimes called a patch) that fixes a bug in a product."

    Well... Net Framework 1.x and 2.0 arn't hotfixes...

    Media Player XX isn't a hotfix either...

    IE7 can be included by just pointing Nlite to the installed (which worked ok for you)

    If you would like to add programs or such that arn't supported by nlite you can use an "add-on", there is a sub-forum within this one where people list there add-ons, these include media player 10, and .net frameworks 11 and 20.

    good luck!

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