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Everything posted by Liveengineer

  1. Liveengineer

    Hello Everyone!

    LOL sounds like me, Welcome Digitaljack
  2. Liveengineer

    win2k hotstream - topic continued

    OMG, Congrads Gurglemeyer,you've gone mainstream with 3571 downloads at Major Geeks all ready. It goes to show how many require a stable updated 2K..
  3. Liveengineer

    Windows 2000 "Hotstream" Project

    Hi everyone I see it is Artwork time...Cool,finally something i can contribute to.Just a quickie as an example.Hope im on the right track..
  4. Liveengineer

    Windows 2000 "Hotstream" Project

    I totally agree I've been sitting in the shadows for many months with nothing to contribute,but learning alot. Total respect for Gurgelmeyer (The Perfectionist) and everyone else who has contributed to this project...
  5. Liveengineer

    WinXP vs Win2000 in memory consumption

    Personally for Xp i would double your ram to 256 or more... Take a look at the customizing windows/tips and tweaks forums to regain some ram,ie disabling services, modding registery Good luck
  6. Liveengineer

    Best Registry Cleaner? [Poll]

    Well looking at the votes i think i will have to give CC a try...
  7. Liveengineer

    What game are you looking foward to next?

    Far Cry2 Half Life2 Exp
  8. Liveengineer

    Whats the best Defragmentation Software

    Tried Diskeeper 9, Perfectdisk 7, and O&O Defrag 8... close call between Perfectdisk 7 and the O&O product.
  9. Liveengineer

    Hi Everyone

    Another newbie here saying hi to all and searching for Knowledge.