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  1. Afternoon all...


    ;# Multimedia #
    Mouse Cursors

    "$OEM$/$$/Cursors" contains numerours custom mouse cursors.


    During text setup I see the cursors copy over.

    But once setup has finished, I check the Windows directory and the cursors folder isn't there.


    I created another disc with nLite that DOESNT remove Mouse Cursors


    My cursors seem to be there once setup has finished.

    But so are all the default ones... which I don't want.


    So I addded all the .CU_ and .AN_ files that are in the I386 folder to the remove section in nLite.

    Left my custom cursors in the Cursors folder within $$ within $OEM$ on the Disc.


    Internet Explorer doesnt install, Media player doesnt install.

    Numerous shortcuts are missing from the start menu



    I've come up with a solution but it's very much NOT ideal...

    Leave Mouse cursors unticked in nlite.

    Leave all the .AN_ and .CU_ files on disc.

    Once isntallation is complete a batch script will run with will delete them from the Cursors folder.

    does anyone know why all this happens? What does nlite do when you select Mouse Cursors for removal, and why does it go potty if you remove the .cur and .ani files whilst leaving Mouse cursors on????

    Please someone help me?

  2. Afternoon all,

    What is the best order of installing media center, the hotfixs, rollups and .net versions?

    I hflsip all Windows XP Pro Updates.

    I nLite .net 1.1 sp1 with all updates, and .net 2.0 with all updates.

    During installation of Pro at T-13 stage, mce is installed.

    Is this the correct order?

    MCE appears to be installed, but If I go to execute it from the start menu it doesn't actually open.

    and any hotfixes or rollups do not appear on windows updates? Should they?

    Also... I get a registration message come up at the T13 stage, I know this is normal, but is there any way to surpress it, as i'm trying to go for the completely unattended way.


  3. I've located the problem...

    After running HFSLIP I replace some files with modified ones...

    Shell32.dll is one of them, the modified version I used was an older version that is updated with kb921358.

    so I've applied the modifications to the new version of shell32.dll

  4. KB921398.

    I have tried the latest version available from microsoft (unless windows update is offering a newer version)

    It seems to be added during the hfslip process but it still shows up on windows update.

    Any ideas?

  5. I've found out what it is...

    I have a batch script that runs during installation that removes loads of useless shortcuts and folders.

    %AllUsersProfile%/Start Menu/Programs/Administrative Tools

    is one of them...

    I took this line out of my batch script, and hey presto, all the shortcuts are back...

    Note: This folder may be present but it is not accessible from the start menu. It doesn't even appear on the start menu.

  6. KB917344 Fixed, and works now. I didn't have the latest file (WindowsXP-Windows2000-Script56-KB917344-x86-enu.exe)

    think I might no whats wrong with KB905747, I run Nlite after hfslip.

    Nlite adds WGA, which might have an older dll. So i'll look at that.

    As for the malicious software tool, 1.19 was only released a couple of days after 60810, could this not have been updated in time?

  7. I am missing your HFSLIP.LOG file ;). I don't know if you tried HFSLIP_60804, but if the updates you mentioned worked with that version, it must work with 60810 because nothing was changed in regards to those hotfixes. Perhaps your CD-RW is buggy again?

    That notwithstanding...

    As Kiki mentioned, a new version of KB890830 (Malicious Software Removal Tool) is released every month. The current latest version is v1.19. KB917344 only applies to Flash Player version 6 and below. If you slipstream KB905474, make sure you have version 1.5.0540.0 and that LegitCheckControl.cab does not exist in your HFCABS folder.

    Cheers for the replies guys.

    I have the latest version of the malicious software removal tool... 1.19

    KB905474 is the latest version, and LegitCheckcontrol.cab does not exist in the cabs folder.

    and my version of flash player is the latest cab available on the hfslip website.

    60810 doesn't work for any of these.

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