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  1. Hi verybody, A year ago I made my actual vlite windows vista, and any problem since today. but now I realized that I removed "Universal Plug and play (UPNP)" and I need it, is there any way to reinstall it? thanks Borja
  2. thanks a lot, i will try this method... i hope this could finally solve this issue, i will know the answer 3 or 4 days later i'll tell you bye
  3. yes, i have "Welcome Center" already removed. i tried all the fixes i found by the internet, at the begining i can solve the problem, but few days later the O.S. forgot again folder's configuration, so i was wondering it could be a removed component, but i don't know which i'm desperated and hope if someone can help me thanks
  4. So, we can solve this problem removing Welcome Center or keeping it?
  5. Hello everybody, I installed a vLited vista home premium x64, and everything goes perfect except the folder view's configuration. I have the "remember each folder's view settings" option checked, and i don't know why it happens the cause could be a removed component? Which component I DON'T have to remove to prevent this? thanks a lot Borjazd
  6. Hi everybody. I recently installed in my laptop a vlite'd win vista sp2, but i removed windows movie maker, and after looking in google I realized that this is needed for mpeg thumbnails so, my question is how can I add this feature without reinstalling everything? hope I can find a solution Thanks in advanced
  7. hello, i have a problem with windows seven and vlite i select to remove all drivers, media center and speech support, but when i install the windows the vga drivers continues. is vlite 1.2 fully compatible with windows 7? i also installed waik 2.0
  8. thanks finderz downloading...
  9. what is the difference with the previous version?? wich are the improvements?
  10. hello i have a problem with folders in vlited windows vista. i have different folders containing images, and when i want to set an image as a folder cover nothing happens (i make right click in properties-personalize-choose file) and it doesn't work but when i use a full windows vista it works perfectly so, i was wondering what component should I DON'T have to remove to keep this feature? this is very important for me to keep image folders organized thank you very much borjazd

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