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  1. hi rado do you know where i can find a copy of your addon (Opera 10.50).10.63 did not work for me.
  2. Thanks for the answer, i downloaded an older version of java (java6/update6) and it worked with the rest of the addons. i think the problems was opera 10.63( i did not install it this time, now i am looking for opera 10 addon)hopelly this one will work. yes i use virtual box.
  3. This is a pain since nlite does not specify what is the one asking to chose an option,i down to two opera 10.63 and java6 update22. all of the addons were from winaddons.com. is there a way to remove addons once nlite has processed the files??? so we dont have to start from scratch?
  4. Thank you very much X. let me try it and will repost.
  5. hello i was wondering is somebody may know what the problem is with this set up,i am assuming is something with the unattended settings but can not figure out what it is. this is the message i am getting the rest of the installation is fine, it usually happends when windows is registering componentes (13 min to go). thanks in advance. LAST SESSION (205610.29-14.59.42).INI
  6. thanks a lot tcntad, i ll double check and post back....
  7. Hello i was able to make an unnatended install for windows 7,but when finishes installing iam getting this screen. does anybody know what component i need to remove for this not to appear? my computer its not even on a network. thanks in advance. This is everything i removed. vlite.txt
  8. thanks a lot redxii, i re-did my install and now worked great.
  9. hello iam trying to make an unnatended windows 7 using vlite. iam running windowsxp pro. installed latest vlite and virtual box. this is what i remove from original ISO. and this is the error iam getting on virtual box. when i use the original iso file everything works. so it has to be something i removed. any help will be greatly appreciated Last_Session.ini
  10. thank all.. i finally got my wallpaper to show..this is how i did it. makecab c:\bliss.jpg c:\bliss.jp_ rename your favorite wallpaper to "bliss.jpg" Place your custom Bliss.jpg at the root of your c: drive and then press the little windows key & "r" at the same time to bring up the run box. Then paste the above code into it. then just copy and past to your i386 directory. (thanks Kelsenellenelvia)
  11. After a lot of trial and error i got my winxp just the way i wanted. thanks NUHI- for the great program THE MAD GUY for this little wonder-- WinntbbuED ONEPIECE--Sharp addons Kelsenellenelvia-helping me with the (****) bliss johnhc-always anwsering my post mooms-for taking the time to post updated addons and to all the gurus who take the time to create all the addons for all of us. specially rado354,johndoe74,UtCollector.
  12. Thank you very much for the answer mooms, i am using xp sp3. i do have slipstreamer installed, it kicks in when nlite is installing the rest of the components and install WMP11. i will try again with the new nlite version.
  13. iam trying to add my own wallpaper at the end of my unnatended install...but its not working. i tried making a cab out of my wallpaper and replacing the bliss file in the i386 folder. iam suspecting the problem is with something i removed from my win xp cd. but dont know what it could be.. any help will be greatly appreciated. *** by the way when i tried my unnatended cd using virtualbox, without changing the original bliss, the original windows bliss is not showing either... Last_Session.ini

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