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  1. Hi all, My beloved unattended disc has a strange problem.

    If i switch one on and leave it for a considerable amount of time (not sure how long) the pc will lock itself, even though no-one has logged in.

    Points to note... After the install the pc automatically logs onto our network as admin to run installs from the network. After the pc has logged in first time it restores the autologin settings back to default.

    Any help would be very appreciative as some my collegues workstations auto power-on in the morning, and by the time they have got to them they are locked.

    BTW: The only way to unlock them is by switching them off and on again, as any username is refused logon.

  2. I need help,

    I work in the it department at a small company, I've made an unattended disc for our office but would like it to automatically join our domain and login as our domain administrator on first boot.

    generally, when I add a new pc to our domain it requires a domain login to authorise it.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated, and I apologise if this is heavily documented elsewhere.

    Many thanks :thumbup

  3. I want to follow the guides on here but they all point to making my install an administrative install... Which is not helpful for microsoft update...

    Is there a way to make my installation of office 2000 unattended and still have full functionality of office updates?

  4. What Nuhi is saying is that you should test weather your system still operates substantially after removing the files you've mentioned...

    If they do then let him know what files you removed, and he may implement it into the next release of nlite.

    Don't just delete the files, use nlite to remove them.

  5. I've been watching this project since the very first few pages.

    I'm very sorry to hear the project is being pulled. But I must say - and i'm sure many MSFN members agree on this - ...

    Thank you... for building up to one of the biggest let downs ever, and for wasting our time reading countless hyped up posts over nothing.

    Completely understandable if you really don't have the time, but why start such an immense project if you had all this "school work" to be done, even if you didn't forsee the amount of work, you still knew exams were coming?!

    I hope someone else with as much knowledge as yourselves can take over the project...

    ... if knowone will, could you maybe release the source to the public, at least we would get something out of this?

  6. I did not remove input method editor yet office 2003 updates wont work for me. It has been happening since a pretty loong time .

    ranging from many versions of nLite and many windows cd. All i can remember is just once was my office able to update itself.

    I have asked this question separatly in a thread but no help :(

    Someone please come up with a solution!!!

    i do not install the complete office suite though , i leave out quite many stuff. it should not matter i guess.

    I can update the service pack but not the other!! What should i do?

    I'm also having this problem... I read in this topic that the Volume Shadow Copy Service is also needed. just making a cd now with this included... gonna see if it works.

    If anyone in the mean time has a list of everything needed by microsoft/office update then that would be great!

  7. Re-install Service pack 2...

    I'm not saying the problem is with service pack two, nor that I have heard of this problem before.

    I work in IT and generally after everything you have already done reinstalling Service pack 2 is the quickest way to restore a machine.

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