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  1. Is there a compatible version of Universal Audio Architecture (UAA) High Definition Audio class driver for Windows XP Professional x64 Edition SP2? Will KB888111 work for Windows XP Pro x64 SP2?
  2. So what's the status of the December 2007 edition? It is already January 2008 now. Any status update of the project or estimated launch date?
  3. How about slipstreaming the updated files directly to the Win95 OSR2.5 installation? That way, after the initial Windows installation, it is already updated.
  4. Is there a compilation of updates or 'autopatcher' for Windows 95 particularly Win95 OSR2.5 (kind of like Auto-Patcher For Windows 98se (English) for Windows 95 (OSR 2.5))? I know Microsoft already dropped support for this OS. I'm just curious if such a tool exist to make it 'updated'.
  5. This may be a newbie's question but is there any way that I can integrate this SP5 with my Windows 2000 Pro setup CD?
  6. Where can we download the torrent file? And for those who want to support this, please seed this as long as you can.
  7. So when will it be available to Majorgeeks? Do you have any idea?
  8. The thing that makes torrents great is that it lessens the burden of bandwidth to the server by forcing every downloader/leecher to share/upload some of the parts making data transfer efficient. That's why I also suggest using torrents. Also, by using bittorrent, users (like -I-) can easily share the bandwidth by being like a server for the files (I think the technical term here is seeding). Users can also track how much they have downloaded and uploaded so they can know if they have exceeded their bandwidth usage, etc. Anyway, I'm reallly looking forward to USP 5.1 getting released ASAP.
  9. That's great to hear! I hope you could get it even smaller! BTW, in case you're out of bandwidth for it, I suggest you use bittorrent and a tracker instead. That way, people downloading it share the burden of the bandwidth.
  10. Hey guys, I just want to know how different is this compared to AutoPatcher 2000? I also suggest that bittorrent be used so that leechers share on the burden of bandwidth (if ever this gets released)
  11. I don't want to sound like a brat but I really like to see a release for this ASAP. Even an unstable beta would do. BTW, branding, for me, is ok as long as it's optional. Also, this may sound off-topic but since we are still waiting for the latest USP5.* release, can you guys tell me an alternative to USP5 (the one where patches or hotfixes for Windows 2000 are bundled together)?
  12. I currently have a 1.2GHz AMD Duron PC with 128MB DDR RAM. Every quarter (about 3-4months), I format my system drive to clean-install again my Windows XP Pro OS because it just tend to bog down. Then I realized that I could just do a harddrive image. Now what I want to know is what hard disk imaging software can I use to backup my system that supports wrting to CD (or just creating files that can fit to a CD). It's because of the following reasons: * I plan to write the hard disk image into CDs * I have a low disk space and I don't have a secondary hard drive to put the image * The will be into many CDs because the files sum up to more than a gig * I know burning it to a DVD would be better but I don't have a DVD writer After I have successfully put the image into several CDs, in case I would ever need to reformat my hard drive and re-install again everything, I could just restore the images. Also, is it possible to make the CD (at least the first one of the set) to be bootable to make the restoring process easier? I hope you guys understand what I'm trying to explain and achieve here. Please do include the name of the software/s that I would need to do this, and if your kind enough, even a guide/tutorial (or a link would do).
  13. Or you could create a self-extracting 7zip-compressed file.
  14. The download is too huge! Maybe you could compress it using 7zip. As far as I know, 7zip offers the best compression ratio. That way, you can reduce bandwidth usage and download time for the leechers.
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